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More than 1,500 folktales have been collected from various countries and various sources and have been written in Hindi for the benefit of Hindi reading people, social researchers and the children of all ages. They have been grouped under the following four categories.

1-List of Books by Countries - Here is the list of those continents or countries from which the folktales have been collected and grouped under their names.

2-List of Books by Topics - Here is the list of specific topics on which the folktales have been collected. They do not belong to any specific country but only to a specific topic.

3-List of Books by Series - Here is the list of books written on a specific series "One Story Many Colors". Many a time it happens that one famous tale is told and heard in many variations, sometimes in the same country and at other time in other countries too. Some of these famous titles are given here under this series.

4-Miscellaneous Books - This page lists the books which do not come under the above categories. They are general not the folktales.

5-Books Published - This page lists the titles of those books which have been published by the publishers and are available in the market.

6-Books Available on Internet - This page lists the books available on the Internet. One can read them by clicking on them.

List of Books With Their Abstract - This list gives all the titles of the books with their short abstracts.




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