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2-Greatness of Rudraaksh

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2-Greatness of Rudraaksh

Rudraaksh The effect of holding Rudraaksh is well known in the three worlds. Punyam (great merit) arises from the mere sight of Rudraaksh; ten million times that merit arises by its touch; and by wearing it, 100 Koti (100 Crore, or 1 billion) times the fruit arises and if one does Jap every day, then one Laakh Koti times the Punya arises. There is no manner of questionings in this.

He who holds in his hand, breast, neck, ears, head, the Rudraaksh, becomes an image of Rudra. There is no manner of doubt in this. By holding Rudraaksh, men become invulnerable of all the beings, become respected, like Mahaadev, by the Devtaa and Asur and they roam on the earth like Rudra. Even if a man be addicted to evil deeds and commits all sorts of sins, he becomes respected by all, on holding Rudraaksh. By this men are freed of the sin of taking Uchchhisht and of all the other sins. Even if you suspend a Rudraaksh rosary on the neck of a dog and if that dog dies in that state, he gets liberation. Then what to speak of others? By holding Rudraaksh, men even if they be devoid of Jap and Dhyaan, become free of all sins and attain the highest state. Even if one holds merely one Rudraaksh seed purified and surcharged with Mantra Shakti, he uplifts his 21 generations, gets to Heaven and resides there with respect. I am speaking now further of the Greatness of Rudraaksh.

Eeshwar said :-- "O Kaartikeya, Kushagranthi, Jeevapatree and other rosaries cannot compare even to 1/16th part of the Rudraaksh rosary. As Vishnu is the best of all the Purush, the Gangaa is the best of all the rivers, Kashyap is the highest amongst the Muni, Uchchaishravaa horse amongst all the horses, Mahaadev amongst all the Devtaa, Bhagavatee amongst all the Devee, so the Rudraaksh rosary is the best of all the rosaries. All the fruits that occur by reading the Stotra and holding all the Vrat (fasts), are obtained by wearing the Rudraaksh bead. At the time of making the A-Kshaya gift, the Rudraaksh bead is capable of giving high merits. The merit that accrues by giving Rudraaksh to a peaceful devotee of Shiv, cannot be expressed in words. If anybody gives food to a man holding the Rudraaksh rosary, his 21 generations are uplifted and he ultimately becomes able to live in the Rudra Lok. He who does not apply ashes on his forehead and who does not hold Rudraaksh and is averse to the worship of Shiv is inferior to a Chaandaal.

If Rudraaksh be placed on the head then the flesh-eaters, drunkards, and the associates with the vicious become freed of their sins. Whatever fruits are obtained by performing various sacrifices, asceticism and the study of the Vedas are easily attained by simply holding the Rudraaksh rosary. Whatever merits are obtained by reading the four Vedas and all the Puraan and bathing in all the Teerth and the results that are obtained by immense practice in learning all are obtained by wearing Rudraaksh. If at the time of death, one wears Rudraaksh and dies, one attains Rudrahood. One has not to take again his birth. If anybody dies by holding Rudraaksh on his neck or on his two arms, he uplifts his 21 generations and lives in the Rudra Lok. Be he a Braahman or a Chaandaal, be he with qualities or without qualities, if he applies ashes to his body and holds Rudraaksh he surely attains Shivhood. Be he pure or impure; whether he eats uneatables or be he a Mlechchh or a Chaandaal or a Great Sinner, any body if he holds Rudraaksh is surely equal to Rudra. There is no doubt in this.

If any body holds Rudraaksh on his head he gets Koti times the fruit; on his ears, ten Koti times the fruit, on his neck, one hundred Koti times the fruit; on his holy thread, Ayut times the fruit; on his arm, one Laakh Koti times the fruit and if one wears Rudraaksh on one's wrist, one attains Moksh. Whatever acts, mentioned in the Vedas be performed with Rudraaksh on, the fruits obtained are unbounded. Even if a man be without any Bhakti and if he wears on his neck the Rudraaksh rosary though he does always vicious acts, he becomes freed of the bondage of this world. Even if a man does not hold Rudraaksh but if he be always full of devotion towards the Rudraaksh, he attains the fruit that is got by wearing the Rudraaksh and he attains the Shiv Lok and is honored like Shiv. As in the country of Keekat, an ass which used to carry Rudraaksh seed got Shivhood after his death, so any man, whether he be a Gyaanee (wise) or A-Gyaanee (unwise), gets Shivhood if he holds Rudraaksh. There is no doubt in this."

Story of the Ass
Skand said :-- “O God, How is it that in the country of Keekat (Bihaar), an ass had to carry Rudraaksh; who gave him the Rudraaksh? And what for did he hold that?”

