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8-Maarak Houses

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Maarak Houses

Maarak Houses are 2nd and 7th houses. They are the "houses of death" and can lead to endings.

(1) One certainly dies under the Dashaa, Antar-Dashaa or Pratyantar Dashaa of his Maarkesh Graha.
(2) If there is no Dashaa of Maarkesh at that time, then one dies under the Dashaa of of conjoined Malefic Graha.
(3) One must know, that under the Dashaa of the 8th Lord (What is 8th Lord, see below), its own Antar-Dashaa becomes Maarak.
(4) Dhanesh (Lord of Wealth) is Maarak under the Dashaa of Vyayesh (Lord of Expenses); and vice versa.
(5) In the same way, the Antar-Dashaa of the Graha placed in 8th House is Maarak under the MD of the 6th Lord.

Identifying Maarkesh
--The 8th place from Janm Lagna (Ascendant) is known as "Aayu" place.
--According to Paraashar, 8th place from 8th House (ie 3rd Bhaav from Lagna) is also considered as "Aayu" House.
--The 12th place from "Aayu" place (8th House) is called "Maarak" place, that is why 2nd and 7th Houses from Janm Lagna are considered as "Maarak" places.
--In Shaastra, the 2nd Lord is the first Maarkesh, and the 7th Lord is considered the second Maarkesh.
--8th Bhaav denotes "Death"

Aayu and death are interrelated to each other, when Aayu is complete, death comes; or say when death comes, Aayu is complete. Death occurs because of some disease, or accident or any other cause, that is why life-span, cause of death and death causing diseases, are all interrelated. There is a big hand of one's Aayu in identifying a disease curable or incurable - because till one's Aayu is there, no disease is incurable, but as soon one's Aayu is finished, even a slight disease becomes incurable. That is why whether a disease is curable or incurable is decided by the Aayu (Life) span.

Vriddhi (Auspiciousness) of a Bhaav
To assess the total Pushti (Vriddhi or auspiciousness) of a Bhaav, we need to see the strength of its Bhaav Lord and strength of its Kaarak Lord as well, apart from the strength of the Bhaav. For example,
--if we have Saturn and Mars in 8th House from the 5th House (means in 2nd House), it is Maarak for children.
--same is true for the 8th House from Jupiter which is the Kaarak for children
--also the 8th House from the House where the 5th Lord is sitting is the Kaarak for children.

We need to add those 3 values - strength of the Bhaav, strength of the Bhaav Lord, and strength of its Kaarak, together and finally get a full assessment. that is how they determine if a particular Bhaav prospers or not!
So the Vriddhi of the Bhaav is NOT solely from Bhaav alone, but from Bhaav Lord and its Kaarak Lord too.

What is the 8th Lord?
Owner of 8th house is normally termed as Maarkesh, as 8th house denotes: Calamity, Accidents, Mutilation, etc.
The Lord of that house seated in any house from Lagna could spoil the portfolio of the house concerned, hence he is termed Maarkesh.

Maran Kaaarak House

Prashn Maarg Annunciation
following seven Yog, which lays down the basis of formation of Yog of all categories:
Chapter 9 -Sloka: 49-52:
There are seven varieties of Yog :
a. those formed by position
1.Sthaan (sign),
2. Those formed by Bhaav (house) - Sthaan means 12 zodiac signs.
3. Those formed by planets
4. Those formed by Sign, Bhaav and planets,
5. Those formed by Sign and Bhaav,
6. Those formed by Bhaav and planets - Bhaav (House) means Lagna, etc 12 houses. The planets are the Sun to Ketu - nine planets.
7. Those formed by Sign and planets.

The basis of 'Maran Kaarak Sthaan' Dashaa falls in the category of Bhaav Dashaa only.

If a planet is afflicted , the Dashaa becomes more pronounced and if in Benefic influences the Dashaa becomes less harmful.
The following is the 'Maran Kaarak Sthaan' OF PLANETS:
Sun in 12th,    Moon in 8th,     Mars in 7th,    Mercury, if alone, in 7th,  Jupiter in 3rd, Venus in 6th, and Saturn in the Lagna.

If these planets are in these houses and falling in debility, inimical sign, or being associated with or aspected by Malefics, these planets act like 'MAARAK'

A Maarak planet confers death like conditions which means one or more of the following :
1.Shame  2. Disease  3. Sorrow  4. Fear and Grief 5. Miseries  6. Humiliation 7. Calumny and 8. Death



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