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Mantra For Devee

(1) Are there any specific remedies for Moon, the Man Kaarak; or for Budh - the Buddhi Kaarak being close to combustion with Sun (not within 6 degrees but say 12 degrees?)? Is it true that meditation upon Shoolinee Durgaa and/or Lakshmee Narasinh is a remedy for Moon being in close conjunction with Sun and/or Neecha?

(2) Any suggestions on the specific Naam Roop of Shakti to be meditated upon for specific purposes? For example, when (or towards what end) one will have to meditate on specific forms - e.g. Durgaa, Shoolinee Durgaa, Pratyangiraa, Shree Raaj Raajeshwaree, Kaalee, Chandikaa, Paarvatee, etc. Similarly Saraswatee vs. Dakshinaamoorti vs. Hayagreev vs. Vidyaa Lakshmee vs. Maatangee - for Medhaa)?

The Das Mahaa Roop of the Mother are to be studied in order to understand the various qualities of the Divine Shakti.
Strong Moon is Gauree, whereas
Weak Moon is Kaalee.,
Saturn+Moon is Kaalee,
Mars in female signs is Chaamundee,
Sun is Maatangee,
Mercury is Tripurasundaree,
Ketu is Dhoomaavati,
Raahu is Kaalee,
Mars is Bagalaamukhee etc.
A detailed exposition can be obtained from "Vedic Remedies" by Sanjay Rath (Sagar publications). It is a must read for those interested in spirituality and remedies.

Durgaa Sapt Shlokee is as powerful as Durgaa Sapt Shatee which needs proper method to employ.

I believe that Lakshmee Narasinh Swaamee Stotra is by far very effective in dealing with Saturn or his wrath... I am just writing it here for you if you want to try it out ...

Ugram veeram mahaa vishnum, Jvalantam sarvatomukham
Nrasinham Bheeshanam Bhadram mrityum mrityum Namaamyaham ...
Sarve janah sukhino bhavantu ..

uuUuuuuuu ]ga/M vaIrM maha ivaYNau jvalantma sava-taomauKma\
naRisaMhM BaIYaNaM Bad`M maR%yauM maR%yauM namaamyahma
sava- jana: sauiKnaao Bavantu


Navaarn Vidhi
Navaarn Vidhi, there are 18 Avataar Naam of Navaarn and it is only one para of first Avataar Naam, it does not include all Nyaas, and other necessary Vidhaan, yet it is very simple, you can chant the Mantra without any of these Vidhaan Navaarn is a Poorn Anushthaan by which Impossible is also possible. It includes 9 seed Mantra of goddess of 3 forms (3x3) and if one need the actual benefit from it then he must do full Vidhaan, yes for just getting Shaanti for mind simple chanting is enough. If you can find Mantra Mahaarnav (you can find the Vidhaan in Devee Khand) even in that also it is around 40%, rest 20% you can get from Shaaradaa Tilak and other 20% you can get from Rudra Yaamal Tantra. Remaining you can find in Atharv Ved in Atharv Sheersham.

Lalitaa Sahastra Naam
Lalitaa is another name for Paarvatee or Shakti, the consort of Shiv. The Lalitaa Sahastra Naam is a Sanskrit chant derived from the Brahmaand Puraan, which has 1008 names of the mother Paarvatee, in her many Avataar. The rhythmic verses are beautiful. Best of all, towards the end of the chant your own name will also appear. It is chanted on Fridays, which is an auspicious day for the mother. It is an escape from daily chores, and also a sort of meditation. The Lalitaa Sahastra Naam chant is supposed to generate big results -- it's a "power Mantra," if you will. The more you chant it, the better. Hindu devotees chant it for themselves and for their loved ones; priests in temples chant it for the well-being of temple devotees. So why not use a chant this good to help everyone?

Kanak Dhaaraa Stotra
Shree Aadi Shankaraacharya has given this powerful Mantra (unlike some miracles in general saints life...) - after he saw a poverty stricken old woman, who could not give him Bhikshaa (alms to beggar - Monastic saints are supposed to beg for living) to a monk, so he prayed to Goddess Lakshmee (Goddess of Wealth) to give her minimum wealth to sustain herself.... the Mantra is popular by the name Kanak Dhaaraa (Kanak = gold, and Dhaaraa = Flowing like water)  .... so people who chant this Mantra are assured to get basic wealth.....

Annapoornaa Ashtakam
Similarly, he gave another Mantra - Goddess Annapoornaa Ashtakam, daily chanting of it, one is assured with minimum food to sustain life.



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