Bhagavaan Eeshwar said :-- "O Son, Now hear the history of the case. In the Vindhya mountains one ass used to carry the load of Rudraaksh of a traveler. Once the ass felt tired and became unable to carry the load and fell down on the road and died. After his death the ass came to me by my Grace, becoming Maheshwar with trident in his hand and with three eyes. O Kaarttikeya, As many faces as there are in the Rudraaksh, for so many thousand Yugas the holder resides with honor in the Shiv Lok. One should declare the greatness of Rudraaksh to one's own disciple; never to disclose its glories to one who is not a disciple nor a devotee of Rudraaksh nor to him who is an illiterate brute. Be he a Bhakt or not a Bhakt, be he low or very low, if he holds Rudraaksh then he is freed from all sins. No equal can be to the merit of him who holds the Rudraaksh.

The Muni, the Seers of truth, describe this holding on of Rudraaksh as a very great vow. He who makes a vow to hold 1,000 Rudraaksh, becomes like Rudra himself; the Devtaa bow down before him. If 1,000 Rudraaksh be not obtained, one should hold at least 16 Rudraaksh on each arm, one Rudraaksh on the crown hair; 24 on the two hands, 12 on each; 32 on the neck; 40 on the head; six on each ear and 108 Rudraaksh on the breast; and then he becomes entitled to be worshipped like Rudra. If any body holds Rudraaksh together with pearls, Prabaal, crystal, silver, gold and gem (lapis lazuli), he becomes a manifestation of Shiv. If a body, through laziness even, holds Rudraaksh, the sin cannot touch him as darkness cannot come near light. If any body makes Jap of a Mantra with a Rudraaksh rosary, he gets unbounded results. Such a merit giving Rudraaksh, if one such Rudraaksh be not found in any one's body, his life becomes useless, like a man who is void of Tripundrak (three curved horizontal marks made on the forehead by the worshippers of Shiv). If any body simply washes his head all over with Rudraaksh on, he gets the fruit of bathing in the Ganges. There is no doubt in this. One faced Rudraaksh, the 5-faced, 11-faced and 14-faced Rudraaksh are highly meritorious and entitled to worship by all. The Rudraaksh is Shankar made manifest; so it is always worshipped with devotion. The greatness of Rudraaksh is such as it can make a king out of a poor man. On this point, I will tell you an excellent Pauraanik anecdote.

Story From a Puraan
There was a Braahman, named Girinaath in the country of Kosal. He was proficient in the Ved and Vedaang, was religious and very rich. He used to perform sacrifices. He had a beautiful son named Gunanidhi. The son gradually entered into his youth and looked beautiful like Kandarp (Kaam Dev), the God of Love. While he was studying at his Guru Sudheesan's house, he, by his beauty and youth captivated the mind of his Guru's wife named Muktaavalee. The Guru's wife became so much enchanted by his extraordinary beauty that she, being unable to control herself, mixed with him and for some time remained with him in secret enjoyment. Then feeling inconveniences, due to the fear of his Guru, to enjoy her freely, he gave poison to the Guru, killed him and then he began to live freely with her. Next when his father and mother came to know about this, he put both his father and mother to death instantly, administering poison to them. He became addicted to various pleasures and his wealth was exhausted gradually. He began to steal in Braahman's houses and became addicted very much to drinking. His relatives outcast him from the society for his bad behavior and banished him outside the town. He then went into a dense forest with Muktaavalee; and he began to kill the Braahman for their wealth. Thus a long time passed away; when at last he fell into the jaws of death.

Then thousands of the Yam's messengers came to take him to the region of Death; at the same time the Shiv's messengers also came from Shiv Lok. O Kaarttikeya, A quarrel then ensued between both the parties of Yam and Shiv. The Yam's messengers then said :-- “O Servers of Shambhoo, What are the merits of this man that you have come to take him? First speak to us of his merits.” Shiv's messengers spoke :-- “Fifteen feet below the ground where this man died, there exists the Rudraaksh. O Yam's messengers, By the influence of that Rudraaksh, all his sins are destroyed; and we have come to take him to Shiv.” Then the Braahman Gunanidhi assumed a Divine form and, getting on an aerial car went with Shiv's messengers before Shiv. O One of good vows, Thus I have described briefly to you the greatness of Rudraaksh. This is capable to remove all sorts of sins and yield great merits.

Shree Naaraayan said :-- "O Naarad, When Gireesh thus explained to Kaarttikeya the greatness of Rudraaksh, he became satisfied. Now I have spoken to you of the glories of the Rudraaksh as far as I know. Now, as to our subject of right way of acting, I will now speak on other things that ought to be known. Listen. The seeing of Rudraaksh brings in a Laakh times of Punya and Koti (Crore or millions) times the merit arises from touching that; holding it brings in Koti times merit; again if one makes the Jap of a Mantra with that Rudraaksh, one obtains merit one hundred Laakh Koti times and one thousand Laakh Koti times the merit. The merit in holding the Rudraaksh is far superior to that in holding Bhadraaksh. The Rudraaksh seed that is of the size of an Aamalakee (Aamalaa) is the best; which is the of the size of a plum, is middling; and which is of the size of a gram is the worst; this is my word and promise.

