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The followings are from the sayings of Chaanakya or Kautilya with his Sanskrit original.

अमृतं साहसं माया मूर्खत्वमतिलुब्धता
ashowcha त्वं निर्दयत्वं स्त्रीणां दोषाः स्वभावतः
Speaking falsehood, starting a work without giving it any consideration or thought, daredevilry, deceitful behavior, foolish acts, greed, impurity and cruelty are basic to the nature of unreliable people.

आचारः कुलमाख्याति वेशमाख्याति भाषणं
संभ्रमः स्नेहमाख्याति वपुराख्याति भोजनं
A man's behavior shows his class, a man's language reveals his native place, a person's hospitality betrays his affection and a person's bulk tells about his food intake.

बलं विद्या च विप्राणां राज्ञां सैन्यं बलं तथा
बलं वित्तं च वैश्यानां शूद्राणां परिचर्यकं
The power of Braahman is their knowledge; the power of kings is their armies; the power of traders is their money and the power of lower classes is their service.

दुराचारी दुरद्रिष्टिः दुरावासी च दुर्जनः
यन्मैत्री क्रियते पुम्भिर्नरः शीघ्रं विनश्यति
One who befriends a person of bad character, a person of bad intentions, a person who is a sinner or a a person who lives at an evil place gets destroyed in quick time.

गृहीत्वा दक्षिणां विप्रास्त्यजन्ति यजमानकं
प्राप्तविद्या गुरुं शिष्या दग्धारण्यं मृगास्तथा
Braahman leave the houses of their (Yajamaan) clients after receiving alms. The pupil leaves the place of their Gru after completing education and the creatures of he forest run away from it when the forest is on fire (in the same way bad friends leave when the man is in trouble)

कस्य दोषः कुले नास्ति व्याधिना को न पीडिथः
व्यसनं केन न प्राप्तं कस्य सोव्ख्यम् निरन्तरम्
Which family is there in this world that has no blemish ? Which person is there who has never fallen ill ? Who has not ever been in trouble due to some bad habit ? Who has always been happy?

कामधेनुगुणा विद्या ह्याकाले फलदायिनी
प्रवासे मात्र सद्रशी विद्या गुप्तं धनं स्मृतम
Knowledge is like a holy Kamadhenu. It bears fruit in all seasons, in foreign lands and rewards. That is why it is considered inbuilt secret treasure.

कोकिलानां स्वरO रूपं स्त्रीणां रूपं पतिव्रतां
विद्यां रूपं कुरूपाणां क्षमा रूपं तपस्विनां
The beauty of a cuckoo is in its call, the sweetness and the beauty of a woman lies in her piety (faithfulness to her husband), the beauty of an ugly one is in his learning and the beauty of the sages is in their kindness.

लालनाद् बहवो दोषः ताडनात बहवो गुणाः
तस्मात् पुत्रं च शिष्यं च ताडयेन्न तु लालयेत्.
Too much indulgence spoils a child. Rebuke and cane help in the development of the child. So, the children and the students must be kept straight through use of stick and rebuke. Don't indulge them.

मूर्खश्चिरायुर्जातो तस्माज्जात म्र् तौ
मृतः स चा अल्पदुः खाय यावज्जीवं जदौ dahEt
A son, dead soon after birth, is preferable to an idiotic son with a long life. The dead son causes grief once for a brief period. But the living idiot is a life long grief.

नदी तीरे च वृक्षाः परगेहेषु कामिनी
मन्त्री हीनाश्च राजानः शीघ्रं नश्यन्त्यसंषयं
The following take no time to perish:- the trees growing on a river bank, a woman who lives in other man's house, and a king who has bad ministers.

निर्धनं पुरुषं वेश्या प्रजा भग्नं नृपं त्यजेत्
खगा वीतफलं वृक्षं भुक्त्वा चअभ्यागता गृहं
A prostitute deserts impoverished customer, subjects desert a vanquished King, birds desert trees that have ceased to bear fruits and a surprise guest leave quickly after partaking food.

समाने शोभते प्रीतिः राज्ञी सेवा च शोभते
वाणिज्यम व्यवहारेषु दिव्या स्त्री शोभते गृहे
The friendship is proper between two people of the same rank or social status, the best job is to be in the service of the king, trading is the best occupation and a pretty woman is the most graceful in the home setting.

शैले शैले न माणिक्यं मोउक्तिकं न गजे गजे
साधवो न हि सर्वत्र चन्दनं न वने वने
Every mountain does not contain gems, every elephant has no Muktaa (pearl) on his head, every place is no home of nobles and every forest does not grow sandalwood trees.

त्यजेदेकं कुलस्यार्थे ग्रामस्यार्थे कुलं त्यजेत्
ग्रामं जनपदस्यार्थे आत्मार्थे पृथिवीं त्यजेत्.
If a man's expulsion means peace and good of the rest of the clan, then the must be expelled. If degradation of a village means upliftment of the rest, it must be done. Similarly for the salvation of the soul one should not hesitate to depart from this world.

उद्योगे नास्ति दारिद्र्यं जपतो नास्ति पातकं
मौने च कलहो नास्ति नास्ति जागरिते भयं
An industrious person can never be poor, always keeping God in mind keeps one away from sin, the silence does not let quarrels appear and an ever vigilant person has no cause for fear.

Laukike karmaani ratah pashoonaam paripaalakah
vaanijya krishi kartaa yah sa vipro vaishya ucchyate

A Braahman who is involved in worldly activities, who raises cattle, does business or engages in agricultural work, is a Vaishya and not a Braahman.

kim kulen vishaalen vidyaaheenen dehinaam
dushkuleenopi vidvaanscha devairapi supoojyate

A great dynasty is no great if it is bereft of educated members. If a person of low birth gains learning and wisdom, he would be honorable for nobles even.

yathaa chaturbhih kanakam pareekshyate nigharshan chchedan ataapataa danaih
tathaa chaturbhih purush pareekshyate tyaagen sheelen gunen karmanaa.

As the purity of the gold is tested by rubbing, cutting, heating and pounding, similarly, a man's quality is tested by his gentlemanliness, manners, dealings and character.

vidwaan prashasyate loke, vidwaan gachchati gauravam,
vidyaa labhate sarvam vidyaa sarvatra poojyate.

The world respects the learned, the scholars. The learned ones get honored with riches. One can get everything through learning. It is worshipped every where.

vidyaa mitram pravaaseshu, bhaaryaa mitram graheshu cha,
vyaadhi tasyaushadam dharmo mitram mritasya cha

Skill is a man's friend in a foreign land. A good natured wife is man's best friend in house, and charitable deeds are the only friend after death.


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