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According to Mudgal Puraan - Incarnation of Vakratund

For any penance, Bhakti is more important than following its methods, rules and regulations. And if somebody else gets angry, his Guru can save him, but if Guru is angry, nobody can save him from his anger.

Once a Daitya appeared from Indra's anger (Matsar) and that is why he was known as Matsaraasur. He was sent to Daitya Guru Shukraachaarya for his education. There he got engaged in Shiv's worship under the guidance of Guru. Pleased with the devotion of Shukra and Matsar, Shiv appeared before them and asked Shukra to ask or a desired boon. Shukra asked unlimited devilish powers for Matsar. Shiv advised him not to do so, but Shukra did not listen to him. Shiv said - "Because Matsar is born from Indra, that is why he cannot do any good to Daitya. I don't trust him." But Shukra did not agree, so Shiv had to grant this boon to Shukra and after granting this boon to him he went away. As Shiv disappeared from the sight, Matsaraasur also broke his vow. Shiv knew that so for the same reason Shiv also warned Shukra that if Matsaraasur will misuse his boon, he would die. Now with all powers, Matsaraasur set off to win the Heaven, so Ganesh Jee came to forewarn him.

On the other side as Taarak's sons were killed by Shiv Jee, their mother and grandmother started crying in the Heaven. Mayaasur consoled them but they were inconsolable, so Mayaasur exiled them from the Heaven. They came to Kailaash Parvat crying to complain to Shiv Jee. Shiv Jee asked Ganesh Jee to take them to Aditi's Aashram.

Ganesh Jee had granted Mayaasur the boon of Ichchhaa Mrityu and gave him the name of Dayaasur.

When Matsaraasur was going to attack on Heaven, Naarad Jee also explained him not to do so, but he did not listen to him. Mayaasur tried Matsaraasur to do Bhakti but when Matsaraasur did not agree, Ganesh Jee exiled him from the Heaven.

When Mayaasur went to bring Indra back to Heaven, Indra said to him - "You have more right on Heaven than me as you have power of Bhakti." Mayaasur said - "Please do not say this, and come back to Heaven and allow me to go to worship Ganesh Jee." Indra said - "That you can do living in Swarg too." But Mayaasur did not agree for this and went to worship Ganesh Jee.

Ganesh Jee was the incarnation of Mahaa Ganesh. When Ganesh Jee granted a boon to Bhayaasur, Aditi asked him why did he want to grant him a boon? Ganesh Jee said - "Because it is tradition to grant a boon to a worshipper. If people will not be granted boons, they will stop praying and worshiping." On the other side Mayaasur got scared to see Ganesh Jee coming to him. He thought that Ganesh Jee was coming to punish him. Kashyap and Aditi could convince him with great difficulty that Ganesh Jee was coming to him only to grant him a boon, not to punish him. Still he got confused and in confusion he said to him - "Please grant me this boon that you do not kill me with your goad (Ankush)."

Ganesh Jee laughed - "You are a fool. This is a tradition that every Asur performs Tapasyaa according to Shukraachaarya's advice, becomes mad after getting the boon and troubles everybody and dies with the same boon. Do you also want that?" Mayaasur said - "No, No, I wish that I should be worshiping Mahaa Ganesh my whole life." Ganesh Jee said - "This is fine, then you must get the boon. After getting the boon, do not forget me and do not do any atrocities also." Kashyap and Aditi also advised him the same. Ganesh Jee appointed Mayaasur the king of Swarg, Prithvi etc.

The then Shukraachaarya came there and said to him - "Since you are granted this boon because of me, that is why you will have to obey me. Go now and win the Heaven." Shukraachaarya Jee said to Kashyap Jee and Aditi - "You have misguided Mayaasur without any reason. No Asur has been till today who has got the boon after worshiping and after getting it continues to worship his whole life." Kashyap Jee said - "You are so powerful, you know Mrit Sanjeevanee Vidyaa, then why are you always engaged in worshiping?" Shukraachaarya Jee said - "Because I am Braahman since birth and well wisher of Daitya by Karm." Aditi spoke - "Please do not advise Mayaasur like this, otherwise according to Ganesh Jee, his boon will become his Kaal (Death)." Shukraachaarya Jee said - "Who will become whose Kaal, only Time will tell."

