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11-Hanumaan in MBH

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11-Hanumaan in Mahaabhaarat

The first story is from Mahaabhaarat. The next two stories I read while reading Geetaa written by Swaamee Dayanand Jee. I would like to share them here for general information.

Hanumaan and Bheem

Hanumaan appears in Mahaabhaarat also only briefly. While Paandav were spending their time in 12 years of Vanvaas, once Bheem got angry and went out, that he saw a Vaanar's tail lying across the path. Bheem was very proud of his might. Bheem didn't consider proper to jump over it, so he called out loudly, "Whose tail is this? Move it, I have to cross the road." Now the monkey who was lying there was Hanumaan. First Hanumaan didn't pay attention to his words, but when Bheem repeated his words 2-3 times, he said - "See, I am very old, you look like a young man, why don't you yourself move it?" Bheem was still filled with anger, he said - "I don't do such things for others, you yourself move your tail out of my way. Move it soon, I have to cross the road." But Hanumaan again replied the same.

So Bheem tried to move his tail from his way, but could not move it even an inch. He tried and tried but failed all the time. He started perspiring. At last he asked the monkey - "You don't look like an ordinary monkey, who are you? I can move even mountains, but your this tail? I can't move it even an inch. Tell me who are you?" Hanumaan said - "You are right, I am not an ordinary monkey. I am your elder brother."

Hearing this Bheem got very surprised, because he knew only his one elder brother - Yudhishthir, he knew no other one, so he exclaimed "Elder brother? Yudhishthir is only my elder brother, I know no other elder brother. Maa Kuntee has never told me that I have any elder brother. Where have you come form as my elder brother?" Hanumaan said - "You are the son of Pavan Dev, I am also the son of Pavan Dev, that is how I am your elder brother." Then Bheem understood that he was Hanumaan, he said - "Oh, So you are Hanumaan." and greeted him properly. They talked for a while. Then Hanumaan asked him to ask for a Var as he saw his younger brother for the first time. Bheem said - "We are preparing for a great war, please be with us." Hanumaan said - "Since Krishn is with you, you don't need anybody for help, still when you have asked me to be with you, I will surely be with you. I will sit on the flag of Arjun's chariot. This will help his chariot move anywhere smoothly without any obstacle." And Hanumaan left.

According to his promise, Hanumaan sat on Arjun's chariot's flag and helped his chariot moving around smoothly and without any difficulty.

Did Hanumaan See MBH War?

As Bheem requested Hanumaan to be with them in MBH war, Hanumaan agreed to sit on Arjun's flag, so at the end of the war Bheem asked Hanuman Jee - "Since you were sitting on the flag of Arjun's chariot, you must have seen the whole Mahaabhaarat war, how was it?" Hanuman Jee replied - "No, I didn't see the whole war. After a while I slept because it was so boring. I wish you would have seen Raam-Raavan war. It was so lively." Bheem asked "Why? What was in Raam-Raavan war which was not in this war?" Hanumaan replied - "Because in Mahaabhaarat war only the warriors were fighting, what was there to see in that war? Bhagavaan Himself did not participate in fighting, while in Raam-Raavan war, Raam Bhagavaan Himself was fighting with Raakshas that is why it was more interesting."

But Hanumaan Jee was one of the four people who heard Geetaa - the other three were Arjun for whom it was meant, Vyaas Jee who had to write it for the benefit of the world, and Sanjaya who had to tell it to Dhritraashtra because he had to tell everything to Dhritraashtra.

But Hanumaan could not see Krishn's Viraat Roop, why? Because he did not have Divine sight and one needed Divine sight to see it. Arjun got the Divine sight from Krishn and Sanjaya got the Divine sight from Ved Vyaas Jee.

Hanumaan and Arjun

Once Arjun went to Raameshwaram and saw the bridge over the sea built by Raam. He expressed his surprise - "What was the need of building this bridge through the help of so many monkeys? Raam was such a good archer He could have built this bridge by His arrows only." Hanumaan Jee was wandering there around, he said - "You consider yourself the best archer, don't you? This is a lots of distance, leave it for the time being. (then showing him a narrow stream there he said) Can you build a bridge over this stream with your arrows, so that I can cross it?"

This was a great challenge to Arjun like great archer. He said - "Why not" and he immediately built a bridge over that stream and showed it to Hanumaan. Hanumaan asked - "Can I cross this stream by walking on this bridge?" Arjun said - "Sure, Why not, That is what it is for." As Hanumaan stepped on that bridge, the bridge broke and Hanumaan was just able to save himself by jumping from it on the dry land with a great effort. He said to Arjun - "Even one small monkey could not walk on this bridge, you should know that Raam's bridge had to carry millions of monkeys up to so far place (100 Yojan), Lankaa, in sea where water is always agitating."

Then only Arjun could know that that bridge built by Raam, was not an ordinary bridge, it had Raam's Shakti in it.


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