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How to Worship - Introduction

Do you believe in Hindu rituals & worshiping Deity. If you have full faith, then you can recite your Mantra in accordance with your name and planetary configuration as evident from your chart. But the following steps are necessary for everyone.

1-Take bath daily before sitting for Dev Poojanam.

2-Pavitreekaran -
"Om apavitrah pavitrov sarva vasthang gatopiva yah smaret pundreekaaksh sah: Vahyabyantarah: shuchih:
Om punat, Pundareekaaksh: punat, Pundarikaaksh: Punatu.

3-Aachaman -
"Om Amritopastaran masi swaha - drink one spoon of water
"Om Amritopastaran masi swaha - drink one spoon of water
"Om satyam yasah: shriyarmayee shreeh: sryatam swaha:

4-Shikhaa Bandhan -
If you have one, please make tie, else read this Mantra
"Chiddaaruni mahaamaye divya tejah: samanvite  |  Tishthaa devee shikhaa madhye tejo vriddhim kuruswaame

5-Praanaayaam -
At least one Praanaayaam with following Mantra ---
"Om Bhuh: Om Bhuvah: Om swah: Om Mahah: Om Janah: Om Tapah: Om Satyam
Om tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya deemahi dhiyo yonah: Prachodayaat
Om Aapo jyotir raso amritam brahm bhuwah: sah: Om"

6-Nyaas -
Wash with fresh water and make pure following body parts to prepare to worship - means you are ready to worship with all your might.

Om vangme asyestuh: (To mouth)
Om nasorme pranostuh: (to nostrils to breath in fresh air)
Om Achharorme chaarastuh: (to both the eyes-so you may see what ought to be seen)
Om Karnyorme srotramastuh: (to both the ears-so that you can hear what should be heard only)
Om bahyorme balamyastuh:( to both the soldier joint place-So that you can do what is permitted by law and society and country men)
Om Urvorme ojostuh:(to both the Thighs-so that you can walk on the right path only)
Om Arishta nime angani Tanasatanva mea sah: santu( to the whole body- that now the whole body parts are prepared ready worshiping)

7-Prithvi Poojaa -
with following Mantra:-
"Om prithvi twyadhrit lok devee twam Vishnuna dhrita | Twam cha dhaaray mam devee Pavitram kuru cha aasanam

8-Deep Poojan -
Light a Deepak with Ghee only except in winter. In winter use Til Oil to light Deepak.
Om Agnirjyotiraagnih: Swaahaa: .............. Sooryo Jyotih: Swaahaa:

9-Guru Poojan and Deity Poojan -
Take a book - "Gayatri Sankshipt Havan Vidhi" and recite the whole Dev Poojan - and there after you are ready to worship your deity.

10-Dev Poojan -
From "Gayatri Sankshipt Havan Vidhi"

11-Recite -
Kavach-Argala-Keelakam as many times as you can and after this follow the below command to worship deity.

12-Now you can recite the Mantra daily at least 108 times, which runs as following
"Patneem Manormam Dehi Manovrittanusarneem Taraneem Durgaa Sansaar Sagrasya Kulodbhavam"
(Shlok 24th of Argalaa Stotra) at least 108 times daily. [this is for a man to get a beautiful wife]

13-Perform Aaratee -
As early as possible in morning.



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