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Greatness of Bhaagvat Puraan-4

5-Dhudhukaaree's Upliftment from Pret Yoni

Soot Jee said - "Hey Shaunak Jee, After the father had left for forest, one day Dhundhukaaree beat his mother and asked her to tell him his father's wealth otherwise he would beat her with a burning stick. She became very afflicted with her son's activities she jumped in a well in nighttime and died there. Yogee Gokarn Jee went for Teerth Yaatraa (pilgrimage). He did not feel any happiness or sorrow with these incidents because he had neither any friend nor any enemy.

Now there was nobody to keep check on Dhundhukaaree, so he started living in the house with 5 prostitutes. His all time got wasted in gathering many kinds of enjoyment means for them. After a while he got mad doing all this. He started doing many cruel acts to do this. Once they asked him many valuable ornaments, so to bring them he set out of the house. He stole lots of money and gave them some beautiful clothes and ornaments. Seeing that stolen money those prostitutes thought that "this man all the time steals, some day surely the King will arrest us. Before it happens, let us kill him, collect all our clothes and ornaments and run away from here. So one day they tied Dhundhukaaree with ropes and tried to kill him by tying a knot in his neck. But when he did not die this way soon, they got worried. Then they put many burning coals on his face and he died from their heat. They threw his body in a hole and covered it with soil. When somebody asked them "where is Dhundhukaaree?" they replied - "He has gone foreign land to earn money, he will come back within this year." After a while they all went away from there. Dhundhukaaree, because of his bad Karm, became Pret. He used to wander around in all the 10 directions in the storm form, and shouted in winter or summer "Haa Daiv, Haa Daiv" with hunger and thirst. But he could not get any dwelling place anywhere.

After some time Gokarn heard the news of the death of Dhundhukaaree, so he came home and entered his house in the nighttime to sleep in its courtyard. Dhundhukaaree saw that his brother was sleeping there so he transformed himself in a very terrible form. He transformed himself sometimes in a ram form, sometimes in a buffalo form, sometimes in Indra form and sometimes in Agni form. In the end he appeared in human form. Seeing all these states, Gokarn Jee guessed that he is a being who has got a very bad Gati, so he asked him patiently - "Who are you? And why are you showing up in such a terrible form in the night time? How did you reach to such condition? Are you a Pret, or Pishaach or some Raakshas?"

Soot Jee said - "When Gokarn asked him such questions, he started crying very loudly. He did not have strength to speak, so he talked only with signs. Gokarn took some Abhimantrit Jal in his hand and sprinkled on him. This destroyed his at least some sins and he was able to speak something. He said - "I am your brother. My name is Dhudhukaaree. I have destroyed my own Braahmanism with my own bad Karm. I was  a great A-Gyaanee so I did many bad acts. In the end those women killed me horribly. That is why I am suffering in this condition. It seems that my some good Karm's effect has started so I am surviving on air. Brither, You are very kind, please, release me from this Yoni as soon as possible."

Gokarn Jee said - "Brother, I am very surprised. I performed Pind Daan for you in Gayaa methodically, then why didn't you get released from this Pret Yoni? If you did not achieve Mukti after Gayaa Shraaddh, then there is no other way to get you free from this Yoni. Now you tell me in detail, as what should I do for you now?"

Dhundhukaaree said - "I cannot get Mukti even after performing Gayaa Shraaddh hundreds of times, so only you think of some other way."
Hearing this Gokarn got very surprised, he said - "If hundreds of Gayaa Shraaddh cannot give you Mukti from this Yoni, then it is impossible to get Mukti for you. All right, now you live at your place fearlessly, I will think over and try to find some way for your Mukti." Dhundhukaaree went away hearing this and Gokarn Jee started thinking about it. He kept thinking the whole night but could not find any way.

In the morning, seeing Gokarn in the house, many people came to see him. Gokarn told that whatever happened in the night. Many learned people also tried to think about it but they also could not think about any way. Then they all decided that whatever Soorya Naaraayan will advice, we will do the same, so Gokarn Jee stopped Soorya with his Yog Power. He prayed him - "Hey Bhagavan, You are the Lord of the while universe, I greet you. Please tell me the way to get Mukti of Dhundhukaaree." Soorya Dev replied from the distance - "He can be free from this Pret Yoni after hearing the 7-day Bhaagvat Kathaa, that is why you do 7-day Paaraayan." All heard Soorya Bhagvaan's words. Gokarn Jee got ready to tell Bhaagvat's Kathaa.

Many people, lame, blind, old, retarded, all kinds of people came there to listen to the Kathaa. There was so great crowd that even Devtaa got surprised to see it. As Gokarn Jee started that Kathaa, that Pret also came there and started searching for a place to sit. In the meantime, he saw a bamboo tree with 7 knots, so he entered that tree from its bottom and sat inside it. Since he was in air form, he could go anywhere and sat anywhere.

Gokarn Jee assigned the responsibility of the major listener to a Braahman and started telling the Kathaa from Bhaagvat's first Skandh. When in the evening Gokarn gave a rest to the Kathaa, one knot of the bamboo tree burst out. In the same way, next day the second knot burst out in the evening, and thus on the 7th day the 7th knot burst out at the end of the Kathaa. Dhundhukaaree got free from Pret Yoni and got a Divine form - Shyaam body, yellow Peetaambar, Tulasee Maalaa in his neck, crown on his head. he greeted Gokarn, thanked him for his grace. By listening to it Bhagvaan can be achieved soon. When dry bamboo knots can burst because of its effect, then what is the surprise if it can open the knots of people's hearts. When Dhudhukaaree was talking like this, a Divine Vimaan came from sky and Dhundhukaaree sat in that Vimaan.

Gokarn Jee asked - Hey Vishnu Paarshad, We all are sitting here and have heard Bhaagvat Kathaa for 7 days, then why are you not taking us? Why do you make such discrimination?" Paarshad said - "This discrimination is because of the difference of listening. You all only listened to it, but he thought over it, hence this distinction of result. Whichever Gyaan does not become strengthened, it goes waste. So if you listen to something without attention, a Mantra with doubt and the Jaap without concentration, all go waste. If these people listen to this kathaa with attention again, they will also get the same Gati as he has got it. Bhagvaan Himself will take you to Vaikunth Dhaam." and they went away.

Gokarn Jee Tells Bhaagvat Kathaa Again

Then in Shraavan Maas Gokarn Jee told Bhaagvat Kathaa again. At the end of the Kathaa Bhagvaan Himself came there with many Vimaan and all went to the Lok where Yogee go. As Ayodhyaa Puree people went to Saaket Dhaam along with Raam, in the same way Shree Krishn took all of them to His Go-Lok Dhaam.



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