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18-Ganesh and Kaaveree River

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18-Ganesh Jee And Kaaveree River

This is the story of "how Kaaveree River flowed in south of India". When Shiv was married to Paarvatee Jee all Devee Devtaa came to Kailaash Parvat to celebrate it. This gathering was so huge that the northern tip of land started dipping. As Shiv noticed this, he asked Muni Agastya Jee to go to South and stabilize the Earth. Hearing this strange request, Agastya Jee got very sad thinking that he would not be able to see Shiv's marriage. Shiv Jee understood the mind of his devotee, so he assured him that he would still be able to see his marriage ceremonies from the South.

Shiv Jee opened his matted locks, took out the River Kaaveree from them and filled Muni's Kamandal from its water. Shiv Jee ordered Kaaveree to flow wherever Muni pointed her to. Muni went to South seeing many pilgrim places of Shiv.

In South, there was flourishing a demon called Shoorapadm, who had terrorized Devtaa and human beings. because of him, Indra had to surrender his Indra Lok and went to somewhere else where he prayed Shiv to help them. He had created a garden where he worshipped Shiv from that garden's flowers. God of waters, Varun Dev was too frightened of that demon to rain in that area, so there was a drought there. Because of this drought Indra's garden became dry and without flowers. This dryness was interrupting Indra's worship and he was very sad because of this.

Naarad felt pity on Indra's condition and he told him that there was Kaaveree River in Agastya Muni's Kamandal. Indra did not know how to take the River Kaaveree out of Muni's Kamndal and get that water for his garden. So he prayed Ganesh Jee. Ganesh Jee assumed the form of a crow, flew to Agastya Muni, sat on his Kamandal and toppled it. The water started flowing. Muni raised his hand to shoo the crow, so the River Kaaveree thought that Muni is telling me to flow in that direction, so she started flowing in that direction.

After that the crow changed himself into a small boy, Muni hit him on his head, as he did not know that the boy was nobody else than Shiv's son Ganesh Jee. Suddenly the boy changed his form again and came into his real form - Ganesh Jee. Now Agastya Jee knew that it was none other than Ganesh Jee. He felt so bad that he started striking his head with his own hands in repentance. Ganesh Jee stopped him doing that and said - "Whoever will pray him in this manner would be blessed with wisdom."

Another Version
River Kaaveree was disrespectful to Muni Agastya Jee, so he punished her by trapping her in his Kamandal. Naarad Jee requested Ganesh Jee to free the River from Muni's Kamandal, that is why Ganesh Jee took the form of the crow, toppled Muni's Kamandal and freed Kaaveree River.



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