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Kaal Amrit Yog

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Kaal Amrit Yog

First of all, check the following conditions.
(1) All planets are between Raahu and Ketu
(2) No planet is with Raahu
(3) No planet is with Ketu
(4) No planet in the Lagna, and
(5) No planet in the 7th house

If any of the conditions above is not met, the chart does not have either Kaal Sarp Yog or Kaal Amrit Yog.
If ALL of these conditions are met, the next step is to see which of the Yog it is, KSY or KAY? The process for that is --
(1) Start from Raahu
(2) Traverse the chart in the zodiacal direction. This is the normal direction that the planets move in, and goes from Aries to Taurus to Gemini to Cancer etc - means anticlockwise.
(3.a) If the next entity encountered is Ketu, this means that all the planets are between Ketu and Raahu. This is Kaal Sarp Yog.
(3.b) If the next entity encountered is a planet other than Ketu, this means that the planets are all between Raahu and Ketu. This is Kaal Amrit Yog.

My visual crutch for remembering this is to visualize planets going towards either Raahu or Ketu. If there are all hurling towards Raahu, the native is veering towards Raahu's materialism, which makes it Kaal Sarp Yog, since Raahu represents the Sarp, or poison. On the other hand, if the planets are all moving towards Ketu, it is Kaal Amrit Yog, since Ketu represents Moksh or Amrit.

My outline above is based on the progression of the planets, but you get the same result if you consider the movement of Raahu and Ketu instead.
(1) Start from Raahu again
(2) Traverse the direction that Raahu (and Ketu) move in, ie go in the anti-zodiacal direction. This means if you start from Aries, go to Pisces, Aquarius etc.
(3.a) If you encounter a planet other than Ketu, this means that this planet is being "swallowed up" by Raahu in its progression - again indicating Kaal Sarp Yog.
(3.b) If the first planet you encounter is Ketu, and then you encounter the other planets, this means that Ketu is "swallowing up" the other planets in its movement, ie the desire for Moksh is consuming the indications of all other planets, and the native will eventually reach Moksh. This is Kaal Amrit Yog.
[Venkatarama Sreelatha - JR Group, 16 June 2008]

Upaaya is to be done for the Raahu in the 7th house. Keep a little rain  water / Gangaa Jal in a steel Dibbee with a small square piece of  silver dipped in the water.
[Bhooshan Priya - The Lal Kitab doesn't talk about these Yog]

JR Group says that one should worship Kamalaa Devee otherwise one is stuck in one's career.

Kalpadrum Yog

Notice that the following four planets:
(a) The Lagna Lord, (LL),
(b) The Dispositor of LL, (DLL)
(c) The Dispositor of DLL, (DDLL)
(d) The Navaansh Dispositor of DDLL. (NDDLL)

If all these are disposed in angles and/or trines from the Ascendant, or be exalted, Kalpadruma Yog exists. One with this Yog will be endowed with all kinds of wealth, be a king, pious, strong, fond of war, and merciful. It is possible that one with this Yog may not have ALL the attributes given above, but will have one or more attributes depending up on the strength of the planets in this chain of disposition. For example, one could be very pious, one could be a great king, one could be very merciful with all kinds of wealth or one could be a king, very pious and a war monger too etc.

Kartaaree Yog

At the time when Saturn is in 2nd or 12th House from Raahu or ketu. In this Yog when Moon co-join with Saturn or Raahu the Yog delivered his effect . When it happens  1 on which Star Raahu makes his Vedh, he will destroy all the villages and cities and countries and substances which are ruled  by that Star. the people and animals will get in to death in that village or city or country. There will be only wolves, dogs and jackals. There are 8 types of death in Ved not take as pure death. 2 It also happens to the Stars on which Saturn make Vedh.

From the 4th of August 2012, Saturn will be in Sign Tulaa and Raahu is in Vrishchik, so from Saturn is in 2nd and from Raahu Saturn is in the 12th House, so they are in kartaaree Yog. On 4th August, Saturn goes to the 3rd Pad of Chitraa Star, while Raahu will be in 2nd Pad of Anuraadhaa Star. This Yog will last for about 160 days (5 1/2 months) as per Koorm Chakra.

Kemdrum Yog

A person suffers from Kemdrum Yog or Dosh, if at least one of the following three conditions is satisfied: Excluding the Sun.