The Rudraaksh tree is of four kinds :-- Braahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shoora. The white color is Braahman; the red color is Kshatriya; the yellow color is Vaishya and the black colored Rudraaksh seed is Shoodra. The Braahman are to use the white colored Rudraaksh; the Kshatriya, the red colored ones, the Vaishya, the yellow colored ones; and the Shoodra, the black ones. Those Rudraaksh seeds that are nicely circular, smooth, hard, and whose thorns or points are distinctly visible, are the best. Those that are pierced by insects, broken in parts, whose thorns are not clearly visible, with swells and holes and those that are coated over, these six varieties of Rudraaksh are faulty. Those Rudraaksh that have their holes by nature running through and through are best; and those that base their holes pierced by men are middling. The Rudraaksh seeds that are all of uniform shape, bright, hard, and beautifully circular should be strung together by a silken thread. How to test the Rudraaksh seed? As gold is tested by a touch stone; so the Rudraaksh is tested by drawing lines on it; those on which the lines are most uniform, bright and beautiful are the best and they should be worn by the Shaiv.

One should hold one Rudraksh on the crown hair, 30 on the head, 36 on the neck; 16 on each arm, 12 on each wrist, fifty on the shoulders, 108 Rudraaksh in the place of the sacrificial thread; and the devotee should have two or three rounds on the neck. On the earrings, on the crown of the head, the head, on bracelets, on armlets, on necklace, on the ornament worn on the loins one should hold Rudraaksh always, whether one sleeps or eats. Holding 300 Rudraaksh is the lowest; holding 500 is middling; holding 1,000 Rudraaksh is the best; so one ought to wear 1,000 Rudraaksh. At the time of taking Rudraaksh, on one's head, one should utter the Mantra of Eeshaan; the Mantra of Tat-Purush while holding on one's ears; Aghor Mantra while holding on one's forehead and heart; and the Beej of Aghor Mantra, i.e., “hasau” while holding on one's hands. One should wear the rosary of 50 Rudraaksh seeds, suspended up to the belly, uttering the Vaamdev Mantra, i.e., Sadyojaataadi etc, the five Brahmaa Mantras, and the six-limbed Shiv Mantra.

One is to string every Rudraaksh seed, uttering the root mantra and then hold it. One-faced Rudraaksh reveals Paraa-tattwa (the highest Tattwa); when worn, the knowledge of the highest Tattwa arises; the Brahmaa is seen then. The 2-faced Rudraaksh is Ardh-Naareeshwar, the Lord of the other half which represents women (in the same person); if worn, Ardh-Naareeshwar Shiv is always pleased with that man who holds it. The three-faced Rudraaksham is Fire made manifest; it destroys in a moment the sin of killing a woman.

The 3-faced Rudraaksh is the three Agni, Daksinaagni, Gaarhapatya Agni, and Aahavaneeya Ani; Bhagavaan Agni is always pleased with that man who wears the 3-faced Rudraaksh. The 4-faced Rudraaksh is Brahmaa himself. The wearer gets his prosperity enhanced, his diseases destroyed, the divine knowledge springs in him and his heart is always pleased. The 5-faced Rudraaksh is the 5-faced Shiv himself; Mahaadev gets pleased with him who holds it. The Presiding Deity of the 6-faced Rudraaksh is Kaartikeya. Some Pandit take Ganapati to be the Presiding Deity of the 6-faced Rudraaksh. The presiding Deity of the 7-faced Rudraaksh is the seven Maatrikaa, the Sun and the seven Rishi. By putting on this, the prosperity is increased, health and the pure knowledge are established. It should be put on when one becomes pure.

The Presiding Deity of the 8-faced Rudraaksh is Braahmee, the eight Maatrikaa. By holding this, the eight Vasus are pleased and the river Ganges is also pleased. The putting on of this makes the Jeev truthful and pleasant-minded. The Devtaa of the 9-faced Rudraaksh is Yam; holding this puts off the fears of Death. The Devtaa of the 11-faced Rudraaksh is ten quarters, the ten quarters are pleased with him who wears the 10-faced Rudraaksh. The Devata of the 11-mouthed Rudraaksh is the eleven Rudra and Indra. Holding this enhances happiness. The 12-faced Rudraaksh is Vishnu made manifest; its Devtaa are the twelve Aaditya; the devotees of Shiv should hold this. The 13-faced Rudraaksh, if worn, enables one to secure one's desires; he does nowhere experience failures. The Kaamdev becomes pleased with him who wears this. The 14-faced Rudraaksh destroys all diseases and gives eternal health. While holding this, one ought not to take wine, flesh, onion, garlic, Sagyaa fruit, Chaaltaa fruit and the flesh of the boar which eats excrements, etc. During the Lunar and Solar eclipses, during the Uttaraayan Sankraanti or the Dakshinaayan Sankraanti, during the full Moon or the New Moon day, if Rudraaksh be worn, one becomes instantly freed of all one's sins."
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