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3-Aranya Kaand

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Page 25:  Sarg 65-66

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Sarg 65-Raam Sees Some Marks

Seeing Raam as Rudra at the time of Pralay, holding His bow with the fiery arrow on its pulled string, Lakshman's face got pale. He had never seen Raam's such face before. He spoke to Raam politely with folded hands - "Hey Raam, You are very soft and simple by nature. You always think about others welfare. How come that today you are crossing your limits. You are very controlled and be delighted in others welfare. Why do you destroy the whole world only for one man's fault? I could not decide yet about this chariot as whose chariot it is, nor I know as who fought, or why it occurred. There is blood, these are marks of a chariot wheels, all this shows that there occurred a fight. But that is also sure that fight occurred only between singles, because there are no marks of army. That is why for one criminal you should not punish everybody. Raajaa always punish criminals according to their crime only. and protect all others because of their polite nature.

Hey Raam, Who can wish bad for your wife? Devtaa, Gandharv, rivers, mountains cannot do any bad to you. Seetaa has been abducted, you must search for Her and Her abductor. We will search Her in forest, sea, caves, Brahm Lok, Gandharv Lok with the help of our Rishi community. You may keep your bow and arrow with me as your standby. Hey Raam, If Devtaa could not find Seetaa then you may do whatever you like. If you cannot get Seetaa with your solidarity, and simplicity, then you may completely up-heave the universe."

Sarg 66-Lakshman Consoles Raam 

Lakshman tried to explain Raam in many ways but at that time nothing worked, because He forgot His duties also in separation of Seetaa. He became weak weeping for Seetaa. Lakshman held His feet tightly and said to Him - "Dasharath got you after a long Tapasyaa and good Karm. Father was very happy with you and he died only because of your separation, as Bharat told me. If you are unable to tolerate this grief then how ordinary people will be able to live in grief. if you will blaze away the world, then how the ordinary people will get solace. So please, keep patience.

Raajaa Nahush's son was Yayaati. He got Indra's Lok because of his many kinds of Yagya, but because he could not perform his duties so he had to fall down from there.

Our Vashishth Jee had 100 sons. They were all killed by Vishwaamitra Jee in one day only. The Prithvi is tolerating every creature's burden but when time comes, it also trembles. Soorya and Chandramaa also suffer from eclipse. You know very well that Indra etc Devtaa also have to tolerate grief, then why do you earn Paap (sin) [by destroying the whole universe]. Whether Seetaa is alive or not, but you shouldn't be so sad like a common person, because in such troubles, as you are in, people do not feel it much and live happily.

We cannot discern right or wrong for our actions and thus the fruits of those actions are indefinite. You have consoled me several times by saying such words, now who can console you? Not even Brihaspati Devtaa's Guru) himself. You yourself are a great Gyaanee. Even Devtaa cannot guess the depth of your Gyaan (knowledge). Think about the immortals who look towards you as their ideal; and their helplessness to suffer the pain, and also count your own valor, then decide whether it is right to take such action or not. What will you gain after destroying everything? It is apt for you to destroy only the abductor of Seetaa."





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