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5-Planets-Aspects (Drishti Siddhaant)
[From a file from Lal_Kitab discussion Group]

Every planet can aspect 7th from it's house. Also there is 100% aspect which is applicable only in case of 1st to 7th house and 4th to 10th house. IMO 100% aspect is given precedence over 7th aspect of planets.

In case of 100% aspect -
1. We will take the result as complete mix of both the planets in aspected house.
2. If the aspecting planet is giving good result in the house occupied, it will give bad results for aspected house. But this good or bad effect will be applicable only to the relative signified by aspected planet.

In case of 7th aspect -
1. It will not be a complete mix but it will be seen as a location shift for aspecting planet.
2. Again the aspecting planet will give the result as it is situated in aspected house for the aspected planet.

(1) Planets in the 1st house have 100% Drishti on planets in house 7th.
"Jaisee Taasir aspecting planet kee hai Waisaa hee prabhaav aspected planet per hogaa, Na ki dekhe jaane vaale Bhav par."
In the same way planets in 7th House will aspect planets in 1st house.
"Jaisi Haalat kaa Graha Bhaav No. 7 mein hai, uske Vipareet Prabhaav Bhaav No. 1 mein posited planets ke maadhyam se bhaav No. 1 per padtaa hai."

(2) Planets in Bhaav No. 2 aspects the Houses No 6 and 12 and planets posited therein.
This is 25% aspects as per LK.

(3) Planets in 3rd House have 50% drishti (aspect) on Houses No. 11, and 9 and planets therein.

(4) Planets in 4th House have 100% aspect on Planets in 10th House.
"Taaseer Doodh (Milk) mein Khaand jaisee hogee."
But planets in the 10th House will follow the "Apne se saatavee Drishti" rule.
"The nature of this aspect will not be like Doodh mein Khaand."

(5) Planets in 5th House have 50% Drishti on planets in 9th House.
"But if Moon is posited in this 5th house, he will aspect the planets in 10th with Ulatee Drishti."

(6) Planets in 6th House have 25% aspect on Planets in 12th House.
"If Sar is in 6th House, he will have Ulatee Drishti on planets in House No. 2. It doesn't make any difference whether the planet in House No 2 is friend or enemy of the Saturn."

(7) Planets in 8th house have 100% Ulatee drishti on Planets in 2nd house; but the planets of 2nd House have 25% drishti on Planets in 6th and 12th Houses.

(8) Planets in 9th House will aspect planets in 3rd House as per 7th aspect rule.
"Jaisee Prakriti Bhaav 9th ke Graha kee hogee uske Vipareet Bhaav 3rd par us mein sthit graha ke Maadhyam se hogee.

Note: -- If Sun or Moon is in 9th House they will aspect the planets in 5th House with Ulatee Drishti.

(9) Planets in 11th House follow 7th aspect rule, they can't aspect planets in 3rd.

(10) Planets in 12th house follow the 7th aspect rule - thus those planets will aspect the planets in 6th House.
Note: -- Mercury in 12th House will have Ulatee Drishti on Planets in 6th House.
"Is Drishti kaa Kundalee ke sabhee Grahon par Ashubh prabhaav hogaa."

Ulatee Drishti Concept.
1. Sat in 6th will have Ulatee Drishti on planets in 2nd house.
2. Planets in 8th House have 100% Ulatee Drishti on planets in 2nd house.
3. Mercury in 12th House will have Ulatee Drishti on planets in 6th house.
4. Moon in 5th have Ulatee Drishti on planets in 10th house.
5. Sun or Moon in 9th will have Ulatee Drishti on planets in 5th house.

(1) The relationship of planets in adjoining houses should be evaluated, eg Planets in 1st and planets in 2nd house; Planets in 1st house and planets in 4th house.

(a) If planets in both houses are friends of each other then
"Dono Bhaav ke Graha aapas mein ek doosare se miley hue count kare jaayenge."

(b) If planets in adjoining house are enemies of each other
"Dono Bhaav ke Graha alag alag maane jaayenge."

(2) Planets placed in 3rd House from a Planet - This is also called "Achaanak chot kee Drishti", eg Planets in 1st and planets in 3rd house have the same relationship.
"Ye ek doosre per achaanak chot karenge, chaahe aapas mein mitr hi Kyon na ho."

3. 5-9 Relationship (Navam-Pancham Principle)
Planets in 5th and 9th to each other will help each other irrespective of friendship or enmity. This is also called "Aapasee Madad ki Drishti".

4. 7th Aspect Rule (Aam Halat ki Drishti) - Every planet aspects his 7th House and Planet(s) in it, e.g. (2-8),(3-9).

(a) Dekhane vaale (aspecting) grahon ka praabhaav dekhe jaane (aspected) wale grah mein "doodh (milk) mein khaand kee tarah mil jaayegaa". This applies to planets in 1st House aspecting planets in 7th or planets in the 4th house aspecting planets in 10th house.

(b) In rest of the cases - "Drishti apne se saatave ghar ke grah per na hokar, dekhe jaane wale Bhaav ke Kaarkon (significators) per, dekhne waale grah ki apanee taaseer se Ulatee padatee hai." eg "In Varshphal Kunlee, suppose Venus falls in 6th and Mercury falls in 12th house. This can produce benefic results regarding the married life of sister.

5. Takaraav kee Drishti - "Ek Ghar mein sthit Graha apne sthaan se 8th Bhaav mein sthit graha ko Takkar Maarataa Hai."

6. Buniyaadee Drishti (Aspect on 9th House) - A planet in a house has aspect on the planets 9th to it. This is a beneficial aspect.

7. Dhokhe kee Drishti (Aspect on 10th House from a planet) - A planet in a house will aspect the planet in 10th house from it. It's impact, whether good or bad will be double (Dugunee Taaqat).
"Is drishti kaa kundlee wale per buraa prabhaav na pad kar, dekhe jaane (aspected) wale graha aur dekhe jaane wale bhaav ke significator per hogaa."
(BY:Pradeep Mishra)



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