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Page 21:  Sarg 53-54

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Sarg 53-Story of Raajaa Nrig-1

Raam again said - "At the time of sorrow, it is very difficult to have a brother like you. Now there is one work remaining. Our royal routine is not done for four days. You take the help of ministers, Purohit or whatever and bring things in order. A king who does not do his daily chores he goes to Narak like king Nrig.

Long time ago, there was a king named Nrig. He was very truthful and Bhakt (devotee) of Braahman. Once he donated 10 million cows (1 Crore) cows to Brahman in Pushkar area. Unfortunately one cow which was already donated to some Braahman, entered king's cow herd and another Braahman got it (that already donated cow) in donation. The first Braahman started searching for his cow and he arrived in Kankhal area after several years. There he saw his cow with its calf, so he called her as "Sabalaa" in loud voice. The cow recognized her master's voice and she came to him.

When the first Braahman took her home, the second Braahman said - "Where are you taking her? I have got this cow from king Nrig." So both Braahman went to king Nrig, but the gatekeepers stopped them at the gate. They waited there for 3-4 days, but still Nrig didn't order his people to bring them in. Then they gave Shaap to king angrily - "You want to get away from doing the guest's work, therefore you be chameleon and stay in a dark well for thousands of years. When Krishn will incarnate in Yadu Vansh then you will be uplifted." After giving Shaap to king and old cow to another Braahman they went to their homes.

So Hey Lakshman, Raajaa Nrig is still bearing the result of those Braahman's Shaap. Therefore, it is always proper for Raajaa that he must perform his daily duties properly. So you go at the gate and whoever want to see me, bring them in.

Sarg 54-Story of Raajaa Nrig-2

Hearing the story of Raajaa Nrig's Shaap, Lakshman said - "Hey Mahaaraaj, It does not seem appropriate to give such a terrible Shaap for such a small fault. Then what did Raaja Nrig say after hearing the Shaap?" 

Raam said - "Hey Lakshman, When Braahman went away after giving him Shaap, then Raajaa Nrig told this to his ministers, Purohit, public - "Listen to my severe grief. Two Braahman have given me a very terrible Shaap. Naarad and Parvat Muni have told this Shaap to me. So you crown my son Vasu today, because according to Braahman's Shaap I will have to pass my time now in a dark well, that is why architect should build three wells for me, so that I do not feel any trouble in winter, summer and rainy season. Plant trees and bushes which can bear fruits and flowers. And Hey Putra, You rule the kingdom according to Dharm. I did not follow it, its result is before you. You are seeing my condition. But you don't be sorry for me, as Bhagavaan wishes. Some Karm's results are got in this life and some Karm's results are got in next life"

So Hey Lakshman, Advising thus to his son, Raajaa Nrig started living in those wells full of wealth and gems.




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