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6-Rudraaksh as Remedy

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6-Rudraaksh as remedy
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Rudraaksh is regarded as medicine in Aayur Ved. It is warm and humid in temperament; some persons regard it cold also. It tastes bitter. It is used not only to wear on different parts of the body, but it can also be used as Oral medicine and for besmearing externally. Many doctors, Vaidya, scientists and ascetics use it. Some of them are as follows :-

It is the destroyer of worms and it gives brilliancy to the body. It pacifies Vaat (air), Pitta (bile) and cough automatically. It is also useful for women in pregnancy. Rudraaksh is a good medicine for skin diseases. In leprosy of both the kinds it can be used. It effects as a medicine to cure sores, ringworm, pimples, boils and it is useful in burns also.

Blood Pressure - Rudraaksh is the most useful for the patients of blood pressure. Those having blood pressure should wear it on the right arm. It does not let it go up or down. It keeps the BP normal. For this Rudraaksh Maalaa should be worn so close that it should touch the heart. It is sure that itís wearer can never fall prey to a sudden heart attack, shrinking of heart or brain hemorrhage. The patient of blood pressure should keep the 5-faced Rudraaksh in water filled in a glass vessel throughout the night and should drink it as soon as he gets up in the morning. By doing so the person would have normal Blood pressure.

Children with Fever - The children, who are mostly sick with fever, should wear three faced Rudraaksh.

Chechak (Typhus) - In Chechak (typhus) Rudraaksh seed and black pepper having equal weight should be ground and sieved through a cloth-sieve. This powder should be drunk with stale water to cure Chechak.

Cough - Cough is cured fully if the powder of ten faced Rudraaksh is rubbed and licked with milk thrice a day.

Women's Diseases - Hysteria, Coma, Leucorrhoea and female diseases related to genital organs can be cured by wearing 3 (three) beads of six faced Rudraaksh. Fatal disease, epilepsy and fainting fits are cured by rubbing it in honey.

Mental Diseases - All the diseases relating to the mind and brain are cured by drinking milk that is boiled with four faced Rudraaksh. It increases memory also.



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