(1) If there is no planet with the Moon, OR
(2) If there is no planet in the 2nd or 12th House from the Moon - means in either House adjacent to the Moon House; OR
(3) If there is no planet in an angular House from the Ascendant.

Generally for Kemdrum Yog/Dosh, we take care of the condition No 2 only. But Sage Paraashar suggested three conditions, as mentioned above. Also we don’t bother regarding the position of the Sun, but BPHS takes Sun as an exception.

Effect of Kemdrum Yug
Coming to the impact of Kemdrum Yog, it can prove to be very fatal to the native if the planet concerned is the ruler of very important Houses. Moon is said to be the Kaarak of mind and Kemdrum Yog hit person can be a prey to the mental aberrations which literally makes him an emotional cripple. The area ruled by Moon in that particular horoscope gets affected by the irrational and illogical thinking patterns of that native. Though it is said to be an avayoga, primarily it affects the person at mental plane making him an invalid in that sphere.

Apart from the reflection of the actions on the important areas of life because of the mental deficiency it makes the person an emotional bankrupt making him to feel all imaginary insults and injuries, where they are not actually present. For example, if the Moon is the ruler of 10th House, this Yog hits him at the professional level . In case of the 7th House the area gets affected is the spouse of the Native. Here the intense hurt and pain are felt in that area. The same way we have to read the results of all Bhaav. In case of Raaj Yog planet that Raaj Yog gets cancelled.

Cancellation of the Kemdrum Yog
It is said to be cancelled by the position of planets in Kendra to the planet Moon. But to have a defect is one thing and to get it cancelled is altogether a different thing. Where the cancellation is present the effect of the Yog is felt during the Mahaa Dashaa of the planets concerned, that also if they are sufficiently strong and of Yog giving capability to that particular chart.

BV Raman suggested in his book “Astrology For Beginners” that the mentioned Yog gets counteracted
--if there is a planet in Kendra (quadrant) from the Moon, OR
--if the Moon is full 180 degree far from the Sun.

Maalavya Yog
Formed by the 1st House - Venus in Taurus. Maalavya Yog is one of the Mahaa-Purush Yog enunciated by Jyotish sages. Mahaa-Purush Yog's efficacy remains effective throughout life and they function irrespective of Dashaa.

Mantreshwar maintained in his Phala Deepikaa that :
"The person born in Maalavya Yog will have strong limbs, will be very rich, blessed with wife and children and good fortune. He will be prosperous, will enjoy pleasures of life, will possess good vehicles and become renowned and learned. He will have unperturbed senses.

Cancellation of Maalavya Yog
The Chandar Kalaa Naadee provides cancellation criteria of Mahaa-Purush Yog. It holds that
--when Jupiter is associated or aspected by Saturn, OR,
--When Venus is associated with Ketu,
then beneficial results of Maalavya Yog turn null and void. [In your case Maalavya Yog is canceled by the association of Saturn and Jupiter]

Mahaa Bhaag Yog
Mahaa Bhaagya Yog is formed, when a male child is born during the day time and Sun, Moon and Ascendant are in odd signs.
In case of female, Sun, Moon and Ascendant should be in even signs and native should be born at night.
Mahaa Bhaagya Yog is very auspicious found in a Kundalee or horoscope The native having this Yog in his or her horoscope, get enormous wealth, fame, long-life, expensive property, material property like luxurious car or vehicle and leads a prosperous life.

This is the most common Yog found. Why?
Sun will be in an odd sign for a month.
Moon will be in an odd sign for half of the month.
Half of the people born in the same month (when the Sun and the Moon are in odd sign) will get an odd ascendant.
And half of these people will be born in day.
It is such a common Yog with the probability of 1/8th

Mahaa Bhaag Yog speaks about odd sign as well as the Sun, Moon and Lagna that represents soul, mind and body and also known as tripod of life. Does not mention what actually it means.
In BV Raman's book of "Three hundred Important Combinations", Indra Yog, Vasumati Yog and Kedaar Yog have been discussed.
A close observation and study reveals they are also Mahaa Bhaag Yog.
For instance Pushkal Yog, Lakshmee Yog indicate immense wealth. These Yog have reference to Lagna House, 9th House and 5th House and strength of their Lords. Even these Yog also are not uncommon.


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