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African Folktales

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African Folktales

In the Series of "Desh Videsh Ki Lok Kathaayen", there are several books which contain some African folktales in general and many folktales from its various countries, such as Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Zambia, Zimbabwe etc.

Africa is the second largest continent after Asia. It is made up of more than 50 countries. Long before it was difficult to find published material on and from African countries. Now at least some published material is available. Below is the list of books published on African folktales --

1. Outa Karel's Stories: South African Folk-lore Tales. 
by Sanni Metelerkamp.  London, Macmillan & Co.  1914.
(15 South African folktales)

2. Old Hendrik's Tales
by Captain Arthur Owen Vaughan.  London, Longmans, Green & Co.  1904
(13 South African folktales)

3. Folk Stories From Southern Nigeria.
by Elphinstone Dayrell.  London, Longmans, Green & Co.  1910.
(40 Nigerian Folktales)

4. Zanzibar Tales
by Various authors.  Translated by George W Bateman. 
Chicago, AC McClurg & Co.  1901.
(10 folktales told by natives of the East Coast of Africa)

These titles are given on
If you notice that these books have been published 100 years ago.
2 books are on South African tales
1 book is on Nigerian tales
1 book on Zanzibar (East Africa) tales

I have some more titles below. They are a little bit recent and modern --

5. Fourteen Hundred Cowries: traditional stories of the Yoruba.
by Abayomi Fuja.  Ibadan, OUP.  1962.  164 p.

6. The Lion’s whiskers: tales of high Africa.
by Davis, Russell and Ashabranner, Brent.  Boston, Little Brown and Company.  1959.  191 p.

7. Ethiopian Folktales.
by Shlomo Bachrach.  OUP.  1972.  140 p.

8. The First Adventures of Spider: West African folktales.
by Joyce Cooper Arkhurst.  2012.
This is an abridged version of “The Adventures of Spider: West African Folktales".

Nigeria is the largest populated country of Africa, and the 7th largest populated country of the world.



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