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3-Aranya Kaand

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Sarg 16-Lakshman's Describes Hemant Ritu

Living in Panchvatee, Sharad Ritu (winter season) passed and Hemant Ritu (spring season - started after Makar Sankraanti) set in. One day in the morning, when Raam went to take bath in Godaavaree River with Lakshman and Seetaa, Lakshman was behind Seetaa carrying a pot. On the way Lakshman said to Raam - "It is very fine weather. This is the weather you like most. Because of coolness body feels fit. Water is not used much. Fire seems comfortable. Milk has also increased. Everybody can go out even in the afternoon and at that time shade of trees and water do not give comfort, because it is chilly. Because of mist Sun's shine becomes dim.

Nights are led by Pushya Nakshatra. They become longer but quickly slip away. Sun becomes like Moon and Moon doesn't shine as before. Sunshine feels good in afternoons. Forests have become lively with the warmth of the Sun. Elephants draw their trunks away from water because it feels cold. Water birds sit near water but do not dare to enter it. Leaves with dew drops and mist around look like sleeping under a blanket. Lotus flowers are not so beautiful now, because their pollen is destroyed.

Hey Raaghav, But Bharat is still doing Tapasyaa in this weather because he loves you. He has left all pride and pleasures of kingdom, sleeps on chilly ground, feeds on fruits and flowers and has sacrificed all kinds of comforts. He still goes to Sarayoo River each morning to take bath with his ministers. It is surprising that being brought up in all comforts, how he will be taking bath early in the morning? Lotus-petal eyed, sweet-natured, knower of Dharm and advocate of Truth, with conquered senses, long-armed Bharat is still following you even you are in forest.

As people say that humans derive their qualities from their mother but in Bharat's case it is reverse, he has not taken his his mother's qualities, but he follows his father's qualities. [I don't understand this that] Whose husband is Raajaa Dasharath and whose son is Bharat, how that Kaikeyee became so wicked and cruel?"

When Lakshman started saying bad words about Kaikeyee in love of Bharat, then Raam could not tolerate it. He said - "Lakshman, You should not abuse Kaikeyee. I am firm in my intentions to finish this exile period, but when I remember Bharat I feel very uncomfortable. O Bharat when I will see you and Shatrughn along with Seetaa and Lakshman, and when that time will come when we all four will be together?" Thus talking to Lakshman, Raam came to the bank of Godaavaree River. He took bath there along with them, worshipped Devtaa.














Kaikeyee was not cruel in her physical sense, because she was the rare beauty brought from Kaikaya Desh. Some say that Kaikaya Desh was the present day Russia.

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