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Page 26:  Sarg 65

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Sarg 65-Vaalmeeki Tells the Story of King Sudaas

After one month the army had left, Shatrughn also left Ayodhyaa for Madhu Van alone. Third day he arrived in Vaalmeeki's Aashram and planned to pass the night there only with the advice of Muni. Muni welcomed him and arranged for his boarding and lodging. Then Shatrughn asked - "Bhagavan, Who has done Yagya at your nearby place?" Vaalmeeki Jee said - "Among ancestors, there was Veer Ras named son of Raajaa Sudaas. He was very mighty and religious. One day, when Sudaas was on hunting expedition, he saw two Raakshas with lion-like faces. He saw them eating many deer etc animals, so he killed one of them with his arrow. Then the other Raakshas came to him and said, "You have killed my companion, I will surely take revenge of this."

After some time Sudaas performed a big Yagya under the guidance of Vashishth Jee. After the completion of the Yagya, the same Raakshas came to Raajaa in the form of Vashishth Jee and said to him - "Hey Raajan, Now your Yagya is complete, so satisfy me by feeding me non-vegetarian food. Raajaa ordered to cook non-vegetarian food for him. The cook got surprised to hear such an order from Raajaa. Raakshas also knew this. So he took the form of the cook and cooked human flesh [for Vashishth Jee] and told Raajaa that the food was ready.

[Sudaas didn't know anything about all this]. He offered that non-vegetarian food to Vashishth Jee with his wife Madayantee. Vashishth Jee found human flesh in the food. He got angry and he gave him Shaap to be a Raakshas. Sudaas also took water in his hand to give Shaap to Vashishth, but his wife Madayantee stopped him to do so. She said - "Hey Raajan, Please do not give Shaap to Devtaa and Purohit-like Vashishth Jee." Pacifying his anger, as Sudaas released the water on his feet, his feet got black. Since then he is known as Kalmaashpaad (whose paad=feet are kalmaash=black).

After this the King and the Queen told everything about that Raakshas to Vashishth Jee. Then he found out everything from his Yog power and said - "Hey Raajan, My Shaap cannot be a lie, but you will be freed from this Shaap after 12 years. You will not even know when this time has passed with my power." So Hey Shatrughn, This Yagya place is the same where Sudaas did his Yagya." Then Shatrughn went to his hut after greeting him.





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