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Greatness of Bhaagvat Puraan-1

1-Meeting of Naarad Jee With Bhakti

We bow to Bhagvaan Shree Krishn who is the cause of the creation, maintenance and destruction of the Universe and is the destroyer of all the three sorrows - Adhyaatmik (spiritual), Aadhi-Davik (godly) and Aadhi-Bhautik (worldly). When even Shuk Dev Jee's Upanayan ceremony was performed, and he had not started doing worldly or any kind of religious actions, he started alone for Sanyaas. Seeing this his father rushed after him calling him - "My son, Where are you going?" At that time trees replied him on behalf of Shuk Dev Jee. I greet such Shuk Dev Jee.

Once Shaunak Jee asked Soot Jee who was living in Naimish Aranya - "Hey Soot Jee, Your knowledge is like millions of Suns to destroy the A-Gyaan's darkness, that is why please tell us some Kathaa which is like Amrit for our ears. How the Vivek (discrimination) is developed through Bhakti (devotion), Gyaan (knowledge) and Vairaagya (detachment)? How Vaishnav can get rid of this Maayaa Moh. Often people have become of demonic characteristics in this Kali Yug, how these people can be made of godly qualities? Hey Soot Jee, You tell us some means which is good for us and we can achieve Shree Krishn. Chintaa Mani can give only mortal comforts and conveniences, or maximum it can give us divine comforts and conveniences, but when Guru is pleased he can give the residence of Vaikunth Dhaam."

Soot Jee said - "Shaunak Jee, Your heart is filled with the love of Bhagvaan, that is why I tell you the gist of all all Siddhaant. It destroys all the fear of birth and death. It increases devotion in the heart and gives the pleasure of Krishn's happiness. You hear it attentively. Shuk Dev Jee told this Mad Bhaagvat in Kali Yug. There is no other means to purify the heart. When a man's Punya rise, then only he desires to hear this Shaastra. When Shuk Dev Jee sat to tell this Kathaa in the assembly, Devtaa brought Amrit Kalash (pitcher of nectar) to him. Devtaa are very clever in their own work. After greetings to Shuk Dev Jee they said to him - "Please take this Amrit and give the opportunity of listening that Amrit Kathaa to us too. After this exchange Pareekshhit will drink this Amrit and we will hear the Kathaa." At that time Shuk Dev Jee made a mockery that what is the comparison of the Kathaa (valuable gem) and this Amrit (a piece of glass)? He did not consider them the right candidate and did not tell them the Kathaa. Thus this Kathaa is rare even to Devtaa.

In the ancient times, even Brahmaa Jee also was very surprised to see the Mukti of Pareekshit just by listening to Bhaagvat Kathaa. He weighed all the resources in a weighing balance in Satya Lok. All other resourced fell lighter and because of its importance this Puraan was found heaviest among all. Seeing this all Muni also got very surprised and they all declared it as the emancipation giver by reciting it or listening to it. When it is recited within 7 days with prescribed method, it definitely gives Bhakti. In olden times it was told by  Sanakaadi Muni to Naarad Jee. Although Naarad Jee had already heard it from Brahmaa Jee, still only Sanakaadi Muni told him the method of 7-day Paaraayan.

Shaunak Jee asked - "Where did Naarad Jee meet Sanakaadi Muni and how did he like to hear that Kathaa?"
Sooth Jee said - "Now I tell you that Kathaa which Shuk Dev Jee told me in private considering me his very dear disciple. One day Sanakaadi Muni came to Vishaalaa Puree for Satsang. There they met Naarad Jee. They asked Naarad Jee - "Brahman, Why is your face so sad? Why are you so much worried? Where are you going in so much hurry? Presently you are looking like a person who has lost his everything. It is not good for you, please tell us the reason of all this."

Naarad Jee said - "I came to Earth considering it the best Lok. Here I wandered around many Teerth - Pushkar, Prayaag, Kaashee, Godaavaree (Naasik), Haridwaar, Kuru Kshetra, Shree Rang, Setu Bandh (Raameshwaram) etc, but I could not get peace of mind anywhere. Kali Yug was ruling everywhere. There was no Satya (Truth), Tap (penance), Shauch (Cleanliness), Dayaa (Kindness), Daan (Alms) on Prithvi (Earth). Poor living beings were busy only in just surviving. Who were called Saadhu and saints, they all became fake. They seem to be detached but from inside they all were collecting things. Their Aashram became the residence of irreligious people. At this time neither there is any Yogee, nor Siddha, nor learned, nor any doer of Punya Karm. Braahman charge for teaching Ved and women live on prostitution.

Seeing all this I landed in Vrindaa Van on the banks of Yamunaa River. There I saw a big wonder. A young woman was sitting there sad. Near her were lying two old men in unconscious state and were breathing heavily. That young woman was sometimes trying to bring them in senses and sometimes started crying. Hundreds of women were fanning her all around and were trying to console her. For curiosity sake I also went to her. Seeing me, she stood up and said to me - "O Mahaatmaa Jee, Just wait for a moment and please remove my worry too. Even your Darshan destroys all the sins." I asked her - "Devee, Whoa are you? How these two old men are related to you? And who are all these women around you and what is the reason of your sorrow? Tell me all this."

