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3-Panchaang Information-1
The following information has been extracted from Panchaang printed in India.

There are some times which are not appropriate for auspicious work --
See also  Panchaang Information-3

Dev Shayan Vichaar
Devtaa sleep from Aashaadh Shukla 11 to Kaarttik Shukla 11. This period is known as Dev Shayan or Chaatur-Maas. Thus this period is prohibited for any kind of auspicious work - marriage, Upanayan, starting house, Shaanti Kaarya, Paushtik Karm, Dev Sthaapanaa, etc etc.

Holaashtak Vichaar
from Phaalgun Shukla 8 to Chaitra Krishn 1 (Holee Dahan) - one week, is considered as Holaashtak. In some areas - in the vicinity of Vyaas, Satalaj, Raavee Rivers and Pushkar Sarovar, all auspicious works are prohibited, but not in other areas.

Guru Ast and Shukra Ast
When Guru and Shukra stars are Ast (set), all auspicious works are prohibited - marriage, Mudan, Upanayan, Karn Chhedan, Deekshaa, House entering, second coming of the bride to her husband's house, Dev Pratishthaa, well and tank digging etc.

Bhadraa Dosh Vichaar
Bhadraa is prohibited for marriage, House entering, house starting, etc. If the Bhadraa is first half of the day, then in the night; and if the Bhadraa is in the later part of the day, then in the morning auspicious works are allowed.

If Ashwinee Nakshtra is on Tuesday - no House Entering on that day
If the Sun is in Sagittarius or Pisces Sign -
if Jupiter is in Leo
If there is Purushottam Maas, Sankraanti, Vyatipaat Yog, Vaidhriti Yog, Poornmaas, Tithi and Lagn and Nakshatra together, Gandant, all are prohibited for auspicious works.

Panchak Vichaar
Panchak is the period when the Moon enters in Aquarius (Kumbh) Sign till Aries (Mesh) Sign. It is inauspicious for all auspicious works.

Birth Sign period is good for marriage, traveling, auspicious works,

Name Sign (when the name decides of your Sign) is good for House starting, Grih Pravesh, court jobs, businesses, Daan, Mantra Siddhi, re-marriage, diseases, etc.

Many Astrologers Regard Certain Days Auspicious For Certain Jobs --
Sunday - Raajya Abhishek, Traveling, Utsav, employment, serving the cow, medicine, Mantra, weapons, gold, and copper related jobs,
Monday - water related, conch, Seep, Motee etc
Tuesday - creating quarrel in enemies, lying, evil Karm, war, minerals, coral
Wednesday - education, commerce and trading, study
Thursday - All kinds of religious works, Vrat
Friday - women related, music, love
Saturday - stone, iron, blue or black things, mean jobs, Grih Pravesh, Mantra Grahan

Never take any debt on Tuesday, rather give it back on this day
Collect money on Wednesday

Teething of a Child
If a child's tooth comes out in the womb - it is all destroyed
------------------------in the 1st month   -  the child dies
------------------------------2nd month  - brother dies
------------------------------3rd month   - sister dies
------------------------------4th month   - mother dies
------------------------------5th month  -   Jyeshth dies
------------------------------6th month  -    Sukh
------------------------------7th month   -  Sukh to father
------------------------------8th month  -   becomes healthy
------------------------------9th month   -  wealth comes
-------------------10th and 11th  month   -   Sukh

How to Destroy Graha Dosh
Budh destroys Raahu Dosh
Shani destroys Budh and Raahu Dosh
Shukra destroys Raahu, Budh, Shani and Mangal
Guru destroys Shukra, Raahu, Budh, Shani and Mangal
Chandramaa destroys all 6 Graha Dosh

If you do Jaap of these Mantra, according to your Moon Sign, 1 or 5 or 7 Maalaa, all wishes are fulfilled --
Aries - Om Shree Lakshmee Naaraayan Namah
Taurus - Om Kreem Uttraayayath Dhritaaya Namah
Gemini  -  Om Kreem Keshavaaya Namah
Cancer  -  Om Hreem Hari Haraaya Namah
Leo  -  Om Baal Mukundaaya Namah
Virgo - Om Hreem Paramaatmen Namah
Libra  -  Shree Raamaaya Namah
Scorpio  -  Om Kreem Jaanakee Raamaaya Namah
Sagittarius - Om Hreem Kreem Bhagavate Namah
Capricorn - Om Shree Vatsaaya Upendraaya Namah
Aquarius - Shree Gopaal Govindaaya Namah
Pisces - Om Shree Daamodaraaya Nandaaya Namah



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