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3-Aranya Kaand

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Sarg 69-Raam Meets Kabandh

Then they proceeded towards south-west in search of Seetaa (as said by Jataayu). They were going on a dry path, it was without water and very difficult to walk as it was surrounded by thick trees, creepers and was thus blocked by them. It was horrid looking. So they moved fast to cross it. After going for 3 Krosh they entered Kraunch forest. There were beautiful trees flowering there. They searched Seetaa there also. After crossing this forest for 3 Krosh, they arrived in Matang Muni's Aashram. This place was very horrid because there were many violent animals and many dense trees. While seaching for Seetaa, Lakshman saw a cave which was very large, dark and deep in a mountain.

Near that cave, both brothers saw a huge and horrified faced Raakshasee. Her hair was loose and she looked very fierce. She was Ayomukhee. She came in front of them and caught Lakshman by hand. Lakshman was going ahead of Raam saying, "Let us romance". She said - "You have won me, so you be my husband. You live with me in this forest, on mountaintops, on sandy isles till the end of our lives." and was about to embrace Him that seeing this Lakshman cut her nose, one ear and one breast with His sword in anger. She cried and ran away where she came from. Then Raam and Lakshman entered the dense forest.

Lakshman said - "Hey Naath, I am feeling something fishy here, my left arm is strongly shuddering so be careful because this trouble is coming for me. Vanjulak bird is singing in this forest. It shows that we will win the fight [but still we should be careful]. Then they heard a great noise. It seemed that noise was of destruction of that forest. The then Raam saw a giant-bodied Raakshas with a very huge chest. He came and stood before them. He had neither head, nor neck. He had his mouth in his body. He had only one eye, broad beamed and wide-angled, on his chest. He was eating bear, lion, deer etc animals by his one Yojan long arms here and there. Some he was eating some was throwing away if it was unpalatable. They saw him from at a distance of 1 Krosh.

He caught both Raam and Lakshman in his hands and brought them side by side. Although both of them had their swords but still they let them catch them. Raam didn't get angry, but Lakshman got very furious of him. He said to Raam - "Brother, I am not in my control now, I am in his catch, so you just leave me and go away so that you are saved and you can search for Seetaa. When you rule the kingdom, remember me also."

Raam said - "You don't worry at all. It is not apt for you to say such words " This Raakshas' name was Kabandh. He asked Ram - "Who are you who is holding bow and arrow and sword, and why have you come here leaving your province? I found you my sweetest morsel. Well, When you have come here you cannot go back alive." Raam said to Lakshman - "This is very serious trouble for us, now we will surely be killed while searching Seetaa. We didn't get Seetaa and Kaal also attacked us."





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