The woman said - "My name is Bhakti, and these men are my two sons - Gyaan and Vairaagya. Because of their bad time they have become so weak. These women are all Gangaa etc rivers and have come here to serve me, but still I am not getting any comfort. Now you listen to my account. I was born in Dravid Desh, grew up in Karnaatak Desh, was honored in Mahaaraashtra, but I became old in Gujaraat. There by the effect of Kali Yug I became like this. I remained in this condition for long time, I became weak weak with my two sons. Since I have come in Vrindaa van, I have again become young, but my sons have not recovered. Now I wish to go somewhere else, but these both are old. We three have to live together, but then why only I am young and my sons are old? In fact I should have been old and my sons should have been young. That is why I am so sad. Would you tell me what is the reason of this?"

Naarad Jee said - "O Saadhveee, I will try to see the reason of your worry in my mind, you should not worry about it. Shree Hari will do all good to you." Soot Jee said - "Naarad Jee meditated and said to her - "Devee, Listen. This is Kali Yug, that is why all good things have disappeared from here. Even Shesh Jee is feeling the weight of this Prithvi very heavy. Now nobody can see you along with your sons. That is why you are becoming so weak. Since you are in Vrindaa Van now that is why you have become young, but that is not affecting your sons. Here they are feeling a little bit divine joy that is why they seem to be sleeping."

Bhakti said - "Why Raajaa Pareekhit allowed him to stay in his kingdom, because as soon as he came all the good things have disappeared. How even Bhagvaan also sees this A-Dharm?" Naarad Jee said - "Baale, If you have asked it, then listen to it. Hearing it your all sorrows will disappear. The day Bhagvaan Krishn went to His Param Dhaam leaving this Prithvi, the same day Kali Yug came here. When Pareekshit was out for the world victory, he saw Kali Yug, so he came in the refuge of the King with a pitiable look. Pareekshit understood that "I should not kill him, because whatever fruit is not achieved by penance, Yog and meditation; the same can be achieved by just reciting name of Hari in Kali Yug." Thus thinking about him he spared him for the welfare of the people.

All, religious people, Teerth etc have lost their effects because of this Kali Yug. Even lusty people, thieves, sinners have started doing penance that is why their effect is lost. This is all the nature of this Yug. Nobody is responsible for this. Even Bhagvaan is also tolerating this."
Soot Jee said - "Hearing Naarad Jee Bhakti got surprised and said - "Thanks Devarshi, I am very fortunate that I met you. All desire for your Darshan, but are unable to have it. Prahlaad had victory over Maayaa just by your advice only once. Even Dhruv achieved Dhruv Lok because of your advice only. You are the son of Brahmaa Jee, I greet you."

2-Naarad Jee Helps Bhakti

Naarad Jee said - "O Baale, You are worrying without any reason. Just meditate on Krishn's feet, your all worries will go away by His grace. Who protected Draupadee from Kaurav and became the of Lord of Gopikaa, that Shree Krishn is still here. And you are Bhakti, you are already dear to Krishn. When somebody calls Him He goes even to very low level people. In Sat Yug, Tretaa Yug and Dwaapar Yug, Gyaan and Vairaagya were the means of emancipation, but in Kali Yug only Bhakti is the means of emancipation. Thinking thus Hari has created you. Once when you asked Him "What should I do?", He said to you - "Nourish my devotees." And you had accepted His orders, that is why you are very dear to Him, and for the same reason, He assigned Mukti to you to serve you as your maid; and Gyaan and Vairaagya as your sons. In your personify form you nourish devotees in Vaikunth Dhaam, and you have assumed your shadow to nourish your sons.

Then you came on Prithvi with Mukti, Gyaan and Vairaagya and stayed here joyfully during Sat Yug, Tretaa Yug and Dwaapar Yug. But in Kali Yug. your maid Mukti started suffering from many diseases so she went to Vaikunth Lok with your permission. Sometimes she comes in this Lok too whenever you remember her, but she again goes away. But you have kept Gyaan and Vairaagya with you only considering them as your sons. Since they have been ignored in kali Yug that is why they have become so old. Still you do not worry, I think of something to revive them.

O Beautiful-faced, There is no Yug like Kali Yug. I will establish you in every house in every man's heart. If I did not establish you over all others bringing forward Bhakti-related festivals and did not publicize you all over then I will not call myself the devotee of Hari. Whoever will have Bhakti, they in spite of being great sinners will go to Krishn's Dhaam. In Kali Yug, only Bhakti is the main thing to follow. Who do not love Bhakti they always suffer. In earlier times, Durvaasaa Rishi had to suffer for insulting a Bhakt."

