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Predicting When No Chart
By Sivaraman Iyer

Most astrologers predict through chart, but all may not have a Janm Patrikaa or birth chart showing planetary position at birth. Or they might not have even their details, such as place of birth, date of birth and time of birth; as usually asked by all astrologers to erect a chart.

Then how to go about it? All of us would have observed pictures of Deities having a halo or aura around their head. Every human being is also having this aura all around the body. This has been proved by a Russian scientist by a type of photography akin to x-ray. This halo is controlled by one of the nine planets all through, switching according to one's mind. Mind is Moon and Raahu and Moon are strange bedfellows. An astro-consultant should try to find, which of the 9 planets is influencing the halo of the native, when the query is made.

For instance, the aura of the patient was in the grip of Raahu, who may not kill but shall take the native right up to grave and leave him to recover creating an unbearable chain of events. While in Bombay years before, the scribe had lot friends from Deshmukhs. One of them imparted this knowledge.

In our system Number 108 has a lot of significance. 27 stars, with 4 Pad each, will work out to 108.

We breathe 21,600 times a day "aho-raatram", that is 10,800 times between sunrise and sunset. It may be known that one dedicates 600 units to Ganesh at Moolaadhaar, 6000 units to Brahmaa at Swaadhishthaan, 6000 units to Vishnu at Manipur, 6000 units to Rudra at Anahat, 1000 units to Jeevatmaa at Vishuddhi, 1000 units to Paramaatmaa at Agyaa and final 1000 units to Shree Guru at Sahasraar Chakra in a normal man. There is a process by which holy men dedicate even their breath to Lord Almighty. That is one of the explanations for significance of 108.

Let us move into the simple methodology on predictions and chart.
Ask for a number within 108.
Say number N is spelt out as 28. Now 108-28 is 80.
Get another number N1 within 80 from the native. Let us take it as 33 -- that is N2.
108-28-33 is 47 ---  that is N3.
Now we have three numbers N, N1 and N2 as 28, 33 and 47, These three numbers in a particular permutation will reveal, which planet is in control of the Halo of the person.

The doctor's brother's query showed a dominant presence of Raahu around the Halo.
If one knows the fundamentals of Vaidik astrology, the art of reading an Almanac or Panchaang and the day's planetary position, prediction can be made with very good accuracy.

Prashna Marga by BV Raman - an authoritative book in this field gives detailed methodology to adopt.
An individual detected positive for cancer by Tata Cancer Research Center, gripped with fear, was advised to chant a particular stanza from Soundarya Laharee, after bath right inside the bathroom. He was happy to learn slow reduction of infection due to treatment being administered. This person did not carry a horoscope with him. Numerous are such incidents.
Vaidik Astrology will remain for ever.

If Ketu is situated in Patnee Bhaav, the Jaatak runs after girls.
Ketu in Mercury's houses is bad (Mercury is a child)
Ketu in Gemini is dangerous.

Ketu in 12th House is good.
12th House is Moksh; Ketu is Moksh Kaarak. 
12th is Expense; Ketu is also expense; it makes the native expend in righteous way.
12th is Eyes; Ketu is darkness and pain.

--Ketu dominant people with Moon should pray Ganesh. (read Ganesh Pradosh)


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Created on 05/18/2008 and Updated on 10/10/2013