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5-Bhaav Kaarak

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5 Bhaav-Kaarak

The main objective of astrology is to tell the native about his nature, future events, warning about any calamities and suggesting remedies if possible. This is done by drawing a chart. It can tell not only about him but also about his whole family too. Since it has only 12 distinctive divisions and 9 planets, the astrologer has to manage with this information only. These 12 Houses represent everything, how and what, let us see --

Always remember possibility and necessity of Bhavat Bhavam principle, counting houses from houses. And apply Argalaa scheme - do not isolate a single Bhaav. Effects are depending on the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 11th Bhaav from a particular Bhaav - these effects can be destroyed or counter parted by the 12th, 10th, 9th and 3rd Bhaav from that Bhaav.

There are three options of calculation Bhaav:
1. Raashi Chakra (most important)
2. Chalit Chakra
3. Niraayan Chakra (Placidus/Topocentr ie House System)

1st Bhaav/Lagna: Tanu Bhaav (Kendra, Dharm)*
- All Themes
- Self, Core Personality, Character, Power of Self/Personality
- Body, Health, Physical Constitution, Strength, Vitality - beginnings (eg of own life)
- Natural Significator: The Sun
- Related Varg: D-1 (main chart), D-12 and D-60 (former life(s))
- Lord of Lagna shows center of interest actively lived and activities related to these matters.

[Bhrigu Sutras, Ch. 1]
Physical stature, color, form and shape, constitution, health, vitality and vigor, natural dispositions and tendencies, personality and struggle for life, honor, dignity, prosperity, general well being, head, upper part of the face, virtues, longevity, start in life and an idea about the general structure of life.

2nd Bhaav: Dhan Bhaav (Makar, Panaphar, Arth)
- resources, persons and objects nearby and available
- sustaining factors, maintaining others, getting maintained and supported
- wealth and prosperity, finances
- speech
- basic skills, early school time, ability to learn
- family of parents, family traditions
- food, nourishment
> Natural Significator: Jupiter (wealth, eloquence), Mercury (speech, infancy), Moon (face)
> Related Varg: D-2, D-4, D-16 (especially D-2 and D-16)
> Lord of 2nd Bhaav shows activities related to these Kaarak

[Bhrigu Sutras, Ch. 1]
Money matters, fortune, profit, gain or loss, one's power and resources, worldly attainments and possession of extrinsic value, jewelry, precious stones, bonds, securities and shares, speech, vision, right eye, memory, imagination, nails, tongue, nose, teeth, chin, family members. This is also a house of death or Maarak Sthaan. Many a learned are of the opinion that education is also a signification of this house etc.

3rd Bhaav: Sahaj Bhaav (Upachaya, Apoklima, Kaam)
- desires, wishes to fulfill, wish for extension and growth
- courage, activities, ambitions, initiatives, endeavours, determination
- short journeys, siblings (especially younger ones), idols, sports
> Natural Significator: Mars (potency, energy)
> Related Varg: D-3, D-9 (happiness through dharma-related wishes and activities), D-27
> Lord of 3rd Bhaav shows activities related to these Kaarak

[Bhrigu Sutras, Ch. 1]
Mental inclination, ability, memory, intellect, inclination to study, courage, firmness, valor, prowess, heroism, younger brothers or sisters, cousins, neighbors, short travels, communications such as railways, wireless, posts and telegraphs, correspondence, writings, change of residence, signing contracts or agreements, rumors, carrying tales, hands, throat, shoulder blade, collarbone, arms nervous system.

4th Bhaav: Bandhu Bhaav (Kendra, Moksh)
- inner person, inner self, mentality, feelings, emotions
- property and prosperity, comfort, conveyances, immobiles
- inner happiness and well-being, mental peace
- atmosphere in family, mother
- formation
> Natural Significator: Moon (mind, mentality, mother), Mercury (relatives, friends)
> Related Varg: D-2, D-4, D-16, D-40 (qualities inherited from mother's line)
> Lord of 4th Bhaav shows activities related to these Kaarak

[Bhrigu Sutras, Ch. 1]
Mother, one's home (native place), residence, domestic environments, grave, private affairs etc., secret life, vehicles, fields, pastures, farms, orchards, mines, buildings, ancestral property, hidden treasure, academic education, wells, water, milk, rivers, lakes etc.

