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Actions Forbidden

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Actions Forbidden in Evening
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Misconducts during the evening
In the olden days, the elders in the house used to be mindful about the distress caused by the negative energies in the evening. As prescribed in the scriptures, they used to light a lamp in the evening and gathering all the members of the family in front of the Deities, they used to recite verses (Shlok) and chant etc; but today this practice is being ignored. We experience the harm being caused due to the structure of nuclear families today. The sound of recitation of verses (Stotra) is drowned in the cacophony of television channels. Most people are out of the house in the evening. From the small villages to the metros, we can see heavy crowds at the food stalls everywhere - Chinese food, snacks, fast food, ice-creams parlors etc.

Externally it feels pleasant watching the entertainment programs on television channels in the evening; but do we ever give a thought to its effects?

Since the influence of negative energies is more in the evening, some actions are forbidden.
--Sleeping, eating, drinking and having a meal
--Commencement of an auspicious task
--Giving white objects to others
--Exchange of money
--Departure for a journey
--Taking an oath, abusing, quarreling, speaking indecently and the untruth

There are actions other than those enumerated here, which are forbidden in the evening as per the scriptures, such as
--The floor should not be swept in the evening: Raj and Tam predominant frequencies circulate more in the environment in the evening. Through the act of sweeping too, vibrations of Raj and Tam are generated, which attract the Raj and Tam vibrations present in the environment. Garbage collected in the premises (Vaastu) during the day can be removed by sweeping before the evening.

Actions forbidden for pregnant women in the evening:--
--Should not stand at the doorstep of the house. This harms the fetus.
--Should not look at the animals return home in the evening. If a pregnant woman looks at these animals, the negative energies present in the legs of these animals can attack the fetus.
--Sitting on the banks of rivers other than the Gangaa: The river Ganga is also known as Gangotree that is, the one that provides the source of Pure (Saattwik) frequencies from Shiv. Because of the Pure (Saattwik) frequencies emitted by the Gangaa water, the environment around the banks of the river Gangaa always remains virtuous and full of Divine consciousness (Chaitanya). That is why, there is very little risk of distress from negative energies in this environment. As compared to this, there is very little Purity (Saattwikataa) on the banks of other rivers. Hence, because of the movement of negative energies, there is more possibility of a Jeev sitting on the banks of these rivers getting distressed. Inferior negative energies moving around on the banks of the rivers contain more of the Absolute Earth (Prithvi) and Absolute Water (Apa) Principles. Hence, these energies are able to merge with the human body, which is also made of the Absolute Earth (Prithvi) and Absolute Water (Apa) Principles, in a shorter time. Hence, preferably one should not sit on the banks of the rivers in the evening.
--Study of Ved: Evening is the onset of the night (also known as Pradosh Kaal). The Ved command that study of Ved should not be carried out in the Pradosh Kaal. It is also prohibited to read scriptures for committing to memory; but to recite Mantra to avert the evil (also known as Shaanti Paath) is considered acceptable in this period.



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