Four Asur, Brahmaa's Boon to Taarak's 3 Sons
Now Mayaasur had the boon of Ganesh Jee to be immortal. Thinking thus Mayaasur set out from Kashyap and Aditi's Aashram to win Heaven. He met Kuber on his way. Kuber also warned him about the powers of Indra. Mayaasur came in the Indra's court and started spreading the Bhakti for Mahaa Ganesh. But he did not find anybody there else except Naarad Jee. Naarad Jee advised Indra also to worship Ganesh Jee and that Mayaasur cannot harm you in anyway. All Devtaa had left the Heaven. Mayaasur asked Naarad Jee also to sit on the throne of Heaven, but Naarad Jee politely refused his offer saying that he was more interested to spread Bhaagvat Dharm to do good for the general welfare. So Mayaasur alone sat on the throne of the Heaven.

Kuber saw Devtaa on his way. He told them that there was no need to be scared from Mayaasur, because he is not even Asur, but they would have to worship of Mahaa Ganesh, otherwise, Mayaasur will trouble you. Then all Devtaa decided to be in Aditi's Aashram and they came there. Kashyap Jee also advised them to go to Ganesh Jee. Indra said - "It is only he who has blessed Mayaasur to be king of Heaven, then how can I go there? He has behaved with us like an enemy." So Indra stayed there only in Aditi's Aashram

Vajraang-Father of Taarak
Now all Devtaa started worshiping Mahaa Ganesh along with Aditi in her Aashram. Mayaasur brought Kamalaaksh (son of Taarak), his mother (Varaangee) and grandmother (Shyaam-mukhee) too in the Heaven and told them that they would not get any kind of discomfort there. Mayaasur slapped Diti so hard that she fell down, hit the Shiv Ling and lost her consciousness.

Kuber considered Mayaasur like his son, because he got Mayaasur on Kailaash Parvat that is why he wanted to worship Shiv.

Ganesh Jee could not see anybody sad, so he used to go out of Kailaash without permission of Shiv and Paarvatee any time, and Paarvatee got worried about him. Shiv Jee said - "I will tell you a way that you will never need to go out of Kailaash.

Matsaraasur was born from the anger of Indra, because Indra was very angry at Brahmaa Jee because Brahmaa Jee was not appearing to grant him the boon. Matsaraasur asked Indra - "What should I do? Indra said - "First punish Mayaasur and then Aditi." Matsaraasur said - "Wait, let me first go to Rajatpur and then I will ask you what I have to do?" Shyaam-mukhee and Varaangee were very happy in Heaven.

Mayaasur and Kamalaaksh, just in unjust, Satya in A-Satya, Dharm in A-Dharm, praise in defame. Mayaasur told the merits of Indra and Diti that Diti always wanted to do good of Daitya and sometimes even gets odd with Indra for their welfare.

So Matsaraasur went to Heaven to punish Kamalaaksh. Matsaraasur severed the head of Mayaaasur repeatedly but his head repeatedly joined his body and thus he did not die.

Hearing bad about Shiv from Vinaayak, Shukra gets angry and pushes Indra down. Indra falls in Aditi's Aashram and Matsaraasur gets absorbed in Indra.

Ganesh Jee woke up Kamalaaaksh, Vidyunmaalee and Diti from unconsciousness and returned their Devilish powers to them. He told to punish Shukraachaarya and establish Daitya kingdom. Vinaayak then got absorbed in Ganesh Jee.

Vidyunmaalee lived in Lauhpur (iron city)
Kamalaaksh lived in Rajatpur (silver city)
Taarakaaksh lived in Swarnpur (golden city)

There are three incarnations of Mahaa Ganesh - Ganesh, Mahotkat, and Mangaleshwar.
One is still remaining and he will appear later.



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