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Brahmaa, Vishnu, Mahesh

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1-2-Kaushik, Kaushikee, Anasooyaa

There was a Braahman woman named Kaushikee. Her father had fixed her marriage to a Braahman boy named Kaushik. Since then Kaushikee had considered him as her husband. After a while, one day, Kaushikee saw her father sitting in a sad mood. She asked the reason of his being sad. He replied - "Dear Daughter, Kaushik has refused to marry you, and now we will have to search for another boy for you." "Why?" The father replied - "He has developed leprosy in his body, that is why he has refused to marry to you. He does not want to spoil your life." Kaushikee replied - "But Father, I have already chosen him as my husband, that is why I will not leave him like that. Suppose, if he would have contracted this disease after our marriage, then would I leave him? No Father, No. I cannot leave him. I will marry the same person." Thus she was married to Kaushik.

She started serving him sincerely and faithfully. One day he expressed his wish to go the foothills of Himaalaya where there was a pool of Gandhak water and where his condition could have improved if he had taken bath in that pool. But the problem was how to go there as he was very weak. Kaushikee assured him to take him there.

They passed through a city where some thieves had stolen its king's things and the soldiers of the King had caught the thief. But unfortunately those thieves had run away after leaving King's things near a Rishi (Rishi Maandavya) who was in meditation at that time. So those soldiers brought that Rishi thinking him the thief. The King ordered to put him on the stake. Since that Rishi was still in meditation, he did not feel any pain of being put on stake. So as they were passing the city, Kaushik touched that stake and Muni's meditation got disturbed. He felt pain and cursed the person whoever disturbed his meditation that he would die before Sunrise. Kaushikee asked for his forgiveness several times but Maandavya Muni could not take his curse back.

She was also a Satee. So with the power of her Sateetwa, she stopped the sunrise. In this way neither there will be sunrise, nor her husband will die. Now there was all over dark in the Tri-Lok, there was  no sunrise, no light. Everything got disturbed. Rishi Muni, Devee Devtaa all came to Brahmaa Jee, Brahmaa Jee came to Vishnu Jee and all, Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh jointly came to Anasooyaa Jee. Anasooyaa came to Kaushikee and asked her not to disturb the Tri-Lok's function, but Kaushikee was firm that unless her husband's life is given back, she would not allow Soorya to rise. Anasooyaa then made her agreed that "let rise the Soorya, and she would bring her husband back to life."

Somehow she agreed, she let Soorya rise. According to Muni's curse, Yam's messenger came to take Praan (life) of Kaushik, but by the effect of Anasooyaa's Sateetwa they could not take his life. Even Yam himself could not take his life and returned to his Lok. That is how Satee Kaushikee saved her husband's life and cured him too from leprosy.

2-Anasooyaa and Three Devtaa

When Naarad Jee heard that Atri's wife Anasooyaa brought back Kaushikee's dead leper husband to life and had cured him, he came to the three Devee - Saraswatee Jee, Lakshmee Jee and Paarvatee Jee and said - "Did you hear that Atri Rishi's wife Anasooyaa has revived the leper husband of Kaushikee and cured him too? She is so powerful. She made even Soorya Dev to rise to whom Kaushikee cursed not to rise." The three Devee got surprised to hear this and said - "Naarad Jee, Only we have such powers, how a mortal woman can have such powers?" Naarad Jee said - "That is her Sateetwa's power." The three Devee said - "We are also Satee, but how can a mortal woman have such powers?" Naarad Jee went away after singing Anasooyaa's praise.

But here all Devee got stirred and asked them why it was so. They insisted them to take some kind of test of her. The three Devtaa explained to them that it was not good to test a Satee, it might fall on them, but they did not agree and insisted them to take test of Anasooyaa.

Devtaa got ready to take Anasooyaa's test. They decided to go there in the guise of Braahman, so they changed themselves into Braahman and came to Anasooyaa's Aashram and asked for alms. Atri Rishi was not there at that time, she welcomed them and said - "Please wait here, I bring you some Bhikshaa." Now the Braahman said - "We are high class Braahman, we do not accept Bhikshaa with clothes on." Now Anasooyaa was very perplexed, "What to do? How can I come without clothes in front of them." Then she thought of something and said - "All right, as you wish."

Now Devtaa were wondering what this Satee would do? They just stood calm and quiet thinking about her next action. Anasooyaa went inside her hut. There she prayed her husband - "If I have always been faithful to my husband, if I have never thought of anybody else as my husband even in my dream, then these Braahman should should convert in newborn babies." After praying, she took off her clothes and came outside. She looked for Braahman but they were nowhere to be seen, rather three newborn babies were crying on a mat. She picked them up one by one, breastfed them and made them sleep with comfort. After making them sleep she came in, wore her clothes and came out again.

Now some time had passed, and the Devtaa did not return to their Lok, so their consorts got worried, where their husbands have gone, what has happened to them? They went to test the Paativrat Dharm of Anasooyaa, but why didn't have they come yet? So they went to Atri Rishi's Aashram in Braahman women guise and saw three little children playing in their Aashram. They asked Anasooyaa about them, and Anasooyaa explained them how she got them. All Devee praised her, showed her their real form and begged for their husbands.

Anasooyaa kindly did that. Pleased with her the three Devtaa asked her to ask for a boon. She said - "O Dev, If you are pleased with me, then be my children for ever." Devtaa said - "So be it." And they were born to her as Dattaatreya (from Vishnu), Chandramaa (from Brahmaa) and Durvaasaa (from Shiv).


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