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All Advice Yudhishthir-1

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Arjun said to Yudhishthir - "It is painful to see you grieving like this. Will you forsake this prosperity just like that? If you will go to forest the public will agitate. Ved say, "a king should live reciting the three Ved everyday". We have never seen wealth coming without doing some injury to others. Poverty is a sin, so don't opt for poverty. Without wealth you can't achieve any objective. Think, how Devtaa are always for killing their kinsmen Asur. This earth previously belonged to Dileep, Nahush, Ambareesh and Maandhaataa, but now it belongs to you. If you will not perform sacrifices then you will be a sinner. After doing Ashwamedh Yagya one is cleansed with all kinds of sins. This is the eternal path called Dasharath and its fruits are never destroyed. Which other path do you want to adopt?"

Yudhishthir said - "O Arjun, just think for a while with cool mind then only you can understand what I am saying. I will tell you what path I wish to adopt. I will go to forest and live upon fruits and roots. I will live a regulated life. I will live upon alms like a Sanyaasee freeing myself from all kinds of bonds."

Bheem said - "You have become like an unintelligent reciter of Ved who recites them without any understanding. Kshatriya's duty is to kill anybody who comes in between him and his sovereignty. Renunciation is not our duty. If we have known that this was your intention, we would have never taken up any arms and killed a single creature. Although we are mighty but still we are obeying a feeble-minded person because he is our eldest brother. It has been said that a life of renunciation should be adopted only in distress or while defeated by enemies. It is good only for him who cannot support his family. If anybody would get success from renunciation, then mountains and trees would have also got it. This world goes on with every creature doing his own work. And this is not Kshatriya's duty."

Arjun said - There is a dialog between a Saadhu and Indra. Once many people came to woods abandoning their homes, relations and comforts. Indra became compassionate with them so he assumed a form of a golden bird and said - "It is very difficult for everybody to take only remnant of sacrificial food. It is of high merit." Hearing this Rishi said - "Oh, He is informing us about it because we are living upon it." The bird said - "You are impure, you are not living upon that" Rishi said - "We think this is the highest course we have adopted, otherwise tell us what course is good for us." The bird said - "If you listen to me carefully then I will tell you." The Rishi said - "You seem to know many paths, tell us what is good for us. We intend to obey you."

The bird said - "Among the quadrupeds the cow is the best. Among the metals gold is the best. Among words Mantra is the best and among the bipeds Braahman is the best. Mantra regulate the life of Braahman since his birth. These Vaidik rites are his everything that is why these Mantra give successful results. Who is engaged in the worship of a particular kind of deity, eventually he acquires the nature of that deity. Who die in the lighted fortnights of the Uttaraayan (Summer Solstice) go to Solar regions, who die in the dark fortnights of Dakshinaayan (Winter Solstice) go to Moon regions - they have to return to earth after their pleasures and enjoyments are over while who are free from attachments and die in any day of the year go to stellar regions which are equal to Brahm regions." Hearing this all those Rishi abandoned the forest and went to their homes.

The domestic kind of mode of living is very superior and sacred because in this kind of living one can sow the seeds of good deeds. In ordinance of this there is a Mantra which says - "O giver of sacrifice, give us the sacrifice of valuable things, and I will give you sons, Heaven and animals." That is why you should perform sacrifices - worshipping of Devtaa, study of Ved, satisfying Pitar etc. They that eat remnant food after offering it to guest, Devtaa, Rishi and kinsmen in the morning and evening they observe their duties. You use your wisdom and rule the world which is now empty of your enemies."

Vaishampaayan Jee says - "Then Nakul said - "Devtaa established their fires in Vishaakhaa-yup region, so Devtaa themselves depend upon the fruits of Karm. Pitar who support all lives by rain, are also engaged in action. Those are atheist who deny the sayings of Ved (they support actions). The domestic mode of living has been said to be the highest kind of living. Who jumps to another mode of living without completing one, he renounces his own self. The wise have said that when domesticity was placed on one side of the scale, the three others had to be place on the other side to balance it. Those acts which are done with the intention of vanity are said to be unproductive fruit, but which are done with the intention of renunciation bear abundant fruits. Tranquility, self-control, fortitude, Truth, purity, simplicity, sacrifices, perseverance and righteousness - they are regarded as virtues. All of them can be observed in domestic living. All the three aims - Dharm, Arth and Kaam (religion, profit and pleasure), are attained in this kind of life. A person truly renounces the world when he had cast off every internal and external attachment, not only abandoning the home for woods. So go to the regions which are higher than Heaven, and do not indulge yourself in grief."

