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8-3-Raahu-Good and Bad Experiences
See also   Raahu and Ketu-1

(+) Good Experiences with Raahu
1. Raahu helps a native go abroad.
2. Raahu helps a native learn Tantra rituals.
3. Raahu helps a native learn healing to cure diseases.
4. Raahu helps a native learn casting spells or Maayaa.
5. Raahu helps a native earn windfall gains in gambling.

- 'joined a job in good and big company'
- 'finance wise much better' happened since joined the new job 2005
- 'completed my graduation' [in Sa AD: Saturn = Manifestation]
- 'got boast in my career'
- 'I was at the top position of and educational institution - but that did not last more than a month and I had to quit the position'
- 'fine regarding education, career' (Ra/Sa)
- 'got Computers education' (Ra/Ke)
- 'started working and got a job in Computers' (Ra/Ve)
- 'got promotion in job' (Ra/Su) (Sun natural significator)
- 'worked in petty jobs, made some money, and came back during the same Dashaa' (Ra/Ma); Again joined Msc Comp in 1999 and topped college rankings in mar 2001 (Ra/Ju)
- INDEPENDENCY: 'started again doing freelance' (Ra/Me)
- 'forced me to change the job, but for better Job with an earning potentials of Rs 7500/- per month extra' (Ra/Ve)
- 'succeeded in getting a good corporate job and cleared the debts. (Ra/Me)

- 'went to Europe' (first 'foreign visit')
- 'went to Europe this year (second 'foreign visit')
- 'visited a foreign country with help of brother to look for job (with no luck)' (Ra/Mo)
- 'visited a foreign country on my own again' (Ra/Ma)
- 'resigned this job and applied for UK student visa in dec/jan 2004' (Ra/Sa)
- 'two foreign trips in august and sep to nov 2006' (Ra/Ke)
- 'applied for US for VISA' (Ra/Ke)
- 'got US visa in OCT 2007, resigned the job in India, in Feb 2008 moved to US'
- 'moved to Gulf, finance since then has been improved' (Ra/Ke)
- 'Raahu is placed in 11th from AL: All my income is from foreign countries, still living in foreign'
- 'Raahu is close Yuti with Lagna (5 deg): 'boost in my image in foreign as a spiritual master'

- 'purchased a new home on loan'
- 'finance wise much better' happened since joined the new job 2005
- 'I got a good job' (Ra/Me)

- 'never done smoking before but since may 2005 started smoking lot of smoking and even increase in drinking'
- 'started with friends lot of sitting with friends office groups.
- FINANCIAL WORLD: 'my interest in stock market increased a lot'
- SPIRITUALITY: 'fine regarding spirituality (!), I started praying and at one stage I felt very near to God' (Ra/Sa)
- FINANCIAL WORLD: 'During the period I changed in Sales and Marketing field various companies with monetary benefits' (Ra/Ra)
- 'again changed the career and stepped into marketing route' (Ra/Me)
- 'Raahu is in Yuti (4 deg) with Mars in 8th house - learned Kundalinee meditation in 1991, now teaching the same since 2003 and heading the organization here'

- 'got support from my elder brother' (Ra/Su)
- 'suddenly I got admitted [for an operation] and operated for appendix operation on emergency basis..., next day evening I had discharged by doctor due to non available of space in the hospital'
- 'Also during 1995 August my life ambition to visit Mount Kailaash fulfilled and I am proud to say that I am the only person got dip in Maansarovar 7 days I had a dip during pilgrimage. This is the whole Raahu Dashaa period I got and in my family I am the first person to visit Kailaash'
- Dashaa 'was above normal means if 1 to 10 scale is to be used, I can put it at 7' (Ra/Ra)
- Dashaa 'was also not good not bad, scale could be 5' (Ra/Sa)
- Dashaa 'was Best period income wise, overall good period...scale 8' (Ra/Me)
- Dashaa 'was again above normal at a scale of 7' (Ra/Ke!)
- 'Raahu is in my Taurus Lagna: I always approach anything with a research attitude (asking why and why not?)'

