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4-Bhaav Bal

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4-Bhaav Bal (Strength of the Lord of the House)

Bhaav Bal (strength of a House) is measured by the Lord of that House and the planet posited in it. A Bhaav Lord, which is the planet posited in it or any planet posited anywhere else, has strengths calculated in the following ways. This is not only mathematical but also need to be be taken into account at all times during evaluation of a chart --

(1) Sthaan Bal (Placement of a Graha)
--Uchcha Bal
--Shada Varg Bal (planets position in Raashi in six Varg) eg. exaltation, friendly, Mool Trikon etc
--Yugmaayugm (ownership of odd, even Raashi and Navaansh)
--Kendraadi Bal -Depends only on Lagna (surrounding influence - from Lagna)
--Drekkan Bal

(2) Dig Bal - Depends only on Lagna (Surrounding influence)

(3) Kaal Bal
--Nato-unnat Bal
--Paksh Bal - Dependent on the distance between Sun and Moon. (surrounding influence - From Sun and Moon) - Shukla Paksh and Krishn Paksh
--Tribhag Bal -
--Varsh Bal - Year strength
--Maas Bal - Month strength
--Din Bal - Day strength
--Horaa Bal - 1/2 Day strength
--Ayan Bal - Uttaraayan or Dakshinaayan strength

(4) Cheshtaa Bal - dependent on distance between Sun and planet under discussion (surrounding influence - From the Sun) Combustion is covered here. For Yuddh Bal, impact of another planet present within 1 degree is covered under this strength (surrounding influence - other planets) Whether a planet retrograde or not, whether a planet is combust or in Yuddh, if he is in Yuddh, loser or winner?

(5) Nisarg - an independent entity again

(6) Drig Bal - Aspect strength. Depends on the other planet who aspects it. Aspectee will give strength to the aspected (Big but really small (in terms of quantity) surrounding influence is present here.

Now this is how the strength of any planet (even for Bhaav Lord) is measured.



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