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4-Folktales of Ethiopia-2

The 4th book "Ethiopia Kee Lok Kathaayen, Doosaraa Bhaag"
in the Series of "Desh Videsh Kee Lok Kathaayen"
6 Stories.  61 pages.  (Complete)

This book contains the folktales from Ethiopia, of its Amhaaraa, Gala and Afar tribes.

List of Stories

1.  Poonchh Kataa Bandar Aur Raajaa Kaa Shahad (17 p)
2.  Botal Kaa Saanp (5 p)
3.  Sonaa Ugalane Vaalaa Gadhaa (8 p)
4.  Sinzero Kee Kahaanee (14 p)
5.  Nyaaya Priya Raajaa Firdi (6 p)
6.  Sher Kaa Batavaaraa (5 p)

Translated from ---
The first 4 tales are Amhaaraa tales and have been translated from
The Lionís whiskers: tales of high Africa.
Davis, Russell and Ashabranner, Brent.  Boston, Little Brown and Company.  1959.  191 p.
The other two tales are of its Gala and Afar tribes respectively and of its mountain regions



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