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14-How to Read Hanumaan Chaaleesaa
Use of Hanumaan Chaaleesaa

Hanumaan Chaaleesaa is very effective in removing evil effects. In fact even for general welfare one should recite it everyday. How to read it? -

(1) You can recite it either at a temple or in your Poojaa room.
(2) Place a picture of Shri Hanumaan in front of you.
(3) Light a ghee lamp. Make sure that it lights for the full time till you finish your recitation.
(4) Offer him Jal (water), Sindoor (there is a special Sindoor for him, not from women's), rice.
(5) Offer incense sticks and some flower, if it is of red color, it is better.
(6) Sit at your place. Close your eyes.
(7) Now meditate on Hanumaan's figure for a few minutes, or at least for a few seconds.
(8) Now chant Hanumaan Chaaleesaa. After completion of each recitation of Hanumaan Chaaleesaa, offer a flower to Hanumaan's picture or Moorti whatever you have put in your Poojaa.

You may recite it 5 times, 7 times, 11 times, 21 times, 51 times...
Or 12 times, 24 times, 32 times...
You may also recite it 108 times while going around the Peepal tree.
In North India Hanumaan's birthday is celebrated on Chaitra Poornimaa. One may recite Hanumaan Chaaleesaa, or Bajarang Baan on that day 108 times.
Hanumaan Chaaleesaa, 108 times, takes about 7-8 hours and Bajarang Baan, 108 times, takes some 1 or 1.5 hours less than that.

In North India people usually offer the Naivedya of Boondee, Boonddee Laddoo, or any sweets made of Besan (Chanaa's flour) - Besan Laddoo, Besan Barafee etc. Even Maavaa Barafee can also be offered.
Otherwise you may offer him fruits.
South Indians may offer sweet Pongal, Ven Pongal, Vadaa, Honey, Fruits and Panakam (a beverage made from jaggery and tamarind).

Use of Hanumaan Chaaleesaa


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