Soot Jee said - "When Bhakti heard this kin=d of praise from Naarad, Bhakti's all body parts became nourished. She said to him - "Naarad Jee, You are blessed. You love me very much so I will not go anywhere leaving you, but my sons are still lying in the same condition. Bring them in senses too." So Naarad Jee started to try waking them by shaking them. Then he spoke near their ears - "O Gyaan, rise, O Vairaagya, rise." Then he recited Ved, Vedaant and Geetaa several times. Only after the they got up with great difficulty. Still they were feeling laziness and could not open even their eyes. Their hair were white like cranes, body parts became hard like wood and because of hunger and thirst they became weak. So they lay down again. Seeing this Naarad Jee got very worried and thought what to do for them. So Hey Shaunak Jee he started thinking about Bhagvaan.

At that time an Aakaashvaanee (Divine voice) said - "Hey Muni, You don't worry now, your efforts will surely be successful. Now you do one thing for them, and it will remove their sleep and old age and Bhakti will spread all over." All heard this Divine voice. Naarad was surprised to hear this and could not understand its meaning. He said - "Something has been said secretly in this Divine voice. It has not told us what should be done so that they can be all right. Where will I get those saints who will tell me about this. Now what should I do according to this Divine voice."

Soot Jee said - "Hey Shaunak Jee, Then leaving Gyaan and Vairaagya there only, Naarad Jee set off in search of some Muni who could tell him about that "means" in various Teerth. Nobody was able to tell him the meaning of that Divine voice. Somebody said - "This is impossible." Another person said - "It is difficult to tell about it." Another one just remained silent. They thought - "When after hearing Ved, Vedaant and Geetaa, these Bhakti, Gyaan and Vairaaagya did not wake up, then there is no other way to wake them up? And when Yogee Raaj Naarad doesn't know about it, then how any other person can know about it?"

Now Naarad Jee came to Badaree Van and decided to do Tap there to wake them up. At the same time he met Sanakaadi Muni. He said to them - "By my good luck you have come here. Now please tell me that means soon. You all are Yogee, intelligent and wise. You look like 5-yeard children but are the ancestors of the ancestors. You always live in Vaikunth and do always Hari Keertan. You always chant "Hari Sharanam", that is why you never become old. In olden times, just by your look, Vishnu's gatekeepers Jaya and Vijaya fell immediately on Prithvi and they came back to Vaikunth Lok again by your grace only. Please tell me that what this Aakaash Vaanee has said to me? And how should I do it? How Bhakti, Gyaan and Vairaagya can be happy? And how they can be established among all Varn respectably?"

Sanakaadi Muni said - "Hey Devarshi, you do not worry, and be happy. There is already one way to uplift them. You are a blessed one, and whatever you are doing for Bhakti, that is not a surprising thing for you. Rishi have prescribed several method but they all are difficult, although all give Swarg. Till now the way to achieve Bhagvaan has been a secret. One gets such a person who can tell about it is available only by good luck. Now you listen to that method about which the Aakaash Vaanee has indicated.

Hey Naarad Jee, Dravya Yagya (Yagya by materials), Tapo Yagya (doing Tap), Yog Yagya (following Yog), and Swaadhyaaya Gyaan Yagya (by obtaining Gyaan) - they all indicate towards the actions to achieve Swarg. Pandit have regarded the Gyaan Yagya as the Mukti giver action, and that is the Paaraayan (doing something methodically) of Shree Mad Bhaagvat and whose praise has been told by Shuk Dev etc Muni. Bhakti, Gyaan and Vairaagya will get strength by listening to that only. As wolves run away hearing the roar of lion, in the same way all ill wills of Kali Yug run away by listening to this Kathaa."

Naarad Jee said - "I tried to wake them up by reciting Ved, Vedaant and Geetaa, but still they all did not wake up. In this situation how they will wake up by just listening Bhaagvat Kathaa? Because it contains only their gist only, please remove my this doubt." Sanakaadi Muni said - "Shree Mad Bhaagvat Kathaa surely contains the gist of Ved and Upanishad, but since it is the gist of those documents, that is why it is above them. As the juice is there in the tree from its root to its top leaves and branches, but it cannot be tasted in this form, but when the same juice appears in the form of a fruits, then only it can be tasted by people. Ghee is there in the milk, but it cannot be tasted by drinking milk only, but when it is extracted from the milk by churning it, then only it becomes tasty even for Devtaa. As sugar stays in the sugarcane from top to bottom but when it is separated from it then it gives some other kind of taste.

In the same way this Bhaagvat Kathaa is there. Vyaas Jee has written this to establish Bhakti, Gyaan and Vairaagya. In earlier times, when Vyaas Jee was still dissatisfied even being the learned in Ved, Vedaant and Geetaa, at that time only you preached him this in four Shlok. Hearing that his all worries disappeared. Then why are yo so much surprised about this? You must tell them the Bhaagvat Puraan only." Naarad Jee got very happy to hear this and thanked them profusely.



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