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3-Story of Mohaasur
Incarnation of Mahodar

Once Shukraachaarya, the Daitya Guru, had a disciple named Mohaasur. Once Mohaasur did Saadhanaa for Soorya Dev under the guidance of his Guru. Soorya Dev got pleased with his Tap and bestowed with the boon that he would win all battles. Mohaasur got very happy with his boon and as he came back, Daitya Guru coronated him as the Daitya King. As he had the boon of winning every battle, he soon won the three Lok. Devtaa hid in the mountains and oceans. And Mohaasur, along with his wife Madiraa, started ruling over the three Lok without any disturbance. Dharm and all religious practices disappeared from the world.

So all Devtaa went to Soorya Dev to ask for his help. Soorya Dev gave them a monosyllable Mantra to please Ganesh. All Devtaa recited that Mantra and called out Lord Mahodar to help them from their pitiable situation. Ganesh jee appeared before them and assured that Mohaasur would be soon killed. After consoling them he rode on his mouse and et off to see Mohaasur.

On the other side, Naarad Jee came to Mohaasur and told him about all the powers of Mahodar, who was coming to him, to him. The Daitya Guru advised Mohaasur to surrender to this Avataar of Ganesh Jee. He told him that if he surrendered to him and promised to him not to create any problem in future, he would get lots of powers from him. He may forgive you too, but if you will encounter him, you will not be able to defeat him. At the same time Vishnu also appeared there and advised him for the same. Mohaasur said - "Please grant me the opportunity to grace Mahodar my city."

So Mahodar came to Mohaasur's city. Mohasur welcomed him with elegance and grandeur and prayed him - "Lord, I have committed so many mistakes knowingly and unknowingly, please forgive me. I promise that I will not behave in this way in future." Ganesh Jee got pleased with his politeness and forgave him and went away.



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