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Chapter 11

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11-Bhagavaan's Ang (Parts) and Soorya's Various Gan

Shaunak Jee said to Soot Jee - "Hey Soot Jee, Now we want to know about Kriyaa Yog, because by following that Yog even a dying man can attain immortality. So kindly tell us about that, and who worship Bhagavaan with Paanch-raatra Tantra method, how do they imagine Him."

Soot Jee said - "In whichever Viraat Roop this Tri-Lok is seen, it is made up of Prakriti, Sootraatmaa, Mahat-Tattwa, Ahankaar and Panch-Tanmaatraa - these 9 elements, plus 16 Vikaar - 11 Indriyaan and Panch-Bhoot. Prithvi is His feet, Swarg is His forehead, Antariksh (empty space) is His navel, Soorya is His eyes, air is His nose, directions are His ears, Prajaapati is His penis, Mrityu (death) is His anus, Lok-Paal are His arms, Chandramaa is His heart, Yam Raaj is His eyebrows, shyness is His upper lip, greed is His lower lip, moonlight is His teeth, doubt is His smile, trees are His ROM (fur), clouds and hair. The way this Earthly human being is of 7 BITTAA (from the tip of the elbow to to the tip of the middle finger) of his own measurement, in the same way that Viraat Purush is also of 7 BITTAA of His own measurement.

He wears Kaustubh Mani in His neck, yellow cloth (Peetaamber) on His shoulders, Yagyopaveet on His body, fish-form ear rings in His ears (Makaraakrit Kundal), a crown on His head (that is Brahm Lok), Mool Prakriti is His Shesh Shayyaa, and Sat Gun has emerged in the form of lotus from His navel. He holds water element in the form of Paanchjanya Shankh, fire in the form of Sudarshan Chakra (Divine disc), space in the form of sword, A-Gyaan in the form of shield, Kaal in the form of Shaarng bow, Karm in the form of quiver, Indriyaan are His arrows, heart is chariot, Tanmaatraa are the outer parts of the chariot. Solar system is the place for worship, and to destroy one's own sins is Bhagvaan's true worship.

All pleasures - Dharm, Yash (glory), Lakshmee (prosperity), Gyaan, and Vairaagya (to not desire anything worldly) - these 6 are the 6-petals Leelaa-lotus in His hand. Three Ved are Garud. They only carry Paramaatma. Self-strength is Lakshmee which never separates from Him. Bhagavaan's 8 natural characteristics (8 Siddhi) are His gatekeepers. Bhagavaan Himself is manifested in four forms - Vaasudev, Sankarshan, Pradyumn, and Aniruddh. Hey Shri Krishn, You are the friend of Arjun, only you destroyed all kings who were enemies of the world. Gopee of Brij and Naarad etc always sing your praise. We are in your service, kindly protect us."

Shaunak Jee asked - "Hey Soot Jee, Shuk Dev Jee told Pareekshit at the time of telling this Kathaa, that Soorya, Rishi, Gandharv, Apsaraa, Yaksh, Raakshas, Naag have a Saur (related to Soorya or Sun) Gan and all these 7 change every month. So what do these 12 Gan do with their Swaamee, 12 Aaditya, and who are under them?"

Soot Jee said - "The soul of every living being is One and only One - that is Vishnu. Soorya Mandal is created from A-Vidyaa which does not know His real form. The same wanders in all Lok. In reality only Hari appears in the form of Soorya. Although He is One, still Rishi have described Him in various forms. The same Bhagavaan, through His Maayaa is called of 9 types - Kaal; Desh; Yagya; Kriyaa; Kartaa; Sruvaa etc Karan; Yaagaa etc Karm; Ved Mantra and Shaakalya etc Dravya; and Phal.

In the form of Kaal, Bhagvaan Soorya goes around with His 12 Gan in Chaitra, Vaishaakh etc 12 months, to regulate the behavior of people.

(1) Dhaataa Soorya, Pulastya Rishi, Rathkrit Yaksh,  Heti Raakshas, Vaasuki Naag, Kritasthalee Apsaraa, and Tumburu Gandharv do their duties in Chaitra Maas.

(2) Aryamaa Soorya, Pulah Rishi, Athaujaa Yaksh, Praheti Raakshas, Kachchhneer Sarp, Punjiksthalee Apsaraa, and Naarad Gandharv do their duties in Vaishaakh Maas.

(3) Mitra Soorya, Atri Rishi, Rathswaan Yaksh, Paurusheya Raakshas, Takshak Sarp, Menakaa Apsaraa, and Haahaa Gandharv, do their duties in Jyeshth Maas.

(4) Varun Soorya, Vashishth Rishi, Sahjanya Yaksh, Chitraswaan Raakshas, Shukra Naag, Rambhaa Apsaraa, and Hoohoo Gandharv do their duties in Aashaad Maas.

(5) Indra Soorya, Angiraa Rishi, Shrotaa Yaksh, Varya Raakshas, Elaapatra Naag, and Pramlochaa Apsaraa, Vishwaavasu Gandharv do their duties in Shraavan Maas.

(6) Vivaswaan Soorya, Bhrigu Rishi, Aasaran Yaksh, Vyaaghra Raakshas, Shankhpaal Naag, Anumlochaa Apsaraa, Ugrasen Gandharv do their duties in Bhaadrapad Maas.

(7) Twashtaa Soorya, Jamadagni Rishi, Shatjit Yaksh, Brahmaapet Raakshas, Kambal Naag, Tilottamaa Apsara, and Dhritraashtra Gandharv, do their duties in Aashwin Maas.

(8) Vishnu Soorya, Vishwaamitra Rishi, Satyajit Yaksh, Makhaapet Raakshas, Ashwatar Naag, Rambhaa Apsaraa, and Sooryavarchaa Gandharv do their duties in Kaarttik Maas.

(9) Anshu Soorya, Kashyap Rishi, Taarkshya Yaksh, Vidyuchchhatru Raakshas, Mahaashankh Naag, Urvashee Apsaraa, Ritsen Gandharv, do their duties in Agahan Maas.

(10) Bhag Soorya, Aayu Rishi, Oorn Yaksh, Sphoorj Raakshas, Karkotak Naag, Poorvchitti Apsaraa, and Arishtnemi Gandharv, do their duties in Paush Maas.

(11) Pooshaa Soorya, Gautam Rishi, Suruchi Yaksh, Vaat Raakshas, Dhanajay Naag, Ghritaachee Apsaraa, and Sushen Gandharv, do their duties in Maagh Maas.

(12) Parjanya Soorya, Bharadwaaj Rishi, Varchaa Yaksh, Kratu Raakshas, Airaavat Sarp, Senjit Apsaraa and Vishwa Gandharv do their duties in Phaalgun Maas.

All these are Soorya Bhagavaan's Vibhooti (manifestations). Who remember them daily in the morning and evening their all sins are destroyed. Soorya Dev goes round with his these 6 Gan all round the 12 months Among his Gan, Rishi pray Soorya with Soorya-related Ved Mantra, Gandharv sing praise, Apsaraa dance, Naag act as rope for his chariot, Yaksh decorate his chariot, and powerful Raakshas push it forward from back. Besides them there are 60,000 Baal Khilyaadi Brahmarshi pray in front of him facing towards him.



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