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4-Planets in Lal Kitab

Shifting of a Planet
No planet can be moved or shifted at will. A planet can be established in a particular house only if there is a Drishti path, or a path already laid out to that house through an aspect. If a planet is to be established in the 4th house, or for that matter in any house, then it is essential to see that there should be no enemy planet [of the planet being established] in that house.

Jupiter and Raahu together is an artificial Mercury.
So if Jupiter is appeased, Mercury shall lose half of his strength and
Jupiter shall become extra strong.

If Jupiter afflicts Mercury we should appease Venus because
Sun and Venus constitute an artificial Jupiter.
By strengthening Venus we shall be increasing power of Mercury (Venus is Mercury’s friend) and decreasing the power of affliction of Jupiter.

Sacrificial Goats
If Sun is afflicted by Saturn, the effects of the Sun will be affected.
The affliction of Sun will be passed on to Ketu - thus the affliction will affect the results of Ketu. The affliction of Saturn will be spoilt. The wife of the native die, or suffer from miseries or troubles.

Moon in 8th House of the Raashi - as it brings trouble and conflicts in the family.
For two days when the Moon reaches the 8th during transit, you should offer a few grains of rice at any temple.

Indications of Chandar khana no 7 :
(1). Native is often a clear hearted person (Saaf dil insaan)
(2). He is very fond of Poetry/art and astrology. He can be an expert in these things.
(3). If the condition no. 2 is not there, native often have a doubtful moral character.
(4). Normally natives wife and mother do not enjoy cordial relations.
(5). It is also seen that natives wife is often have pains/problem in her knees.
(6). Chandar 7 is also knows as Lakshmee ka Avtaar, native will make fortunes for him even after taking birth in a poor family.

Very important:
(1). Native must always respect her mother and never make her unhappy. Any confrontation with her will be fatal.
(2). Native must never sell milk and water. It will have bad effects on his children. He should rather offer/donate these things to others free of cost.
(3). It is recommended that at the time of his marriage his wife should bring Silver/Milk/Dariyaa ka paanee equivalent to her weight from her parents house. Or these things should be already present in the natives house. Chandar 7 will be a Lakshmi kaa Avataar if this is done.

Chandar Khaanaa Number 8
(1) Native is a pessimistic non-enthusiast (Murda-dil) person.
(2) He may suffer from Fits.
(3) He may have a double character, visibly good but bad from inside.
(4) Native often enjoy long life if item related to Chandar (Mother/grand-mother/water/silver etc) are there in his house.

Very important:
(1) Native should perform Shraadh of his ancestors or should donate on their name.
(2) Gambling is strictly prohibited for the native.
(3) He should not become a jeweler, it will not suit him.
(4) He should never discontinue the water source in his house. And should not built house after closing the well.<

Please read the above conditions carefully and decide your self the position of Moon in your chart.

Afflicted Saturn and Moon
Saturn causes addiction and a weak Moon can not resist the temptation of the drugs, hence this condition of this young man. Therefore the mother should do these Upaaya on behalf of her son after a mental resolution that she is doing these Upaaya for and on behalf of her son:
[1] Offer 10 Saabut Baadaam {whole almonds with shell} at any temple for 5 days regularly. Each day bring back home from the temple , as blessed Prasaad , 5 almonds out of those offered by you. Keep them at home tied in a yellow or white silk cloth any where in the East side of your house. No one should eat or throw them away.
[2] Keep high up some where in the West corner a bottle of liquor.
[3] Immerse in a river 39 green glass bangles, once. It will be better if the green color is that of a parrot.
[4] Recite the Beej Mantra for Saturn at least 108 times a day.

Mercury is Neech in Navaansh, not malefic.
This will make Mercury weak and not capable of giving full results as it should have given being placed in the 10th house. What should have been the results of Mercury placed in the 10th house can be read from any book on astrology.

Jupiter is in 4th House, so it is very good, benefic and exalted.

Jupiter + Sun + Raahu in 3rd House
Are bad. They give Phokee Shaan (artificial splendor)

4 Planets in 10th House
this is known as an 'Andhaa Teva'.
Once every year feed at least 10 blind people on the same day. Do not give them money for food, give them food in stead.

Sun + Mercury + Venus + Saturn in 4th House
For this combination the Lal Kitab says that such a person will keep collecting money which will be utilized by others if in the 4th house; he might have two wives of low character.  With Venus in the 4th House it is quite understandable that such a person could have two wives, but how come a person might die such that he has no issue of his own in spite of two wives? How does this combination affect the progeny? And how come his wives might be of low character?

Mars + Raahu in Lagna (causes late marriage)
This makes one Maangalik. Do these Upaaya
[1] Throw, once, into a cemetery or shamshan from out side of the boundary, on any day around sun set 49 Saabut Baadaam {whole almonds with shell}. The almonds should be thrown over the shoulder with the back turned to the cemetery. Do not look back after throwing the almonds. If this upaya is to be done by any blood relation like your brother or father in that case you should touch the almonds before they are taken out to be thrown.
[2] Every Monday , for 13 Mondays regularly, bathe a Shiv Ling with milk. After bathing the Shiv Ling wrap round it 7 times Kalaavaa {red pooja thread also known as mouli}.
[3] Every day add a little curds in the water before you take a bath.
[4] Recite this Mantra, Swayambara Parvati Mantra, at least 108 times every day :
Aum hreem yoginee yoginee yogeswaree yogeswaree yoga bhayankaree
Sakal sthaavar jang-masya mukh-hridayam mama vashanakarshaya aakarshaya Swaahaa

Mars + Venus in the 8th House (not considered good):
Once every year, after the birthday, he should offer a pomegranate [Anaar] at any temple for 7 days regularly.

