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99-Quiz About Ganesh Jee

1. Why Ganesh's head was chopped off. 
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2. Why people do not see Chauth's Moon?
Once Ganesh Jee was taking a round of the Universe riding on his mouse. He came to Chandra Lok - Moon's kingdom also. Moon was very proud of his beauty. So seeing the big bellied Ganesh riding on a little mouse, Moon laughed at him.

This was a great insult to Ganesh Jee, so he was very angry with Moon. He gave a Shaap to him - "You are very proud of your beauty. I am being worshipped first all over the world but because of your beauty you laughed at me. This is my Shaap to you that whoever will see you on the 4th day of the Krishn Paksh of Bhaadrapad month, on my birthday, he will suffer because of unjust accusations."

The Shaap shattered the pride of the Moon and he asked for his forgiveness and prayed to take back his Shaap. Ganesh Jee got calmed down and said - "My purpose was only to shatter your pride. My purpose is served. Although my Shaap cannot go in vain, but I assure you that those people will regain their good name after seeing you on the 2nd day of the Shukla Paksh, or listen to the story of Syaamantak Mani (gem)." The Moon got satisfied.

Why Ganesh Jee is worshipped first among all Devtaa?
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4. How Ganesh Jee got elephant's head? 
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5. Why a coconut is broken in front of Ganesh Jee?
Ganesh Jee is the son of Parameshwar. Once he asked his father to sacrifice his head with three eyes because only then, he thought any effort would be crowned with success and without any obstacle. So, instead of the head with three eyes, we are breaking coconut which has three eyes. Ganesh is so powerful as to demand the head of his own father. Whatever is superior to everything else must be sacrificed to God. Symbolically, we are sacrificing the three-eyed coconuts created by God, as ordained by him. When a Sanyaasee attains Siddhi, this is done. This practice is in vogue only in Tamilnaadu.

6. Is Ganesh's Mouse really a god?
Yes. He is god. His name was Kraunch. Kraunch had the misfortune once, at the assembly of Lord Indra, of stepping on the toes of Vaam Dev - another god. Thinking that Kraunch did so intentionally, Vaam Dev got enraged and in his wrath he said: "O Kraunch! I curse you to become a mouse!" Ganesh Jee pitied him and made him his Vaahan.


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