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1-Folktales of Nigeria-1 - Published

The 1st book "Nigeria Kee Lok Kathaayen, Pahalaa Bhaag"
in the Series of "Desh Videsh Kee Lok Kathaayen"
11 Stories.  76 pages.  Mumbai, NAB.  Dec 2013.

This book contains the folktales from Nigeria, a West African country.  Among the Nigerian folktales, a few characters and terms are mentioned a lot, such as tortoise, hyena, Ju Ju man, Ju Ju, palm wine, palm oil, palm nut etc. All these words may be looked in Glossary.

List of Stories

1.  Ek Udaas Raajaa Aur Us Kaa Udaas Raajya (5 p)
2.  Baansuree (7 p)
3.  Jaaduee Kaasheephal (7 p)
4.  Ladakee, Medhak Aur Saradaar Kaa Betaa (7 p)
5.  Hathee Aur Makade Kee Daud (4 p)
6.  Kachhue Aur Bille Kee Kushtee (5 p)
7.  Makadaa Aur Bhediyaa (8 p)
8.  Juyin Gataan Faaraa (8 p)
9.  Ghonghaa Aur Cheetaa (5 p)
10.  Kuttaa Aur Sher (2 p)
11.  Sultaan Sule (14 p)

Dec 2013 - 118 books
Its first consignment "Folktales of Nigeria, Part 1" in Hindi Braille script was sent to 50 schools for Visually Handicapped in Maharashtra State and 68 schools in North India during the 3rd week of December 2013.



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