Saturn is weak and negative, Moon will be the weak and negative because of aspecting the Saturn. When Moon aspects the Saturn - result is detachment. Is not being married the Saturn and Moon weakness?
In your natal horoscope [Janma Kundalee] the Saturn is placed in the 12th house and the Moon is placed in the 7th house. Neither of them aspects the other. In the 50th year Varsh Phal kundali, the Moon placed in the 5th does have an aspect on the Saturn placed in the 9th but it will have nothing to do with delay in marriage. In this case the Moon will keep your Saturn cool. Saturn is Lagnesh therefore by and large you are not likely to get angry on small matters. Yes had Saturn been aspecting the Moon then there could have been a possibility of slight detached attitude because then the Saturn would have affected the Moon
The 12th house denotes 'Moksh' salvation. Saturn placed there will drive a person towards spirituality. It will make the urge to know the Supreme, all the more intense. Saturn here denotes the inner self and its struggle to achieve 'Moksh'. This journey to 'Moksh' will not be easy. And may be because of this you might be feeling a little restless, as if there is some thing you have to complete and accomplish and you are not able to. But on the whole it is a good thing in the final analysis. Saturn here helps you towards the final goal in life; the final goal of being remembered to have done some thing important, to have achieved some thing important.

Saturn + Moon in 9th House
Is this combination so bad for the native's luck - "that even if he finds Amrit it turns into poison.
It isn't as bad as you have made it out to be. But Yes, the moon will be depressed and may not be able to give the complete results of the 7th house [Moon is the 7th lord], but you can always strengthen moon by reciting the Beej Mantra for it.

Saturn + Mercury + Venus (good combination)
It is the sun which might be the cause of spoiling this combination. Since your Sun is placed in a close proximity to Saturn it could be more as a result of helplessness. recite Aaditya Hridaya Stotra, otherwise the Stotra for the Sun could also be equally useful.

Raahu and Ketu
Lal Kitab while describing attributes attached to Raahu and Ketu says that,
Raahu (Cat) is attached to the house and doesn't follow the master in case of transfer;
but Ketu (Dog) follows the master in case of transfer.
No wonder you will leave your cats here in case of transfer.

The Malefic Effects of Raahu
The malefic effects of a house of Raahu would include :
[a] dimagee beemariyan, [diseases of the brain]
[b] achanak chot [sudden loss specially through theft and fire],
[c] accidents,
[d] lightening strike [bijlee giraanaa].
[e] inharmonious relations with other family members and disintegration of families
[f] it could also adversely affect the parents [Jupiter, Moon]

Upaaya :
[a] Bury a flat silver strip [not a round wire] across the entire threshold.
[b] Bury in the house a little honey in a silver dibbee.

Precautions :
[1] do not create smoke in the house or if there is no route for the smoke to get out.
[2] Should have good relations with wife's brother { saale }
[3] Should not have a cat as a pet
[4] do not hurt or ill treat a sweeper
[5] do not let the drain water accumulate near the house.
[6] do not change the place of the toilets
[7] do not light fire under the staircase.
[8] do not get only the roof redone.
[9] do not allow the drain to go down under the threshold.
[10] do not become a false witness
Bhooshan Priya

Raahu in 10th House - Not considered good
Not good for profession, as the 10th house is the house of profession.
Upaaya - Keep in a dark corner in the West, under the weight of a stone piece, 1 kg Jau {barley} tied in a black cloth. To be kept for all time to come. This keeps Raahu calm and quiet, otherwise he will never let him achieve stability in job.

Raahu + Saturn in 12th House - Good
Keeps a man's libido in control

Raahu Transiting 4th House
He might not be finding the atmosphere at home conducive to him. The 4th house denotes the comfort at home and Raahu there could make him feel that he has lost comfort.
Upaaya - One should immerse in a river 400gm Jau after rinsing in milk. He should keep the Jau under his bed for the night on a Wednesday and immerse the Jau on a Thursday after sunset and before it gets dark.

When Ketu is Malefic?
Apart from hurting the dogs, Ketu can be turned malefic by disrespecting the relatives which are the Kaarak of Ketu, like a nephew, maternal uncle, son of the sister; or eating pork or rabbit meat; or hurting a rat or a house lizard, donkey etc.

It could also be possible that Ketu was acting as a scapegoat for Jupiter. You antagonized the Kaaraks of Jupiter which in turn passed on its problem to Ketu.

Situation for Telling Lies
--An afflicted 2nd house and / or an afflicted Mercury might inculcate this habit of telling lies.
--Raahu in the 12th could give cunningness.
--If Ketu is in House No 7, he also inspires Jaatak to tell lies and this habit hinders Jaatak's progress. If it is like that he should never make false promises.
--If Shani is in House No 12 the Jaatak suffers from telling lies or eating Joothaa food.



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