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Mantras don't work if you are advised by someone to recite a Maalaa etc and do it just like that it. Working of any Mantra is conditional - that a Mantra is energized by a Upadesh from a person whom you hold in respect - first is your parents, next is your family, then maybe your nearby temple Priest or any elder member who initiates you into reading it. A recitation is done simultaneously, for at least 3 times, by both and this channelizes its energies.

If mere recitation or hearsay could work, then all the CD's audio cassette studios and TV channels broadcasting personals and artists must be highly blessed by them, don't they? It is a harmony of faith and energy, harmony with the Guru who initiates you and your link to the Mantra and faith that comes by a repeated practice/Jap.
[Prashant Pandey, May 18, 2008]
Please read the archives, in which various time I wrote about Mantra - kind of Mantra -as how it works. Taking Mantra from here and there will not work. As me and my friend astrologers suggest so many Mantra, but you cannot find specific Mantra was described by us. Mostly we tell to chant the Mantra of Shiv and Vishnu etc. And Stotra are different thing, they are just praise.

Mantra are of 9 kinds in total and more importantly of 5 types. Each Mantra has it's own Vibhooti, Sanskaar, Aagyaa, Praan, Prati-praan, Pad-Praan etc - so many things.

No doubt if one chants Sadaachaaree Mantra (like Panchaakshar Mantra of Lord Shiv or Hare Raam Hare Krishn - like that), he will be benefited, but in very low effect; because the frequency of these Mantras is very high, like for Panchaakshar Mantra - it invokes only after 5 Crore of Jaap. After 50 thousand it has its Pratham Sanskaar [there are a total of 32 Sanskaar of Sadaachaaree Mantra, other Mantra have 64 to 128 Sanskaar], hope you may understand the depth of Mantra chanting.

If one will chant Mantra after doing all processes - then just after chanting the Mantra result has to come - there is no if and but in that. But how many people know the Mantra Vichaar, and Mantra Mahotsav, very few and even if they know, then also rarely one has courage to complete the Sanskaar and other processes of Mantra, most important thing is the right Uchhaaran of Mantra - the real sound effect.
[astroniket-May 18, 2008]

There is no harm in reciting the Beej Mantra for all the planets. But normally one should recite the Beej Mantra only for those planets which are either weak planets or are otherwise important.
[Bhooshan Priya- May 20, 2008]
The symptoms you have described, feeling very depressed, seem to suggest that your Lagnesh Saturn is weak. You need strengthening it. Therefore :
[1] Recite the Mahaa Mrityunjaya Mantra as many times as you can.
[2] Offer a little mustard oil at a Shani temple every Saturday.

[Bhooshan Priya, May 20, 2008]

--Yog Kaarak is the Lord of the 5th and the 10th [profession] houses.
--Mercury as the Lord of the 9th [destiny]
--Saturn as your Lagna lord [self, health] and the 2nd lord [savings]
--Raahu is transit conjunct your Lagna and can cause sudden adverse events.
--Dhanesh is the Lord of 2nd House

[Bhooshan Priya]

Kaalaa Namak would represent the entire Saturn [good and bad both],
maleficity of Saturn would be represented by Laal Phitakaree. Laal [Mars] Phitakaree [Mercury];
the two together form the Saturn Raahu Swabhaav.
I would prefer destroying the Raahu Swabhaav of the Saturn and not the whole Saturn.



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