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Chapter 12



12 - Synopsis of Shree Mad-Bhaagvat Jee

Soot Jee said - "Hey Rishi, According to your desire I told you this Shree Mad-Bhaagvat. This is the character of Bhagavaan Vishnu. Brahm Tattwa has been described in this Puraan. Creation, maintenance and destruction all are inside Brahm. The following is the Skandh wise synopsis of Bhaagavat Jee :--

Skandh 1.  Description of Bhakti Yog and Vairaagya arisen only from Bhakti Yog; story of Pareekshit; Naarad Jee's character through Vyaas-Naarad dialogs; how Pareekshit got Shaap of a Brahmin; sat on the bank of Ganga Jee and how his conversation started with Shukdev Jee.

Skandh 2.  Method of leaving body through Yog; dialog of Brahma Jee and Naarad Jee; brief description of Avataar and creation of this Universe from Mahat-Tattwa etc.

Skand 3.  Dialog of Vidur Jee and Uddhav Jee; meeting of Vidur Jee with Maitreya Rishi; dialog about Puraan Sanhitaa, living of Paramaatma in Pralay Kaal; natural creation from Gun's KSHOBH; Kaarya (action) creation from Mahat-Tattva etc seven Prakriti and Vikriti; creation of Brahmaand and position of Viraat Purush; minute and large forms of Kaal; Kamalkosh appearance; uplifting of earth from Pralaya sea and killing of Hiranyaaksh by Varaah Avataar; creation of Devtaa, animals, birds, humans, and Rudra; description of that Ardh Naaree-Nar from which Manu and Shataroopaa appeared; description of Kardam Prajaapati and Muni's wives birth; Kapil Avataar and His dialog (of spiritual knowledge) with His mother Devahooti. 

Skandh 4.  Creation of Mareechi etc nine Prajaapati; destruction of Daksh's Yagya; biographies of Raajaa Prithu and Dhruv; dialog of Naarad Jee and Praacheenbarhi.

Skandh 5.  Description of Priyavrat; stories of Naabhi, Rishabh and Bharat; description of Dweep (islands), Varsh, seas, mountains and rivers, position of Narak and Paataal etc.

Skandh 6.  Birth of Daksh from Pracheta Gan; children of Daksh's daughters - Devtaa, Asur, humans, animals, mountains and birds etc; birth of Vritraasur and his Paramgati.

Skandh 7.  About Hiranyakashyap, Hiranyaaksh, and Prahlaad.

Skandh 8.  Stories of Manvantar, Gajendra, Avataar of Vishnu in different Manvantar; Saagar Manthan and Dev-Asur Sangraam.

Skandh 9.  Description of kings' lineage - Ikshwaaku, Sudumn, Ila, Taaraa, Soorya Vansh, Shashaad and Nrig etc kings, Sukanyaa, Sharyaati, Khatwaang, Maandhaata, Saubhari, Raajaa Sagar, intelligent Kakutsth, Raam, Raajaa Nimi, and birth of Janak, Parashuraam Jee and his killing of Kshatriya, Chandravanshee Raajaa Pururavaa, Yayaati, Nahush, Dushyant's son Bharat, Shaantanu, his son Bheeshm etc, Yayaati's eldest son Yadu.

Skandh 10.  All about Shree Krishn born in Yadu Vansh.

Skandh 11.  Destruction of Yadu Vansh in the name of Braahman's Shaap; dialog of Krishn and Uddhav Jee (very spiritual - about spiritual knowledge and Dharm ); and Krishn's going to His Paramdhaam

Skandh 12.  Characteristics of various Yug and people living in them; four types of Pralaya (deluge) and three types of creation; division of Ved; Story of Maarkandeya Rishi; and description of Soorya Gan.

Who pronounces "Haraye Namah" loudly and helplessly at the time falling, or being sad, or sneezing, he gets free from all sins. A speech which describes or sings Bhagavaan's Leelaa, name, stories, it is blessed in comparison to that which is full of intelligence but not with the name of Bhagavaan. You are very fortunate that you always worship Him.

13 - Number of Shlok in All Puraan and Importance of Shree Mad-Bhaagvat

Soot Jee said - " Although all sing praise of Him but nobody could know His real form, I bow to such Paramaatmaa. Now listen to various Puraan and the number of their Shlok individually.

Brahm Puraan  - - - - - - 10,000 Shlok
Padm Puraan   - - - - - -  55,000 Shlok
Vishnu Puraan  - - - - -   23,000 Shlok
Shiv Puraan - - - - - - -  24,000 Shlok
Bhaagvat Puraan - - - -   18,000 Shlok
Naarad Puraan - - - - -   25,000 Shlok
Maarkandeya Puraan  - -  9,000 Shlok
Agni Puraan - - - - - - -  15,400 Shlok
Bhavishya Purran - - - -  14,500 Shlok
Brahmvaivart Puraan - -  18,000 Shlok
Ling Puraan - - -  - - - -  11,000 Shlok
Vaaraah Puraan - - -  -   24,000 Shlok
Skand Puraan - - - - - -  81,100 Shlok
Vaaman Puraan  - - - - -  10,000 Shlok
Koorm Puraan - - - - -    17,000 Shlok
Matsya Puraan - - - - -  14,000 Shlok
Garud Puraan - - - - - -  19,000 Shlok
Brahmaand Puraan - - -  12,000 Shlok
       TOTAL  - - - - -  400,000 Shlok

First of all Vishnu Jee told this Puraan to Brahmaa Jee who was confused sitting on the lotus appeared from Vishnu's navel. You know that the gist of all Upanishad is Brahm, and the same is the subject of this Puraan, because the purpose of writing this is only to get Moksh. Who donates a Bhaagavat copy on a golden Sinhaasan on the day of Bhaadrapad Poornimaa, he gets Parampad. All other Puraan are good only till Bhaagavat Puraan is not there. As Ganga in rivers, Vishnu in Devtaa, Shankar Jee in Vaishnav are the highest, in the same way Bhaagavat Puraan is also the highest among all Puraan. Brahmaa Jee told this to Naarad Jee, and Naarad Jee told this to Vyaas Jee; Vyaas Jee told this to Shukdev Jee and Shuk Dev Jee told this to Pareekshit. We bow to Shree Naaraayan who told this to Brahmaa Jee with the desire of Moksh and to Shukdev Jee who helped Pareekshit to attain Moksh. I bow to Shree Hari."




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