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4-Miscellaneous Books

Here is the list of those books which are not the folktale books. They are general in subject but widen the horizon of readers. They are very interesting to read and open the vents of people's minds. Against every title two figures are given in parentheses. The first one denotes the number of the stories of the book and the second one denotes the number of the pages (A4 size) of the book. Some of them are on Internet for readers to read. Click on them and enjoy reading. Please do comment about them on the E-Mail address given below. Thanks.

Akbar Birbal Stories-1 (25/80)

History Books
  History-1 (23/180) - Historical events of great people
  History-2 (11/62) - Some great life events of scientists
  History-3 (8/58) - An event which changed the life of people
  History-4 (10/88) - Beginning of famous books

Jo Hona Tha Hua (17/220)
Destiny does not favor anybody even after telling him. Read here some luck tales... "Jo Hona Tha Hua"

Justice (21/170)

King Solomon + Solomon and Saturn

Origin of Proverbs (22/126)

Queen of Sheba and the King Solomon



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