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Index-Antar-Dashaa (AD) or Bhukti
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There is always a Dashaa (Mahaa Dashaa or Period) running for a native. In fact all the Dashaa years adds to 120 years which is taken as a life span of a human being under Vinshottaree Dashaa, that is why one or the other Dashaa is always running for a native.

Inside that Mahaa Dashaa all the nine planets run their Antar Dashaa (sub-period). They also run sequentially in the same specific order in which these Periods or Mahaa Dashaa run. The Antar-Dashaa's order is that the first Antar-Dashaa is whose Mahaa Dashaa (Main Period) is running, for example, in Chandra Mahaa Dashaa, the first Antar Dashaa will be of Chandra, then Mangal, then Raahu and so on; and thus all the 9 planets will take their turn during that Mahaa-Dashaa.

Pratyantar Dashaa (Bhukti)
The Antar-Dashaa is also subdivided in Pratyantar Dashaa. Thus Pratyantar Dashaa (Sub Sub-period or Bhukti) is also a kind of Antar-Dashaa (Sub-period), but this time it is under the Antar-Dashaa (Sub-period) of Mahaa Dashaa. It also runs in the same way as the Antar-Dashaa ran under Mahaa Dashaa - by nine planets, the first Antar Dashaa being of the same planet as its Antar-dashaa planet's, and in the same sequence as all the Dashaa run. For example, if Soorya Mahaa Dashaa is running, then the first Antar Dashaa will start with Soorya Antar-Dashaa, and in Soorya Antar-Dashaa, the first Pratyantar Dashaa will also start with Soorya Pratyantar Dashaa or Soorya Bhukti and all other planets' Antar-Dashaa will run sequentially.

Thus a Mahaa Dashaa is divided into 9 Antar-Dashaa, and
an Antar Dashaa is divided into 9 Pratyantar Dashaa or Bhukti in the sequence given above.
Since all planets have their own kinds of effect, their effects are found under their Mahaa Dashaa, AntarDashaa and Pratyantar Dashaa.

It should be noted that not all period have the same result all the time, there will be other factors also, like transits, strength of planets in picture etc. Reasonable Dashaa effect analysis is not possible without Varg consideration - and Nakshatra / Nakshatra Pad interpretation.

BPHS clearly states that an AD of a Graha in a MD of a damaged planet (in bad Avasthaa like in very unfriendly Raashi, debilitated, conquered in planetary war or combust) can bring very good results. Let us think if this were not the case - eg a debilitated Saturn and 19 years only of problems! This is, God sake, not the case, due to the different ADs and PDs and the different entry charts of each AD. So, there is always a hope, even when Dashaa of a badly placed Planet is to come due to the various Lagna to use (Horaa and Ghatee as well) and the various AD entry charts.



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