5th Bhaav: Putra Bhaav (Trikon, Panaphar, Dharm)
- self-expression, creativity, entertainment, 'sunny sides' of life, art
- abilities/qualities from former lives, intelligence, wisdom, higher conscience
- formation (after basic formation)
- gains in speculation and lotteries, investments
- progeny
- religiosity, spirituality, moral principles, Vaidik knowledge, astrology
- romances, love of spouse
> Natural Significator: Jupiter (creativity, progeny, luck)
> Related Varg: D-10, D-24 (formation, learning), D-30 (moral character), D-20 (spiritual life)
> Lord of 5th Bhaav shows activities related to these Kaarak

[Bhrigu Sutras, Ch. 1]
Progeny (children), inclinations, pleasure, artistic talent, recreation, amusement, sports, romance, competitive activities like cards, crosswords, lottery, gambling or betting, love affairs, ambassadors, good or bad morals, Mantra-Tantra, religions mindedness, high learning and wisdom, intelligence, enormous riches, spiritual practice etc.

6th Bhaav: Ari Bhaav (Dusthaan, Upachaya, Aapoklim, Arth)
- problems and obstacles
- daily work, services and servants, job of father (10th from 9th)
- enemies, concurrents, court cases
- health and health problems, injuries, accidents
- debts, financial problems (but also gains, 5th from 2nd)
- fears, sorrows
- relatives, associates
> Natural Significator: Saturn (problems), Mars (enemies)
> Related Varg: D-30, D-27, D-8
> Lord of 6th Bhaav shows activities related to these Kaarak

[Bhrigu Sutras, Ch. 1]
Sickness, diseases, nursing, food, service, employees, subordinates or servants, debts, cattle, tenants, enemies, maternal uncle, miserliness, intense anguish, litigation etc.

7th Bhaav: Yuvatee Bhaav (Kendra, Kaam)
- activities to fulfill one's desires and wishes
- relating oneself to environment, outer world, surroundings
- marriage, spouse, partners of all kings (also business partners)
- passions, sexuality
- journeys to foreign lands
> Natural Significator: Venus (relationships, marriage), Jupiter (husband)
> Related Varg: D-7
> Lord of 7th Bhaav shows activities related to these Kaarak

[Bhrigu Sutras, Ch. 1]
House of union or earthly ties, legal bondage, partner in life (wife or husband), partner in business, conjugal life, influence in foreign countries and reputation achieved there, sexual life, marital relations, danger to life, Maarak Sthaan (house of death).

8th Bhaav: Randhra Bhaav (Dusthaan, Panaphar, Moksh)
- transformations to be done, big changes in life
- big problems and obstacles to cope, inner weaknesses, permanent sorrows, fears
- spirituality, hidden and secret knowledge, Taantrik and deep sexuality
- accidents, diseases, extreme experiences
- inheritances, heritages, testaments, money from other people generally
- sustenance of partnerships, money of partner
- longevity (if Saturn in 8th)
> Natural Significator: Saturn (problems, longevity), Pluto (transformations)
> Related Varg: D-8, D-30, D-27, D-9, D-10
> Lord of 8th Bhaav shows activities related to these Kaarak

[Bhrigu Sutras, Ch. 1]
Longevity or span of life, also called house of death (because end of longevity is death); inheritance, legacies, wills, insurance, pension and gratuity, accidents, death by drowning, fire or suicide; misery, misfortune, sorrow, strife, worries, disgrace, delay, dejection, disappointment, defeat, loss and obstruction, theft, robbery, chronic diseases.

