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1-Maaheshwar Khand

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3-Saaraswat Kaatyaayan Dialog - Greatness of Donations and Sacrifice

(p 74) Ugrashravaa Jee said - "After that Arjun greeted Naarad Jee and other Rishi separately. Naarad Jee blessed him with victory on all and Sattwa mind and asked him - "Didn't you have any difficulty doing all this 12-year long travel? Who can control his Indriyaan, only he gets all the benefits of Teerth. We are nobody to tell you all this. Whose elder brother is Yudhishthir, whose bosom friend is Krishn, how anybody can teach him? Still it is good to have some teachings from Braahman. Bhagvaan Vishnu has appointed as Dharm Guru. Whatever Hari has said about Braahman, listen to it - "Listen to whose speech makes one holy, the same I Vishnu is known as Vikunth. I have got this fame only because of Braahman therefore if even my arm will behave against your interest, I will cut it, then what to say about others?" O Arjun, I tell you a very good news that whose welfare you always seek for, those Yadu people and Paandav are all well. At this time by the order of Dhritraashtra, Bheem has killed Veer Varmaa who always afflicted Kaurav. He was a great brave warrior like Raajaa Bali of yore. He became invincible for everybody."

Hearing this Arjun got very happy, he said - "Who act accordingly to the wish of Braahman and respect them, how can they be not well? I have come in this Teerth following all kinds of Niyam and Sanyam (following rules and controls), that is why I feel very happy. I wish to hear the qualities of this Teerth." Naarad Jee said - "Hey Kuntee Nandan, You yourself are qualitative, that is why you ask about the qualities. Qualitative people spend their time in hearing qualities of others, while sinners spend their time only in talking bad things about others. That is why I will describe only the good things about this Teerth.

O Arjun, It is in the days of yore, that wandering in three Lok and following Kapil Jee, I went to Brahm Lok. There I had the Darshan of Brahmaa Jee, greeted him and sat down with Kapil Jee. In the meantime many other Braahman also came there who wander around with the intention of welfare of others. Brahmaa Jee asked - "Which place you visited and what did you see there? If you have seen any wonderful thing somewhere, share ot with me."

Hearing this Sushravaa named Braahman said - "Hey Prabhu, Telling something to you is to show lamp to Soorya Dev, still since you have asked us, so it is apt to tell you. There was a Muni named Kaatyaayan who with the desire to know Brahm Tattwa did Tapasyaa standing on his one big toe for 200 years. After this a Divine voice said - "Kaatyaayan, You go to the sacred river Saraswatee's banks and to Saaraswat Muni. He knows the Tattwa of Dharm. He will preach you that." So Kaatyaayan Muni went to Saraswatee River and expressed his doubts to Maharshi Saaraswat Jee - "Hey Maharshi, Some admire Satya, Some admire Tap, some admire Shauch Aachaar (clean conduct) and some admire Saankhya (Gyaan); some give importance to Indriya control, and some say that silence (Maun) is superior. Others tell that Vairaagya (detachment) is good, while others consider Yagya superior. Some consider Sam Bhaav (feel alike), therefore, please tell me that what is the difference among them and what is the best among them all. You know everything, please tell me also."

Saaraswat Jee said - "Hey Braahman, Whatever Maa Saraswatee has said to me, I tell you the same. This whole world is creation and dissolution like a shadow. Wealth and youth and pleasure all shake, like a shadow of the Moon in the water. Knowing this one should worship Bhagvaan Shankar. One should make donations (or alms). One should never commit any sin - this is the order of Ved. Shruti also say this also that a devotee of Shankar never binds himself with the birth and death cycle.

In the olden days Saavarni Muni told two stories, you listen to them. Bhagvaan Dharm is known as vrish and whose Vaahan (ride) is he, if somebody worships him (Shiv), it is the greatest Dharm. In which there are the whirlpools of sorrows, A-Gyaan flows all the time; Dharm and A-Dharm are its water which has Krodh (anger) as its mud, where live crocodiles in Mad form, Pride is its sea like depth and Sattwa Gun is whose ship. Only Bhagvaan can take us across in such a world.

Daan, good conduct, Varat, Satya and sweet speech, Dhaarmik actions and always being involved in others welfare, only they should be followed. If one has to involve himself in something, he should involve himself in Dharm; if somebody has to think about anhything, he should think about Shaastra; and if one has to develop a bad habit, it should be of Daan. All these things are of splendor. And if one can develop Vairaagya (detachment) along with above mentioned habits, it means that he has got all the benefits of his life. Who is born in Bhaarat Varsh as a human being and if he has not done anything to uplift himself, it means his life has gone waste. Even Devtaa and Asur long to take birth as a human being, because one does Tap for Par-Lok (the other world), does Yagya, and donates from this body only."

Kaatyaayan asked - "Saaraswat Jee, Which one is more difficult - Daan or Tapasyaa?" Saaraswat Jee replied - "Hey Muni, Nothing is more difficult than on this Prithvi. Everybody is of this opinion. People go even to difficult places to earn wealth forgetting the love of their life, while others commit sins for the same. Some people adopt farming in which many living beings are often killed. To sacrifice this wealth is the most difficult task for anybody. One is supposed to have only the same wealth which either he gives to somebody or enjoys himself. Whatever wealth one leaves behind himself after his death, that is not his own, because others enjoy it [not he].

Who begs me everyday, I consider him as my Guru, because he daily cleans the mirror of my heart. Whatever wealth has been, is never decreased but increases everyday. One should not spoil the pleasures of thousands of lives for just to enjoy the pleasure of one life. Wise people can earn so much Punya that it is enough for hundreds of lives. Fools are scared to donate their money in this life thinking that they will be poor, but wise people donate their money with both hands, so that they are not poor in the other Lok.

Who themselves are mortal, what they will do of wealth? For whatever they need the wealth that is mortal, so what is the use of that wealth? In fact beggars are the indicators to people to show the path of welfare. Who being very wealthy does not donate, and who being poor runs away from the pains of sorrows - they both should be left in waters after tying a heavy stone in their neck.

One can find a brave person among hundreds, one can find even a Pandit from among thousands, one can find a good speaker from among millions, but anyone of them can be a donor or not, it is doubtful. Only 7 bear the Earth - Gau (cow), Braahman, Ved, Satee (faithful women to their husbands), truth speakers, not greedy and donors. Raajaa Shibi of Usheenar country went to Swarg by giving his body to Braahman. Videh Raaj Nimi donated his whole kingdom. Parashuraam Jee donated the whole Prithvi and Raajaa Gaya donated the whole Prithvi along with its cities. Once when there was rain Vashishth Jee kept all living beings kept all living beings alive as Prajaapati protect his Prajaa (people). Every wise king of Paanchaal Brahmdatt gave Shankh wealth to Braahman and attained Swarg. Even many of the Raajarshi who were at peace in their mind and had won their Indriyaan went to Rudra Lok because of their Daan and devotion to Shiv. That is why keep donating in the name of Shiv."

Hearing this Kaatyaayan had left his Moh (delusion) and followed Saaraswat Jee.



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