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Greatness of Bhaagvat Puraan-2

3-Removal of Bhakti's Sorrow

Naarad Jee said [to Sanakaadi Muni] - "Now I will do the Gyaan Yagya of Bhaagvat Kathaa to establish Bhakti, Gyaan and Vairaagya as told by Shuk Dev Jee, but where should I do this Yagya, tell me its place. You know Ved very well. So tell me its greatness also. Tell me also that in how many days I should recite this Kathaa and what is the method of listening to it?"

Sanakaadi Muni said - "Naarad Jee, You are very polite and learned. There is a Ghaat near Haridwaar, Aanand Ghaat. There live many Rishi, Devtaa and Siddh people. That Ghaat is in a very beautiful place. There is always fragrance of golden lotuses spread around. Even opposite natured animals do not fight each other there. You may start your Gyaan Yagya there without any problem. Bhakti will also come there taking her sons, Gyaan and Vairaagya; because wherever there is Kathaa of Bhaagvat, Bhakti etc come there automatically. As the words of this Kathaa will fall in their ears they all will be young."

Soot Jee said - "Thus Sanakaadi Muni also came to the banks of Gangaa River along with Naarad Jee. When they reached on the banks of Gangaa, its news reached in all the three Lok - Bhoo Lok, Dev Lok, and Brahm Lok. Whoever were interested in hearing the Bhaagvat Kathaa they all started coming there. Bhrigu, Vashishth, Chyavan, Gautam, Medhaatithi, Deval, Devaraat, Parashuraam, Vishwaamitra, Shaakal, Maarkandeya, Dattaatreya, Pippalaad, Vyaas, Paraashar, Chhaayaa Shuk, Jaajali and Jahnu, all came there with their wives and sons and disciples. Besides, Ved, Vedaant (Upanishad) Mantra, Tantra, 17 Puraan and 6 Shaastra also came in their personified form. Gangaa etc rivers, Pushkar etc ponds, Kuru Kshetra etc all Khetra, all directions, Dandak etc forests, Himaalaya etc Parvat, Dev, Gandharv, and Daanav etc all came there to listen to Bhaagvat Kathaa. Whosoever did not come because of their ego, Bhrigu Jee brought them with request.

After all came there, Sanakaadi Muni sat on an Aasan to tell the Bhaagvat Kathaa. All audience prayed them. Among the audience, Naarad was the first one, behind him were Vaishnav, Sanyaasee, Brahmchaaree. On one side were sitting Rishi, to another side were Devtaa, to another side were Ved and Upanishad, to another side were Teerth, and to another side were sitting women. There was conch sounds all around, and Abeer and Gulaal and flowers were showered around. Some Devtaa showered Kalp Vriksh flowers from sky from their Vimaan."

Soot Jee said - "Thus after finishing Poojaa all became quiet, Sanakaadi started telling the greatness of Bhaagvat." Sanakaadi Muni said - "Now I tell you the greatness of Bhaagvat. Just by listening to it men can achieve Moksh. There are 18,000 Shlok and 18 Skandh (sections). It is in the form of of the dialog between Shuk Dev Jee and Raajaa Pareekshit. Listen to this Bhaagvat Shaastra attentively. A human being wanders in this world till he doesn't listen to this Bhaagvat Kathaa. In whichever house, Bhaagvat Kathaa is told daily, it becomes like a Teerth and whoever people live in it their all sins are destroyed. Even 1/16th part of thousands of Ashwamedh Yagya and hundreds of Vaajpeya Yagya are not equal to this Kathaa. If you desire to achieve Param Gati, you must recite half, or even quarter Shlok daily regularly. Omkaar, Gayatri, Purush Sookt, the three Ved, Bhaagvat, Om Namo Bhagavatey Vaasudevaaya (this 12-letter Mantra), 12-form Soorya Bhagvaan, Prayaag, Kaal, Braahman, Agnihotra, Gau, Dwaadashee Tithi, Tulasee, Vasant season and Purushottam - learned people do not make any difference among these. Daily recitation of Bhaagvat, meditation on Bhagvaan, watering Tulasee and serving cows - all are the same.

It is very difficult to get to listen to Bhaagvat Kathaa, especially in Kali Yug. Naarad Jee, You are very intelligent and Yogee. There is no limitation of of any day, it is good to hear any time. One should speak truth and observe Brahmcharya. But it is difficult in Kali Yug, that is why one should know the special method Shuk Dev Jee has prescribed. In Kali Yug, it is difficult to control one's senses under control for long time, that is why it should be listened to in 7 days. When one listens to it with devotion or listens to it in Maagh Maas, the same fruit is achieved in listening to it in 7 days, thus Shuk Dev Jee has said.

Because of mind is not controlled, diseases are many and life span is short, and there are many other ill wills in Kali Yug, this method has been adopted. Whatever result is not achieved by Tap, Yog, and Samaadhi the same result can be achieved by the 7-day recitation of this Puraan. Its importance is greater than Yagya, Vrat, Teerth and Yog, it is even greater than meditation and Gyaan."

Shaunak Jee asked - "Soot Jee, This is very surprising. It may be true that this Puraan tells about Naaraayan, but how it became greater than all other means to achieve Moksh." Soot Jee said - "Shaunak Jee, When Krishn was going to His Param Dhaam leaving this Prithvi, Uddhav Jee asked Him after hearing 11th Skandh [Uddhav Jee asked] - "Govind, You are now going to your Param Dhaam, but I have a doubt in my mind. Kali Yug will come soon, so all kinds of ill wills will crop up and even the good people will develop bad habits, then where this cow-form Prithvi will go? That is why you please do not go. You have appeared on Prithvi in this Sa-Gun form because of your devotees, then how they will live here after you have left? Nir-Gun worship is very difficult, that is why think about some other way." Hearing this Bhagvaan thought that He should do something else for them. So Hey Shaunak Jee, Bhagvaan kept His all power in this Bhaagvat and He got absorbed in the Bhaagvat. That is why this Puraan is the personification of Bhagvaan Himself, and for the same reason by following it, by listening to it, by reciting it, or even by seeing it, people's all sins are destroyed. Its 7-day recitation has been considered the greatest."

Soot Jee said - "Shaunak Jee, When Sanakaadi Muni was describing its greatness, a great surprise occurred that Bhakti appeared there with her both sons being young, reciting continuously "Krishn, Govind, Hare, Muraare, Naath, Naaraayan, Vaasudev". She was wearing the ornaments of Bhaagvat's meanings. All started talking among themselves that how she appeared there? Sanakaadi Muni said - "She is Bhakti and has appeared from the meanings of Bhaagvat." Bhakti said to Sanat Kumaar - "I got disappeared in Kali Yug, but you have revived me by watering me of this Kathaa. Now you tell me where should I live?" Sanakaadi Muni said - "You live in the hearts of devotees of Vishnu. kali Yug can affect anything anywhere, but you will not be affected there at all." And Bhakti immediately entered the hearts fo Vishnu's devotees. That is why Hari's devotees are never poor."



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