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Page-13:  Sarg 28-30

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Sarg 28-Meghnaad Comes to Fight

Seeing Raakshas running away Meghnaad asked them to return and got himself ready. He entered the Devtaa army riding on his divine chariot. All Devtaa started running away seeing him coming, but Indra's son Jayant called them back and start showering his weapons on Raakshas. Meghnaad shot gold arrows and Jayant wounded his Saarathee (charioteer). Meghnaad got angry and shot thousands of arrows at Jayant. Then he started his Maayaa war hiding in sky. Devtaa got scared with his Maayaa war.

At the same time, Indraanee's father Pulomaa named Daitya went inside the sea taking Jayant with him. Devtaa thought "Jayant got killed" so Indra himself came to battlefield on His Maatali-driven chariot. Then Raavan also rode on his divine chariot, halted Meghnaad and he himself came forward to fight against Indra. Now both sides started fighting and showering arrows on each other. 

Evil soul Kumbhkarn was also fighting with his fists. He ate somebody, or crushed somebody. Rudra Gan fought with him angrily and wounded him at hundreds of places. Marud Gan pushed Raakshas back Many Raakshas were killed in this war. Seeing this Raavan suddenly entered Devtaa's army and shot at Indra. Indra also shot His arrows at Raavan.

Sarg 29-Meghnaad's Victory Over Indra

Agastya Muni further said - "Seeing Raakshas army killed like anything, Raavan roared with great anger and asked his Saarathee to take his chariot into his enemy's army. Seeing Raavan coming to them, Indra got scared and said to Devtaa - "Raavan is coming to us very fast. We cannot kill him because of Brahmaa's Vardaan, therefore let us arrest him alive." After saying this  to Devtaa He moved from that place and went to other place to fight with Raavan's army.

Raavan entered from north side and Indra entered from south gate. The then Raakshas cried, "Indra caught Raavan", so Meghnad entered Devtaa's army and attacked Indra's Saarathee Maatali and then afflicted Indra with his arrows. Then he flew in the sky and got invisible with Mahaadev's Vardaan. He started showering arrows from there only. Indra sitting on Airaavat, tried to locate him but couldn't see him. Later Meghnaad found Him tired so he tied Him and brought Him in his army.

Seeing Indra tied, Devtaa showered arrows on Raavan. Afflicted Raavan returned from the battlefield. Meghnaad said - "Hey father, We have won the Swaamee of Devtaa army. Now there is no use to fight with Devtaa any more. This mighty enemy is now in our control then who cares for those Devtaa. Hearing this from Meghnaad all Devtaa went away disappointed. Raavan got very pleased with his son's bravery and asked him to take Indra to Lankaa and told that he would follow him.

Sarg 30-Meghnaad Becomes Immortal

After Meghnaad arrived in Lankaa with Indra, Brahmaa Jee went to Lankaa along with all Devtaa and said to Raavan - "Hey Raavan, Your son Meghnaad is very mighty. We are very pleased from his bravery in the war. From today people will call him by the name of Indrajeet." Then he said to Indrajeet - "Putra Indrajeet, now you free Indra."

Meghnaad said - "Hey Brahmaa, If you give me immortality then I can free Indra." Brahmaa Jee said - "Putra, I can make you immortal from any one being only not from all beings." At this Meghnad said - "Give me this Var in return of freeing Indra, that when I offer Aahuti in Agni in wartime, then I don't get defeated from the enemy. On offering Aahuti a chariot with horses appears and till I am on that chariot I don't get killed. If I start fighting before completing the Agni and Jap then I should be destroyed." Brahmaa Jee said - "So be it." and Meghnaad freed Indra.

Seeing Indra worried and scared Brahmaa Jee said - "Hey Indra, Listen to the Paap because of which you reached to this condition. In the beginning of the Creation when we created only one Varn, one language and one form of people, then to bring specialties in them we extracted the essence from their all parts and created a woman named Ahalyaa. Then I thought, "to whom I should marry her, so I kept her with Rishi Gautam as a deposit. Later seeing his truthfulness and Tapasyaa, I married her to Gautam Rishi.

When Gautam Rishi started living with her as her husband, you got furious at this and had her by cheating on Gautam Rishi. Gautam Rishi gave you Shaap, "Hey Indra, You have had my wife under the control of Kaam, therefore you will be tied in war by enemy. And this out of wedlock relationship practice will get common in Manushya Lok (Prithvi) also, and you will share their half of their Paap. Besides you will not be stable on your position." So Hey Indra, After giving this Shaap to you, Gautam Rishi gave Shaap to Ahilyaa - "O evil, You have done this in the madness of your beauty and youth, you get destroyed. Had you not been beautiful alone then why should Indra have you?"

Then Ahalyaa said politely - "Bhagavan, Indra cheated me taking your form, please uplift me from this situation." Gautam Muni said - "Vishnu will incarnate in Ikshwaaku Vansh with the name of Raam. He will come to forest with Muni Vishwaamitra then you will be uplifted. Then you will come to me." And Gautam Rishi left the Aashram.

Ahalyaa started doing Tap in the same Aashram. So Hey Indra, now you must have known the reason of being tied like this. Now you go and do Vaishnav (related to Vishnu) Yagya and go to Swarg being pious. Don't worry about your son. He is with his Naanaa Pulomaa hiding in the sea." So Indra started ruling Swarg again after doing Vaishnav Yagya. So Hey Raaghav, the bravery Meghnaad showed by winning Indra, I told the account of that to you. Hearing this Vaanar got very surprised. Even Raam Himself was surprised to know all this.




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