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Bheemsen was the second brother among five Paandav, second son of Kuntee and Paandu. He was the son of Pavan Dev (Vaayu) and Kuntee. [Thus he was the younger brother of Hanumaan Jee, as he was also the son of Pavan Dev or Vaayu]. Once he was in Kuntee's arms, that a lion came there. Kuntee got frightened. She forgot that the she had her son in her lap, she ran away inside just like that and Bheem fell down from her lap on a rock. Kuntee got frightened thinking that the child is harmed, but when she came back to pick him up from the rock she came to know that the child was safe and the rock turned into dust under him. He was very mighty, and his diet was very huge. Kuntee used to give him the largest share of the food among her all the children. Even he himself liked food so much that anybody could win him for food. 

Once Duryodhan cunningly invited him for Kheer (an Indian sweets made with rice and milk). Bheem went with him and ate a lots of Kheer. The Kheer was poisoned, so after he had finished Kheer, he got unconscious. Duryodhan and Dushaasan tied him in a mat and threw him in Gangaa River. He drowned in it and reached in Naag Desh. When the Naag saw him, they took him as a spy, so they bit him but the poison didn't affect him, rather he got all right after a while. Those Naag got surprised to see that. Now they knew that he was some extraordinary boy, so they brought him to their King. On asking, Bheem gave him his introduction. He said - "You are my great grandson, because Kuntee is my daughter's daughter." So he loved him very much. He gave him a concoction to drink which gave him 10,000 elephants' strength.

Duryodhan was his main rival. Both were good at Gadaa handling. If there was any work of killing somebody, or fighting with somebody, Bheemsen was the first to do it. While escaping from Laakshaa Grih, all were tired from continuous walk. He lifted all of them on his shoulders and arms and carried them for quite a distance, still he was not tired at all.

Although Draupadee was Paandav's common wife, but all brothers had their separate wives too. During the same time, after the Laakshaa Grih incident, they were wandering in the forest in hiding, one Raakshasee (she-demon) Hidimbaa got attracted to him and married him. He stayed there for one year until she got a child - a son  named Ghatotkach, who fought with a great bravery in Kurukshetra war. After the birth of his son he joined his family again in Ekchakraa Nagaree.

During his life time he killed many people ---
(1) First he killed Hidimb Raakshas.
(2) After he joined his family in Ekchakraa Nagaree he went to kill a Raakshas named Bakaasur. That Raakshas used to eat the people of that village, so the people held a meeting and decided that they would send him food regularly and thus he wouldn't eat them just like that; so they used to send him a man along with a cart-load food every week. Since he was a Raakshas, he used to eat the person also who took him that food.  For this they used to draw a lottery to decide "who would take the food".

At that time Paandav were living in a house of a Braahman family of four members. One day Kuntee found them very sad and quarreling with each other. On asking the man said that "some time before a Raakshas had taken control this city from its King. He used to eat lots of people in the city so everybody was terrified. To stop that they decided that every week they would send him the food. Now whoever went with the food, Raakshas ate him also. On that day was his turn. All of them were quarreling to go to him carrying his food. Kuntee assured him that nobody should need to worry about it when she had five sons. She sent Bheem to take the food to that Raakshas. Bheem arrived there late, and started eating his food in front of him. Seeing this Raakshas got angry, both fought fiercely and Bheem killed him and relieved the city forever.

(3) He was the one who killed Jaraasandh in a dual fight and then only Yudhishthir could do his Raajsooya Yagya.
(4) He was the one who vowed to break Duryodhan's thigh, because Duryodhan asked Draupadee to sit on his thigh in the royal court and he broke it even it was against the rule of Gadaa war.
(5) He was the one who vowed to bring the blood of Dushaasan's heart to wash Draupadee's hair, because Dushaasan brought Draupadee pulling her hair into the royal court and pulled her cloth in the royal court to make her naked, he brought it.
(6) He was the one who vowed to kill Dhritraashtra's all 100 sons and he killed all of them.
(7) When they were passing their one year time in Agyaatvaas (living in the society in the way that nobody could recognize) in Viraat's palace, only he killed Keechak because Keechak got attracted to Draupadee and wanted her to be his queen. He misbehaved with her so Bheem killed him.


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