Sahadev said - "One does not attain success by abandoning off external objects only; by abandoning even mental attachments attaining success is doubtful. Those merits and happiness, which one gets after abandoning external pleasures and sticking to them mentally, should be of our enemies . Let those merit and happiness, which one gets after abandoning even internal attachments, be for our friends. The word "Mama" (mine) is Death itself, while "na-Mama" (not mine), this three-letter word is Brahm itself. * (see the note below) Brahm and Death, entering into every soul invisibly, cause all creatures to act. If the soul is not subjected to destruction, then by destroying the body of creatures, one cannot be guilty of slaughtering. On the other hand, if the body and soul are born together then on destroying the body soul is also destroyed, then the rites and acts prescribed in Ved are all useless. [But since Ved are the speech of Bhagavaan Himself, they cannot be a lie.]

One who lives in forest, and eats wild fruits and roots, but his mind wanders about the pleasures of materials, he lives in the jaws of Death. They who see other creatures as themselves, they don't fear the destruction. So don't utter such words and rule Prithvi."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Now Draupadee spoke - "Your brothers have seen a lot of misery, at least now you give them some happiness. Recollect your words which you said to your brothers when you were living in Dwait Van, "We will fight with Duryodhan who is desirous of victory and kill him and then will rule this Prithvi. All these suffering will end in happiness." Then why do you say such words to them. A Kshatriya is not a Kshatriya if he doesn't have the rod in his hand. Friendship with all creatures, penance, charity, study of Ved are the duties of a Braahman, not of a Kshatriya. You have killed such a large army protected by extraordinary warriors, that is why I ask you to enjoy this Earth.

You have already won Krauch Dweep (West of Meru Parvat), Shak Dweep (East of Meru Parvat), Bhadraashwa (North of Meru Parvat), how come that even after winning all of these you are not satisfied? All of you are mighty, all of you can defy your enemies, all of you are celestials. If even one of you had been my husband I would be very happy, then what to say when all of you are my husbands. My mother-in-law once said to me - "O princess of Paanchaal, Yudhishthir will always keep you happy." After slaying so many thousands of kings, I can see that you are making your effort futile. Accept the kingdom and shine like Maandhaataa and Ambareesh."

After Draupadee had spoken thus, Arjun once more spoke - "Wise men call the rod of chastisement protector of the righteousness. King's band fears from king's rod, another rod is Yam's rod, yet another class fears from next world. Another class fears from sinful acts from the fear of society. Thus everything depends on this rod in some way or the other. Braahman should be punished by word of mouth, Kshatriya should be punished by giving only sufficient food to support their life, Vaishya should be punished by charging fines and forfeiting their property, for Shoodra there is no specific punishment. Without slaughtering nobody gets wealth. All who you admire are slaughterers - Rudra,, Skand, Indra, Agni, Varun, Kaal, Mrityu, Vaayu (Pavan or Wind god), Kuber, Soorya, Vasu, Marut, Saadhya, Vishwadev. All people bend to these Devtaa but not to Brahmaa, Dhaatree or Pushan at any time.

Innumerable creatures live in fruits, in water, on earth, it is not true that they are not slaughtered. There is no higher duty than supporting one's life. All animals eat smaller animals. In all acts both right and wrong are seen. So don't be so sad. The inner soul is incapable of being slain then how can one slay one another. As a person enters the new house, in the same way this soul enters in successive bodies. People capable of seeing the Truth see it as Death."

After Arjun, Bheem again said - "You are conversant with everything. We always try to imitate you, but sorry, now we cannot do it. How come that in spite of knowing everything you are behaving like a coward. There are two kinds of diseases - physical and mental. Each springs up from the other. None exists independently. Who regrets his past physical or mental grieves, he suffers from double enemies. Cold, heat and wind (phlegm, bile and wind) are the three attributes of the body. Existence of these attributes in harmony is the sign of good health. If one of them prevails the other remedies are given. Goodness, passion and darkness are the three attributes of mind. All should be in harmony for good mental health. If one of these prevails over another, remedies are prescribed. Grief is checked by joy and joy is checked by joy. One living in joy presently wishes to his past grieves; while another one living presently in troubles wishes to recollect his past bliss. But you were always beyond this, you were neither happy in joyous moments, nor sad in grief.

Why don't you remember our exile from Hastinaapur? Why don't you remember Draupadee's insult in dice assembly? Why have you forgotten Jataasur. Chitrasen and Jayadrath? Remember Keechak's misbehavior with Draupadee. By good luck Duryodhan has been slain, by good luck you have restored Draupadee's hair to previous condition. **(see note below) Now you should perform Ashwamedh Yagya with enough gifts. We, including Vaasudev, are your servants.

* Everything which proceeds from selfishness takes us to Death, while which is the  product of unselfishness leads us to immortality. The similar idea is given by Yam to Nachiketaa. Read Kath Upanishad, p 9.

** Draupadee's hair was lose since the time Dushaasan brought her in the dice assembly dragging by her hair. After the slaughter of Dushaasan, washing her hair with his chest's blood, she tied it as before.


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