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Shiv Puraan-Introduction

Shiv Puraan is the 4th Puraan in the row of 18 Puraan. It is divided in seven Sanhitaa and contains more than 24,000 Shlok. It contains detailed description of Shiv, his Avataar (incarnations), his glory, Leelaa (activities), method to worship him, and some other interesting stories about Shiv. 

This Puraan relates about Shiv Jee's form, secrets, importance and method worship. He is not only Pauraanik Dev but he is also the chief of the five Siddh Eeshwar. Ved has described him eternal; cause of all; creator, caretaker and destroyer of the universe. "Shiv" means "Kalyaan", and Kalyaan means to do good to others. Even he is the Isht Dev (Bhagvaan) of both Raam and Krishn .

(1) Vidyeshwar Sanhitaa
It is about, how Shiv Ling should be established, where it should be established, how Shiv should be worshipped, etc.

(2) Rudra Sanhitaa - (Hindi Language)
It is divided in five Khand (parts) - (1) Srishti (Creation) Khand, (2) Satee Khand, (3) Paarvatee Khand, (4) Kumaar Khand, and (5) Yuddh Khand. This Sanhitaa is given here in Hindi language poetry - in Dohaa and Chaupaayee style, in which Tulasee has written his Raam Charit Maanas.

(3) Shat (one hundred - 100) Rudra Sanhitaa

(4) Koti (one Crore - 10,000,000) Rudra Sanhitaa

(5) Umaa Sanhitaa

(6) Kailaash Sanhitaa

(7) Vaayaveeya Sanhitaa


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