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Time to Conceive

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Time to Conceive

For those who are not much adept in astrology, the simple formulae for the birth of a dutiful, intelligent and virtuous child, a couple should try for conception (Garbhadhaan) keeping in mind that:

1. The constellations (Nakshatra) Shravan, Rohinee, Anuraadhaa, Swaati, Revatee, Moolaa, Uttar-Aashaadhaa, Uttaraa-Bhaadrapad, Shatabhishaa are highly favorable for nuptials.
2. The constellations Pushya, Dhanishthaa, Mrigshiraa, Ashwinee, Chitraa, Punarvasu are ordinary
3. The rest of the constellations are to be rejected.
4. At the time of nuptials, no planet should occupy the 8th house.

If one is adept in astrology or has a keen desire to explore the mysteries of this science, then Ashtakvarg system should be applied for much finer results. Ashtak Varg is a branch of Vaidik Jyotish which fell into disuse due to laborious and error prone calculations involved. But with the advent of computers, Ashtak Varg has become the subject of modern times. Our ancient sages never advocated only for a son - but for a "virtuous son". All their astrological wisdom has been applied so that an intelligent and dutiful son could be born to a couple. Ashtak Varg system needs that date chosen by the couple for nuptials should confirm to the following set of conditions simultaneously:

1. Jupiter must have minimum 4 auspicious points (more, the better), on that day, in his own Ashtak Varg.

2. Jupiter should be in a Kaksh of such Lord who is a contributor of these auspicious points.

3. The Kaksh Lord for Jupiter should neither be an enemy (Shatru) nor a bitter enemy (Adhi-Shatru) to it. Better will be if the Kaksh Lord is best friend (Adhi-Mitra) of Jupiter.

4. The sum of auspicious points for all seven planets, on the required date, should be more than 30.

5. If a male child is desired, Jupiter should be in a male planet's Kaksh. Male planets are Jupiter, Mars and the Sun.

6. If a female child is desired, Jupiter should be in a female planet's Kaksh. Female planets are Venus and the Moon.

7. When Jupiter is in the Kaksh of Mercury or Saturn, those dates should be avoided because these two planets are eunuchs.

8. Jupiter should be transiting in a sign which is strong in native's Sarvaashtak Varg.

9. Sun should be transiting in a sign having highest auspicious points in Jupiter's Ashtak Varg.

For precise timing during the chosen day, sexual intercourse should be done during the period, when a sign is rising containing highest number of auspicious points in Jupiter's Ashtak Varg. Conception is most likely to take place at this time.

One should also use Chaughadiyaa Muhoort to ascertain auspicious intra-day timings. If efforts for conception takes place during a good Chaughadiyaa Muhoort within the chosen date, specially the Amrit Chaughadiyaa, it would ensure the well-being of the fetus during pregnancy. Childless couples may please note.

However, if one is unable to calculate dates with such precision and confirmation to all these sets of conditions, at least one can plan conception during a month which coincides with the Sun's transit in the sign having highest auspicious points in Jupiter's Ashtak Varg. Classical texts say that a virtuous son will be born out of this conception.

All this exercise in choosing a proper date and time for the purpose of conception will ensure that all possible good cosmic vibrations are centered such that the energy generated would nullify all other unfavorable factors and enhances the chances of success of the effort. A person is thus enabled to remove, neutralize, counter-act or overcome the evils indicated by his/her horoscope. Horoscopy is diagnostic. It merely points out the ills but prescribes no remedies. Suppose evil planets in the fifth house indicate loss of children. Then, proper timing of consummation, when ethereal currents released from the planets are so powerful as to minimize or modify the afflictions to the extent that the birth and survival of at least some children may be ensured. Proper timing of efforts helps one to minimize or modify the evils of our past Karm to a considerable extent.

Weekday Day (Ghatikaa after Sunrise) Night (Ghatikaa after Sunset)
Sunday 26 10
Monday 22 06
Tuesday 18 26
Wednesday 14 26
Thursday 10 22
Friday 06 18
Saturday 02 14


Solar Months Nakshatra
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Leo/ Aquarius Bharanee and Swaati
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