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Strength (Bal)-2

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Planets (Graha)-Strength (Bal)-2

Strength of Placement (Sthaan Bal)
The first and foremost Bal among the Shad Bal is seen by the planet's position - where he is sitting. There are 6 positions of a Planet. The first and the 6th positions are decided by its degrees (see the table for a Planet's Exaltation and Debilitation point) and the other 4 positions are decided by the Houses (see the table for this information also).

1. Exaltation (Uchch)
When a Planet is in Exaltation position, normally it gives good results. It can make a person king - wealthy, prosperous, of high status etc. It can give bad results too in certain conditions.

2. Own House (Apanaa Ghar)
When a Planets is posited in his own House, he usually gives good results when his Dashaa is going on. He might be wealthy, will have a good family life with wife and children. He might buy a new property, or gain from somebody. He becomes famous in his own place, and whatever he has lost in the Dashaa of some other Planet, he gets it back.

3. Friendly House (Mitra Kaa Ghar)
A Planet posited in his friend's House also usually gives good results - but in less amount than in the position of Exaltation and Own House. These results will be due to his friends and relations. he will make new friends, have good life and be popular among his friends.

4. Neutral House
In this situation the Planet will not give any specific results. The person's life will be neutral, neither very good, nor very bad. Whether it be a happiness or sadness, the results of previous Dashaa will continue.

5. Inimical House (Shatru Kaa Ghar)
If a planet is posited in his enemy's House, it gives bad results during his own Dashaa. he will have to suffer in many ways, will have to live on food provided by others (will depend on others), may live in rented house or in other's house, Poverty, troubles, and suffering created by enemies will be there. Even the friends and loved ones may become enemies.

6. Debilitation (Neech)
If a Planet is in Debilitation position, he gives many bad results. The Native will be in miserable condition and may have to suffer for many things. Degradation in status and profession by his own doings, living in a bad place or in unsatisfactory place, becoming servant to others, hardships because of long and far travels and even these travels may not be fruitful as the Native wanted to be, separation, etc.

7. Mool-trikon Position
Mool-trikon position of a planet is the comfortable sign next to is exaltation sign. Why it is fundamental (Mool) and Trine (Trikon)?

Vinshopak Bal

Vinshopak Bal has four elements namely: Shad Varg, Sapt Varg, Dash Varg and Shodash Varg Bal. When all are seen in totality that makes up Vinshopak Bal. This is calculated based on occupation of Raashi in the Varg and not according to the method of "Vargaadhip", as one is required to see Mool Trikon, own, exaltation etc positions in Varg.

Vargaadhip could be the Lords of each Varg as given by Paraashar such as Rishi Naarad, Durvaasaa and Vashishth for Drekkaan divisions. The results is predicted according to the nature of Vargaadhip. Vargaadhip, if are to be be taken as planets, then one may not be able to calculate Vinshopak Bal.



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