(-) Bad Experiences with Raahu:
- 'so destructive that I tried to commit suicide'
- 'that was the horrible period of my life'
- 'felt during that period that there are some understandable forces which are forcing me to commit mistakes'
- 'struggled very hard'
- 'faced failures'
- 'First 9 years of Rahu Mahaa-dashaa were destructive and a complete failure for me except 2 out of 3 years of the Antar-dashaa of Saturn'
- 'very bad effects were felt'
- 'Raahu Mahaa-dashaa was the time of my life which I would like never to remember...'
- 'Only Sun, Moon, and Mars Antar-dashaa have been somewhat benevolent in terms of satisfaction'
- 'felt deeply depressed with losing self esteem and "Zero" concern and support from people around' (Ra/Sa, Ra/Me)
- 'was the WORST period I had ever got... scale here is 1' (Ra/Ju)

- 'left a government job'
- 'faced tremendous problems regarding my career and family'
- 'difficult period regarding career' (Ra/Me)
- 'faced joblessness' (Ra/Me)
- 'till now I couldn't recover from the losses I made' (Ra/Ra)
- 'I started a business & at the end I lost wealth, fame, dignity' (Ra/Ra)
- SHORT-TIME JOB: 'Took some temporary week day job with no use' (Ra/Sa)
- 'worked hard and has to face lots of trouble with boss' (Ra/Sa)
- 'left that job and started freelance work' (Ra/Sa)
- SHORT-TIME JOB: 'took a small time programmer job' (Ra/Sa)
- 'VISA rejected in Feb 2004' (Ra/Me)
- 'again struggling to find a break in US'
- 'struggled hard to come out of debts and tried hard to get a job' (Ra/Me)
- 'Mool Dashaa periods of Raahu 1987-96 Financially very bad'

- 'faced tremendous problems regarding my family'
- very tense relation with my father'
- 'faced tense relation with my father and family' (Ra/Me)
- 'loss of home, bad family relations, no paternal bliss, very bad relations with grand father, bad fate of paternal uncles'
- 'father stopped earning money and spent most of his time in social/political circles for his personal satisfaction, he became careless and irresponsible towards his family, though father has been of good nature and character' (Ra/Ra)
- NEED FOR INDEPENDENCY: 'had to leave family legacy and live my life afresh on my own with no support from paternal relations. Paternal uncles and aunts had a worst time during this Dashaa, family relations were at all time low. One paternal uncle committed suicide, another facing conviction.' (Ra/Ve)

- 'face defame due to some baseless allegations'
- 'many alliances came but didn't worked out' (Ra/Ve)
- 'Jan 2007 one alliance for marriage came and dropped out' (Ra/Ke)
- 'cheated by a characterless associate and went into huge debts' (Ra/Me)

- 'have to left that place also'
- 'left the job' (Ra/Mo)
- 'I started a business & at the end I lost wealth, fame, dignity' (Ra/Ra)
- 'showed interested in some gambling / illegal / wrong track / business' (Ra/Me) [Mercury significator for money and gambling!]

- 'faced health problems'
- 'I was also diagnosed Sugar during this period' (Ra/Me)
- 'faced a lot of health problems like bleeding from nose and mouth' (Ra/Me)

- 'got lot of knowledge but nothing much able to convert in money terms'
- 'my education was stopped'
- 'had faced problems like during exams i fell ill'
- 'there was an accident'
- there was objection from university'
- 'able to do my graduation after 8 years of long and hard struggle in this Raahu Dashaa.
- 'Failed degree annual exam MAR 1998 due to examiners mistake in totaling and cleared it again in Sep 1998' (Ra/Ra)
- 'got a break in education for one year - I had to pickup my father's professional automobile repair during this one year' (Ra/Ra)

- 'my health is getting better now' (Ra/Me)
- 'medicines for Sugar but these are working now. (Ra/Me)



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