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Kuntee Mantra

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Mantra Used by Kuntee

vishnur yonim kalpayaatu twashtur roopnai vigam shatu
aasimpragyaatu prajapatirdhata garbham vidhaa dhaatu
garbham dehi chinivaaree garbham dehi saraswatee garbhante
ashwinee-au devee pradattam pushp raja stree sa

ivaYNauyaa-oinama\ klpyaatu %vaYtur $pnaO ivagama Satu
Aaisamap`&atu p`jaapitQaa-ta gaBa-ma\ ivaQaa Qaatu
gaBa-ma\ doih icainavaarI gaBa-ma\ doih sarsvatI gaBa-nto
AiSvanaI AaO doiva p`d<ama\ puYp rja s~I sa

This is the famous Mantra by which Kuntee was able to get sons like Karn by Sun, Yudhishthir by Yam Raaj, Arjun by Indra , Bheem by Vaayu Dev, Nakul and Sahadev by Ashwinee Devataa

Jaap Vidhi :
Have a bath and after sunset sit in front of Lord Vishnu's Moorti photo/image /idol/ or of your Isht Dev offer Dhoop, Deep, Naivedyam Jaap this Mantra for 40 days and wife and husband should be in harmony and peace and have foods which are digestive easily, and this Mantra Jaap can be done if the women is already pregnant.

As per most reliable sources this is the Mantra (original), I don't assure that God would stand in front of you and bless with child, like He did to Kuntee, but a child with blessings can be expected.



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