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3-Aranya Kaand

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Page 22:  Sarg 57-59

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Sarg 57-Raam Meets Lakshman On His Way Back to Aashram

After killing Maareech Raakshas, Raam immediately trailed back to His Aashram. As He turned a jackal howled at His back. Hearing that Raam got worried about Seetaa's security, because Maareech called "Haa Seetey, Haa Lakshman, dead I am." in His voice. He thought, "Both must have worried about me and it is also possible that Lakshman left Seetaa alone in the Aashram [and started towards looking for me and help me]. It seems that Raakshas have conspired to kill Seetaa, that is why they had separated me from the Aashram. When the Mrig had already brought me far away from the Aashram and I killed him, then he changed his form into Raakshas form and called Seetaa and Lakshman."

Raam thinking like thus, arrived at Janasthaan. Many birds came and moved in circumambulations from His left side to right side [it is considered as an ill omen] and shrieked. that He saw worried Lakshman coming towards Him. Raam said to Him - "Lakshman, By which idea you have left Seetaa alone in the Aashram? Will She be safe there? I have a feeling that Raakshas have already eaten Seetaa. I wonder if we can find Her safe there. O Lakshman, This Maayaavee Mrig took me to a distant place. When somehow I was able to kill him, he changed into a Raakshas. I am very much worried about Seetaa. My left eye is erratically fluttering and I am sure that She is not there."

Sarg 58-Raam Asks Lakshman About Seetaa

Raam again asked Lakshman - "Hey Lakshman, Where is my Seetaa who came with me to Dandak Van? You came here leaving Her alone in the Aashram? My kingdom has forfeited, I am wandering here in Dandak forest, She is my partner in vows, where is She? Where is that Dev Kanyaa (divine girl)? I cannot live without Her. She is dearer to me more than my life. I feel that my exile period will not be over and I will die without Her.

Lakshman, Kaikeyee has achieved her purpose. I wish to get to my hut soon so that I can see that my Vaidehee is alive. If, on my arrival there, Vaidehee will not speak to me, that will be my last breath. My Vaidehee is so soft and young that She has not seen my separation yet, I don't know how She should be feeling now? Maareech even frightened you by crying in my voice. I think, Seetaa must have heard his cry and considering me in danger must have sent you to protect me, and you also must have come to me in haste. But this your action, leaving Seeta in isolation, has caused the hardship for Seetaa and an opportunity to counterattack Raakshas. After I killed Khar, those Raakshas must have been after Seetaa. But now what should I do?"

In the meantime they arrived at their Aashram. They didn't see Seetaa there and became very worried and sad. Raam went around to look for Seetaa where She used to go, but He didn't find Her there. He got very desperate.

Sarg 59-Raam and Lakshman Talk

Raam got very sad at not seeing Seetaa in Aashram. He asked Lakshman - "Why did you leave Her alone, when I left Her here on your trust? When I saw you coming alone on the pathway, at the same time I doubted about Her."

Lakshman said sadly - "I did not leave Her of my own wish. I came to you only hearing Her harsh words. When She heard your voice, She got worried about you and She repeatedly asked me to go to you. I tried to console Her that "there is no Raakshas in the world who can harm Raam. Somebody else has pronounced these words, Raam cannot pronounce these words. He can even protect Devtaa, that is why you should not get worried about Him like an ordinary woman, because there is nobody even in Trilok who can win Raam, He can even protect Devtaa. It is only Maareech who has pronounced these words. They have caused the panic in you like in an ordinary woman's heart.

Although I said all this to Seetaa, but She started weeping in your love and said to me such harsh words - "You want to have me after the death of your brother, but you cannot have me. You came with us by he order of Bharat and that is why you are not going to help Him in spite of His calling you. You are following because of me. You are in search for an opportunity to keep Him far from me." Hey Raam, Hearing Seetaa's these words, I got angry and I started from Aashram."

Raam said again sadly - "You did very bad leaving Her here alone. You knew that I am able to kill all Raakshas, still you came from there only because of getting angry at Seetaa's words? I am very unhappy with you because you did not obey me. That Mrig took me very far and when I killed him, he called you in my voice that is why you came here leaving Seetaa alone."


















You yourself said that he was not the deer but was Raakshas Maareech and I went to kill him, still you were tricked by his voice? Were you fearful or did I yell like that any time?

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