9th Bhaav: Dharm Bhaav (Trikon, Apoklim, Dharm)
- Dharm, life purpose and aims, obligations and duties in life, life philosophy
- fortunes and xuccess (when following our dharma), solving and solution of problems, fame, support by 'destiny' (soul family)
- higher formation (university)
- commitments, devotion, dedication to higher principles, religiosity
- father, elderly persons, advisors, consultants, gurus
- long journeys
- medicine, meditation, spiritual practice
- husband (for women)
> Natural Significator: Jupiter (dharma, formation, ethics, fortune), The Sun (father)
> Related Varg: D-9, D-81, D-45 (qualities inherited from father's line)
> Lord of 9th Bhaav shows activities related to these Kaarak

[Bhrigu Sutras, Ch. 1]
Faith, wisdom and divine worship; fortune or luck (Bhaagya), philosophy, religious and philosophical beliefs, meditation, intuition and forethought, places of worship, sacrifices and charity, father, preceptor (Guru), teaching, Dhana, grandchildren, dreams and visions, knees; communication with spirits, long journeys, voyage, air travel, higher education, foreign travel.

10th Bhaav: Karm Bhaav (Kendra, Upachaya, Arth)
- important activities to be done in life, activities in general
- results, indicating success or failure
- professional, vocational, working life
- power, status, authority to be reachable in life,
- authorities like government and father
- future karma build from current activities
- living permanently in foreign land (10th furthest from 4th, home)
> Natural Significator: Sun (fame, status, profession), Mercury (business)
> Related Varg: D-10
> Lord of 10th Bhaav shows activities related to these Kaarak

[Bhrigu Sutras, Ch. 1]
Thighs, honor, dignity, public esteem, name and fame, power prestige, credit (for good work and conduct), success and status, rank and renown, respect and reputation, ambition and authority, worldly activities, responsibilities, permanency (in service), promotion, advancement, appointment, profession, last rites to one's parents, religious functions. Government, high position such as
President, Prime Minister or Minister, pilgrimage to holy places, honor from Government.

11th Bhaav: Laabha Bhaav (Upachaya, Panaphar, Kaam)

- wish fulfillment in general (therefore 11th karaka for women - for men)
- gains of all kinds, income, merits, increase, reaching own important goals
- elder brother, sister
> Natural Significator: Jupiter
> Related Varg: D-4, D-16, D-9, D-10
> Lord of 11th Bhaav shows activities related to these Kaarak

[Bhrigu Sutras, Ch. 1]
Friends, society, community, favorites, ambitions, wishes, desires and their fulfilment, gains of wealth, success in undertakings, incoming wealth, profits, prosperity, elder brothers and sisters, recovery from illness, dawn of fortune, ankles.

12th Bhaav: Vyaya Bhaav (Dusthaan)
- losses, liberation/emancipation from (material and other) attachments
- endings of all kinds, final finishing
- hidden things and pleasures
- sexual pleasures, bedroom, adultery, many sexual contacts, problems in marriage
- living permanently abroad, exile
- isolation, hospitalization, hospital
- bad deeds, hidden enemies, loss of spouse (6th as well, 12th from 7th)
> Natural Significator: Ketu (separation, losses), Saturn (losses)
> Related Varg: D-12, D-60, D-40, D-45
> Lord of 12th Bhaav shows activities related to these Kaarak

[Bhrigu Sutras, Ch. 1]
Loss and impediments, restraint and limitation, waste and extravagance, expenses, drudgery and deception, investments, donations, charities, separation from family, going to far away places, sorrow and sin, misery and misfortune, poverty, imprisonment, secret enemies, confinement in hospital, association, fraud, scandal, disgrace, secret sorrows, success through occult affairs, the feet, the left eye, the left ear, comforts of bed, debts, life in a foreign place and Moksh (final salvation).

For fuller details of the Characteristics of the 9 planets and the 12 houses, readers are requested to refer to Kalidas's famous work 'Uttara Kalamrit' which is available both in English and Hindi with Ranjan Publications.



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