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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Page 21:  Sarg 48-51

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Sarg 48-Hanumaan is on His Way

Hanumaan along with Angad searched for Seetaa in caves near Vindhyaachal, ponds, rivers, forest, but couldn't find Her. They went forward  and searched for Her in very unexpected places. Then they came to a place where trees didn't have leaves or flowers; rivers didn't have water in them, there was no animal or birds there. Also there were no herbal trees or medicinal plants. 

But there was a truthful Tapaswee Kandu living there. He was so powerful that with the effect of his Tapasyaa that nobody could win him. He had a 10-year old son. His son died there so he gave Shaap to that forest to be without any vegetation and animals. They couldn't find Seetaa there too, nor they could find Raavan.

Then they arrived in a just opposite very green forest which was overly laden with climbers and creepers and shrubs. And they saw a huge-bodied Asur. He said to them - "Now you cannot save your life." and he ran to eat them. Thinking him as Raavan, Angad picked a stone and hit him with it. Asur fell down and blood oozed out of his wounds. Asur spitted blood from his mouth and died. All Vaanar got very happy. They tried to search for Seetaa there but couldn't find Her, so they sat sadly under a tree.

Sarg 49-Search in Vindhyaachal

Angad consoled all Vaanar saying - "We searched all over - rivers, mountains, caves but couldn't find Seetaa anywhere, nor we found Raavan. Time is passing fast and as you know Sugreev's rule is very disciplined, therefore start searching for Seetaa even in the night. Don't be sorrowful, sacrifice your sleep and increase your activities. Search this forest again. Our Raajaa will punish us with death punishment if we do not succeed in our work. As we are scared of our Raajaa, we should be scared of Raam also."

Hearing this Gandhmaadan Vaanar supported Angad wearily that Angad was right and it should be obeyed, so they started their search in the south of Vindhyaachal. They searched its peaks, its caves, its forests. They went in a seven-leaved banana plant and Lodhraa Van also which was near it, but in vain. After some time they got tired and all Vaanar sat down.

Sarg 50-Vaanar Come to a Burrow

Even after searching it thoroughly they couldn't find Seetaa. Then they sat on a peak of that Parvat. They thought that the time was over and got frightened. So Hanumaan checked that Parvat once more and found a huge burrow which belonged to a Raakshas. The Raakshas' name was Riksh and it was well-guarded by a Raakshas called Maya. The mouth of the burrow was covered with creepers and leaves etc, but some thirsty birds were coming out from there. Their bodies were drenched in water.

Seeing this, Vaanar got suspicious about the burrow (as they thought it to be the Narak). That burrow was hidden properly and was located at an unsighted site. Hanumaan said to all Vaanar - "We have seen all around and we couldn't see Maithilee. We all are tired. All kinds of birds are coming out drenched in water from this burrow so it seems that there is some water source this way."

So they all entered that burrow. They found the burrow Sunless or Moonless and with hair-raising darkness. They couldn't see anything there. But as they walked further they found a lovely and well-lighted place. It had lot many trees and they walked further hand in hand up to one Yojan lest they miss each other.

They were so thirsty that they lost the track of their destination and they came to a place where there was no shadow and there were golden trees. They saw there many kinds of trees - Saal, Tamaal, coconut and flowered trees. Since their flowers and fruits were golden, their leaves are red, they looked as if they were decorated with gold ornaments. There were many lakes in which golden lotuses were blooming.

Vaanar saw beautiful mansions there which had golden and silvery domes and pearly lace work. They saw beds and seats studded with gems and utensils made of gold and silver. Heaps of food and clothing, divine blankets were also there. On searching they saw a woman who was wearing jute clothes and looked like a great ascetic.  Hanumaan asked her politely - "Who are you? and whose houses and things are these? Please tell us."

Sarg 51-Hanumaan Meets Swayamprabhaa in the Burrow

Hanumaan again said - "We are very hungry and thirsty and have come here in this dark burrow by chance. We are surprised and scared to see these strange things here. Kindly tell us as how are you here in this beautiful house  with a gold Vimaan, valuable clothes and gold flower trees? How these lotuses and fish are golden in this water? Which Tapasyaa's effect is this?  Is this the effect of your Tapasyaa or somebody else's Tapasyaa. We want to know about this in detail."

Tapaswinee (female Tapaswee) said - "Hey Vaanar, Maya Daanav has prepared this Van. When first he was the chief architect of Daitya. To build this he did very intense Tapasyaa for 1,000 years. When the time came, he pleased Brahmaa Jee and asked all wealth of Shukraachaarya Jee for this palace. Brahmaa Jee granted his request. That is how he built this place. Then he stayed here for some time enjoying everything here.

But then he got attracted to Hemaa named Apsaraa. Indra got very angry at this and he killed Maya Daanav with His Vajra. After killing him, Indra gave this Van to Hemaa. So this whole thing belongs to Hemaa, and I am the daughter of Meru Saavarni. I am known as Swayamprabhaa and I live here for Hemaa to guard her palace, because she is my good friend and I have promised her to guard it. Hemaa knows singing and dancing very well. She has bestowed a boon up on me by which no one can dishonor me. Why have you come in this Van? How did you identify this Van? Satisfy yourself with food and drink and tell me everything."





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