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1-Devakee's Marriage

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1-Devakee's Marriage

At the time when Dhritraashtra was struggling for crown, Raajaa Ugrasen was ruling in Mathuraa kingdom. Ugrasen had a son named Kans who was very pitiless and cruel. All people were very troubled from his atrocities and behavior. Once some people came to complain about him too in Ugrasen's court, Ugrasen consoled them and assured them that he would do something about it.

Jaraasandh was ruling in Magadh kingdom. Seeing Kans very mighty, he married his two daughters, Asti and Praapti, to him. Thus Jaraasandh became his relative. Jaraasandh was also a very mighty king. It is said that he had 10,000 elephants power in his body. It was very difficult to kill him.

When Kans came to know that public had complained about him to Ugrasen, he planned jointly with Jaraasandh and arrested his father Ugrasen and put him in jail. Ugrasen was very sad at this he said cursing him - "You are not my son, you are the punishment of the sins of my previous lives. You are a Shaap for the whole Bhaarat Varsh. But don't forget that every Shaap has an end."

Prince Vasudev was a prince from Vrishni Vansh, the son of Raajaa Shoorsen, and used to sit in Ugrasen's court because Shoorsen was much involved in Sanyaas. He was a good friend of Kans. But he was very sad about Ugrasen's imprisonment. Akroor, a good friend of Kans and Vasudev, consoled Vasudev saying that - " Anger is not good at this time, because anger is the greatest enemy of the human being, because first of all it destroys logic and wisdom, and as a result without logic and wisdom no right action is possible. At this time the ethics says that we should agree with him."

Kans had a cousin sister Devakee (Devak's daughter) whom he loved very much - like his own sister. Out of friendship, he married his sister Devakee to Vasudev. On that day he himself drove her chariot to her in-law's house. When he was taking her there, Aakaashvaanee said - "O Kans, to whom you are taking with so much love, her eighth son will kill you." Hearing this Kans first laughed, because he couldn't believe this, but then he thought that Aakaashvaanee do not tell lies.

So he took out his sword and was about to cut Devakee's neck that Vasudev stopped him doing so. He said - "Kans, Just think, this doesn't suit your bravery that you kill your sister. First, she is a woman; second, she is your sister; third, she is newly married; and fourth your enmity is with her children not with her. So let her live. I promise you to give her eighth child to you, and if I don't give it to you, you may put us in prison."

Kans understood a little logic in it so he abandoned the idea of killing Devakee, but still he put them in prison. Devakee once asked - "Dear brother, You love me so much, tell me what is my fault in this?" Kans said - "Devakee, The lines of your hand have joined Brahmaa leaving your loving brother's life and you have conspired with Brahmaa to kill me. That is your fault."

Prince Vasudev had one wife more named Rohinee. She came to see Kans and abused him to put his own loving sister and his fast friend prince Vasudev in prison. But Kans said - "Dear sister, I still love Vasudev and Devakee very much, but my quarrel is with Brahmaa only, not with Vasudev and Devakee. I also don't like this that my fast friend Vasudev and my loving sister Devakee are in prison. But tell me what do I do? Please go there and console them that I still love them both very much. After killing their eight children I myself will bring them in palace."

Rohinee said - "But the prediction is only for eighth child, then why do you want to kill her all the eight children." Kans said - "How to decide that who is the first child and who is the eighth child? Think in this way that there is a circle, and in that circle there are eight points, then how do I know that which one is the first and which one is the eighth? To protect my life is my Dharm that is why I have to kill her all the eight children, so go and console them."

In prison, Vasudev consoled Devakee - "Have faith in Bhagvaan, because His actions are unknown to we ordinary people. Nobody knows what does He do and what does He think. When He will come, He will free us all from Kans' atrocities.

In due course of time, Devakee gave birth to her first son. Kans knew this and he killed him. Thus he killed her six sons. Then his people informed about her seventh pregnancy, but soon informed that they couldn't see it any more. So nobody knew where the seventh child was gone. There was no information of miscarriage also. In fact by the order of Bhagvaan, Yog Maayaa took it out from Devakee's womb and kept it in Rohinee's womb. Later she took birth from Yashodaa as her daughter.

Bhagvaan said to Yog Maayaa that after taking birth on Prithvi, you live on Prothvi for some time. Your devotee will see you in whichever form, they will establish your same form, so you fulfill their wishes living on Prithvi and do good to them. At that time my all powers will be with you. So when Yog Maayaa's work was finished on Prithvi, Indra requested her to live in his city Amaraavatee, but Yog Maayaa politely refused saying - "No Dev Raaj, I will stay on Prithvi only and my first establishment will be by your hands only on Vindhyaachal Parvat."

Krishn in Gokul

Now Kans got the information that Devakee was again pregnant. Kans waited for this day very impatiently. That was the 8th day of Krishn Paksh of Bhaadrapad month. The Sun was of Ucchch  in Sinh (Leo) sign in His Lagn House (Ascendant) and Moon was also of Uchch in Rishabh Raashi. The day was Wednesday, the Nakshatra was Rohinee. As soon as the eighth son of Devakee, Bhagvaan Himself, was born, an Aakaashvaanee said - "Take this boy across Yamunaa, leave Him at your friend Nand Raaya's house and bring his daughter."

"Bandhan Mein Bhalaa Kaise Rahain, Tihun Lok Ke Bandhan Kaatane Vaale"
Krishn's astrological birth details are given in an astrological book entitled "Manikkam" in detail.

Vasudev and Devakee got surprised to hear this and thought as how they would take Him out of the prison because the prison was very well guarded and their chamber was inside seven locked chambers of the prison. But to their surprise, all gatekeepers slept, locks got unlocked, doors got opened and Vasudev's hand and leg cuffs were also unlocked. Vasudev found himself completely free to go anywhere at that moment.

So Devakee kept the baby in a Soop and Vasudev took Him to Gokul across Yamunaa keeping that Soop on his head. It was midnight, very dark, and heavily raining. Thunder storms were coming and Yamunaa River was flooding with waters. Vasudev was going towards Gokul. Shesh Naag came to protect Bhagvaan from rains. He spread His heads on Bhagvaan and thus saved Him from getting wet. Yamunaa's water was rising to touch the feet of Bhagvaan. When Vasudev was about to lose his balance in water, Bhagvaan lowered His leg and Yamunaa water greeted Him by touching His big toe. Then the water got subsided and Yamunaa gave way to Vasudev to go to Gokul.

He arrived in Gokul and at Nand Jee's house. His house's doors were also open. Yashodaa was sleeping in a room, Nand was also sleeping in the same room. Vasudev kept his son beside Yashodaa, took her newborn daughter and came back to prison as soon as possible. As he came back. all the doors of prison got locked behind him. His hand and feet cuffs were locked again. Then the guards woke up and heard the cry of the child.

Immediately they went to inform about Devakee's eighth child's birth. Kans came there rushing to kill Him. As he saw the child, he took her from Devakee's lap and threw her on a stone to kill Him. But what is this? The child didn't go down, but got out of his hands and flew up in the sky. From there she said - "O Kans, I am not your killer, your killer has already been born."

Hearing this Kans got surprised as well as worried. Then he knew that he did not kill the son but it was a girl. Kans got very angry at Vasudev and Devakee and asked several times that where was their eighth son, where did they hide it, but they couldn't answer any of his questions. At last he came back to his palace beating his feet on ground.


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